Bust-A-Groove 2 for PSX Cheats

Bust-A-Groove 2 Cheats for PSX

More points To earn a higher score, anticipate your player's first move and press the button before it appears on the screen (in the blank...
Bushido Blade 2 for PSX Cheats

Bushido Blade 2 Cheats for PSX

Kabuki Characters By beating the slash mode without dying you will aquire one kabuki character per school. This means you have to pick one fighter...
Bubble Bobble 2 for PSX Cheats

Bubble Bobble 2 Cheats for PSX

Skip Level If you press L1, L2, R1 and R2 at the same time, you will skip levels. When you encounter a boss, this cheat...
Breath of Fire 4 for PSX Cheats

Breath of Fire 4 Cheats for PSX

Easy EXP Location: Sichon Enemy: Bot Here just make a combo attack using Burn (fire magic) and Eddy (wind magic) = Firewind. The bot will not do...
Board Top Shop for PSX Cheats

Board Game: Top Shop Cheats for PSX

Hidden characters Successfully complete story mode once to unlock Squosh and Santa. Successfully complete story mode two times to unlock Colin.
Bloody Roar 2 for PSX Cheats

Bloody Roar 2 Cheats for PSX

Play as Gado/Custom Options Beat the game in arcade mode, this also unlocks custom options (big heads, etc) Play as Shen Long Beat Shen Long in the...
Bloody Roar for PSX Cheats

Bloody Roar Cheats for PSX

Bonus Options Beat the game on level 4 or higher to unlock more options on the Bonus menu. Change Camera Angle Beat the game with Alice, level...
Blade for PSX Cheats

Blade Cheats for PSX

Cheat mode At the main menu, hold L1 and press X(5), Circle, R1, R2(2), R1. Then, press Start during the game and activate any option...
Ballblazer Champions for PSX Cheats

Ballblazer Champions Cheats for PSX

Last Game Enter the following password sequence: Circle - L1 - L1 - R1 - R2 - L2 X - Square - Square - R1 - R2...
Atlantis The Lost Empire for PSX Cheats

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Cheats for PSX

Concept Art and Character Models option Collect each of the green gems in all levels to unlock the Concept Art and Character Models options in...