Achievements (Europe and Australia version)

National Conquest (80 points): Clear all included game maps.
Railway Kingdom (60 points): Total railway assets exceed the total of non-railway assets by over 15% when the game is cleared.
Railway Microstate (60 points): Total rail length is less than 300 when the game is cleared.
Harmony With Nature (60 points): Blocks of trees exceed 300 when the game is cleared.
The Great Leap Forward (60 points): Clear the game within 5 years.
Subway Mall Expansion (30 points): Number of underground malls exceeds 100.
Tube Expansion (30 points): Total length of rails in tunnels exceeds 100.
Bustling Metropolis (30 points): City population exceeds 100,000.
Station Expansion (30 points): Number of stations exceeds 30.
Public Transport King (30 points): Total rail length exceeds 2,000.
Industry Leader (30 points): Total assets exceed 30 billion.
Factory Head (30 points): Number of factories exceeds 30.
Leisure Industry Leader (30 points): Number of leisure facilities exceeds 20.
Company Expansion (50 points): Number of your properties exceeds 60.
City Expansion (50 points): Number of other companies’ properties exceeds 1,000.
Top Trader (40 points): Share trading profits exceed 10 billion.
Property Baron (40 points): Profits from property exceed 20 billion.
Sign of Success (40 points): Bank interest paid exceeds 500 million.
Top Taxpayer (40 points): Taxes paid exceed 10 billion.
Take to the Skies (30 points): Construct an airport.
Port of Call (10 points): Construct a port.
Bullet Train in Service (30 points): Complete the bullet train project to open a bullet train line.
Maglev Train in Service (60 points): Complete the linear train project to open a maglev train line.
Tourist Trap (50 points): Construct all types of landmarks.

Achievements (Japanese version)

Big City Population (30 points): Population of the town exceeds 100,000.
Domestic Prominent Enterprise (30 points): Sum total of property exceeds ?3 trillion.
Growth of Leisure Business (30 points): The number of leisure facilities exceeds 20.
Growth of Real Estate Business (40 points): Profit on sale with real estate exceeds ?2 trillion.
Important Point of Industry (30 points): The number of factories exceeds 30.
Large Amount Taxpayer (40 points): Tax payment amount exceeds ?1 trillion.
Nationwide Conquest (80 points): Clear the existing game map entirely.
Started Aeronautical Business (30 points): Construct the airport.
Started Harbor Business (10 points): Construct the port.
Success of New Station Development Program (30 points): The number of stations exceeds 30.
Symptom of Management Success (40 points): The interest paid to the bank exceeds ?50 billion.
Top Trader (40 points): The profit due to buying and selling the stocks exceeds ?1 trillion.
Underground Town Propulsion Project Success (30 points): The number of underground towns exceeds 100.