Cheat mode

While playing a game, hold Triangle + Circle + Square + X and press Right to refill your energy and unlock all weapons.

Refill Health Without Medic Kit

You can do it anywhere, just find a bench and turn your back facing it and move backward, until you sit down. And your health will slowly recover.

Level select

At the title screen, hold L1 + R1 + Select + Start. All areas will now be unlocked at the map screen.


To chose any stage in the game Hold R1, L1, Start, Square, at the title screen.

All weapons and energy

During play HOLD Triangle + Circle + Square + X and press right. All the guns should appear on the floor pick them up and look in the inventory.

Game Shark Codez

Infinite Heath
80194F44 00C8
80194F6C 00C8Infinite Ammo
80194F6A 010E

Start With Gun
80194F64 0008

Stop Training Time
80197184 2B28

No Damage to Cab
8019439E 012C

One-Hit Kills Park Crook
80195A44 0001

One-Hit Kills Muggers
80196144 0001

One-Hit Kills Park Crack Head
8019556C 0001