Bench Time (10 points): Win by 10 or more.
In The Flow (10 points): Score a 3 in momentum.
Above The Rim (10 points): Complete an alley-oop dunk.
Posterized (10 points): Complete 10 dunks in one game.
Unrivaled (10 points): Win the challenge ladder with one team.
From Downtown (10 points): Score 3 back to back 3 pointers.
Triple Double (10 points): Post a triple double (at least 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) with one player.
Double Up (20 points): Win a game with at least double your opponent’s score.
Winning Streak (20 points): Win 10 ranked match games.
Buzzer Beater (20 points): Win any game with a buzzer beater shot.
Shooting Clinic (20 points): Make 10 shots back to back.
Lead The League (50 points): Be #1 on any challenge leaderboard.