Finishing Moves

Stone Cold Stunner! (Steve Austin)
Situation-Tied Up.
Press- Right, Right&Tie; Up.The Pedigree! (Triple H)
Situation-Both Standing.
Press-Right, Down, left, Punch&Tie; Up.

The Undertaker & Kane!
Situation-Tied Up.
Press-Up, Down, Tie Up

Situation-Both Standing.
Press-Tie Up, Left, Right, Tie Up

Angry Crowd

Start a match with no CPU players and just leave the wrestlers standing without moving or wrestling. The crowd will get extremely Angry, J.R. and Vince will add some funny commentary.

Big Head – Johnson

Complete a challenge with Ahmed Johnson. Then when the crowd cheer, his head will grow.

No Wimp Mode

Win the title with Shamrock.

Undertaker Helps You

When you are fighting, hold down all of the L and R buttons and then press Right and X. The Undertaker will come in and help you!

Big Head Mode

Win the title in challenge mode with the Rock or the British Bulldog.

Wrestlemania Ring

Complete Season mode and then the title fight will be in the Wrestlemania ring.

Cactus Jack

Win the title with Mankind to be able to fight as Cactus Jack.

Female Wrestler

If you want to create female wrestlers, all you have to do is complete challenge mode with Shaun Michaels.

Dude Love

To fight as Dude Love, win the Inter Continental title with mankind.

No Meters

Win the title in challenge mode with the undertaker.

Beans Mode

Beat the game with mosh or thrasher. They fart when you slam them and burp when you punch them.

Too Cold

Beat the game with Steve Austin. To change the costume, hold R1 or R2 when selecting but you have to beat the game first.

Extra Gold

Beat the game with Goldust. To change the costume, hold R1 or R2 when selecting but you have to beat the game first.

Pumped up Steve

Beat the game with a custom wrestler. Steve Austin gets real strong.

More Clothes

Beat the game with kane. You get more clothes for your CAW (create-a-wrestler).

Run Ins

Mankind – Whenever you’re in trouble, at any time of the match, press and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Up + O. Somebody will come to help you but no matter what happens, you still lose the match by DQ (disqualification).

Gold Dust Extra Outfits

Complete the challenge game with gold dust to get Dusty Dust and Marlia Dust.

Sue the ring girl

Beat the challenge game with Brett Hart to get Sue the ring girl.


On the Character select screen Hold L2 , and select your wrestler and they will have different clothes on.

Help From Stone Cold

HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 Then Press Up And Square.