Petz Sports Dog Playground for Wii Cheats

Petz Sports: Dog Playground Cheats for Wii

Cheat Mode Highlight the bulletin board on the far right side of your room to display the code entry prompt. Enter one of the following...
NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams for Wii Cheats

NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams Cheats for Wii

Play as Claris Sinclair Get all 60 Dream Drops, and jump into the fountain in the Dream World with Helen to unlock Claris Sinclair from...
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption for Wii Cheats

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Cheats for Wii

Hyper Mode Difficulty Beat the game and you will get Hyper Mode Difficulty Extended Ending Collect at least 75% or more of suit upgrades to view an...
Max The Magic Marker Cheats for Wii

Max & The Magic Marker Cheats for Wii

Extras Double Espresso : Beat 5 speed records. Full Marker : Get 400 pickups. Playground : Get 150 pickups. Super Max : Get 40 secrets.
Mario Sports Mix for Wii Cheats

Mario Sports Mix Cheats for Wii

Bonus stages Successfully complete the indicated task in order to unlock the corresponding stage. Note: Standard Exhibition, Tournament, and Online matches all count for stages...
Lost In Shadow for Wii Cheats

Lost In Shadow Cheats for Wii

Goblin hand weapon While loading your saved game file, hold Z. Knife weapon While loading your saved game file, hold C
Karaoke Revolution Glee Volume 2 for Wii Cheats

Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2 Cheats for Wii

Cheat Mode Select 'Options' at the main menu. Then, select the 'Unlockables' option and enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding song. Ice...
Harvest Moon Virtual Console for Wii Cheats

Harvest Moon Virtual Console Cheats for Wii

Super Axe To get the Super Axe in the second year, go up to the mountain top. Go up the first level then go over...
GoldenEye 007 for Wii Cheats

GoldenEye 007 Cheats for Wii

Invisibility mode Enter 'Inv1s1bleEv3ryth1ng' as a case-sensitive code to unlock the 'Invisibility Mode' option at the 'Multiplayer Split-Screen' section of the 'Modifiers' menu. While playing...
Godfather, The Blackhand Edition for Wii Cheats

Godfather, The: Blackhand Edition Cheats for Wii

Full health Pause the game and press Left, Minus, Right, 2, Right, Up. Note: There is a five minute lockout before this code can be...