Unlocks Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels

Survivor’s series

Unlocks Jacqueline and Chyna

Royal rumble

Unlocks Paul Bearer and Jerry Lawler

In your house

Unlocks Sable, Marc Mero and the Trainer

King of the ring

Unlocks Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku

Intercontinental belt

Unlocks 3 extra attribute points for custom character.
Also Unlocks Big Head Mode


Unlocks Ego mode
Unlocks ‘Beep’ mode
Unlocks Al Snow’s ‘Head’ character

Win the european belt

Unlocks WWF t-shirts and other clothing in the custom room.
Also Turns Squeaky Voice cheat on

Random wrestler

Press R1 at the character selection screen.

Tag team match call-in

Hold X and press R1 during a tag team match to call your partner into the ring without having to tag him.

Royal Rumble replacement

When playing in a Royal Rumble and your wrestler loses or leaves the ring, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to use the next wrestler.

Fake pin or submission

Press R1 when attempting either a pin or submission to break out of that move.


Hold Kick + Tieup and press Up, Left, Down, or Right during a match.

Easy move after knockdown

After you knock down your opponent, or he knocks you out, enter a move combo and hold the last button. When you or your opponent gets up, the move will be executed.

Fake stun

Press Dodge (default is R1) when your opponent is doing a move on your wrestler. If done correctly, your wrestler will pretend to be stunned. Do not move to remain in the fake stun. This trick is useful when playing against a human opponent. If they pick your wrestler up during a fake stun, you can easily do a move to them.

New chant

Pause game play after a chant starts. The crowd will be doing a different chant after the game is resumed.

Extra shirts

Use the following trick to get extra shirts. Chose any shirt, but make it completely black. Go to the tattoo option, and chose any tattoo. The tattoo will appear on the shirt, creating a new shirt. This works especially well with the ‘ATTITUDE’ tattoo.

Career mode Hardcore Belt

To get the Hardcore belt, choose a hardcore wrestler such as Al Snow.

Vertical Suplex

It is not possible to do a Vertical Suplex outside of the ring.

Dlo Drop flip over

Select D-Lo Brown as a wrestler. Execute the Dlo Drop while your opponent is on his stomach and he will flip over for you.

New custom clothing

Enter create a wrestler mode. Pick any skin color other than the skin number 1. Nose 15 and nose 16 should appear under noses and some extra clothing such as ‘wimpy’ shorts should also be available. Note The noses do not work with all skin colors, but do work with skin number 4.

Quick Career mode

When selecting a career type (tag, etc.), choose two player. Your opponent in some of the matches will be player two, and it starts out with the championship division. Make player two with no attributes to win faster. Fast matches To get short matches, set the time to one minute. Your energy will decrease quickly. To make it go faster, get an opponent whose ‘Toughness’ is very weak.

Alternate Costumes

When selecting your wrestler during any mode other than Career Mode, press X for the default outfit, hold L1 and press X for outfit 2, hold L2 and press X for outfit 3 and hold R2 and press X for outfit 4

Austin’s Monster truck

Pick Stone Cold Steve Austin in any mode. Then, when his entrance is on, and the glass with AUSTIN 316 shows up, hold SELECT and Stone Cold will come out in a monster truck! It will disappear during the match.