Crafty Cleaner (10 points): Create one full Yosumin (a set of all the yosumin on the screen).
Web Warrior (10 points): Play Online Battle Yosumin! mode once.
Man of Mystery (10 points): Earn one secret bonus.
.1-Minute Man (15 points): Clear a stage within 8 seconds.
Hip to be Square (15 points): Make five square sets in a row.
Consecutive Cleaner (15 points): Make two or more full Yosumin! in a row.
Legendary Linker (15 points): Make 30 or more continuous chains in a single stage.
Ten to the Power of Fun (10 points): Play Online Battle Yosumin! ten times.
Pentagenerian (25 points): Clear 50 stages of Endless Yosumin! mode (continues allowed).
Nine-digit Ninja (20 points): Score 100,000,000 points.
Heavyweight Boxer (20 points): Clear a total of 100,000 yosumin.
Yosumaphiliac (35 points): Clear Yosumin! Battle mode within 13 minutes without continuing.