Driver 2 for PSX Cheats

Driver 2 Cheats for PSX

Train in chigago and helicopter in havana Go to chicago and pause game press - L1, L1, R2, R1, triangle, square and the same in...
Rayman for PSX Cheats

Rayman Cheats for PSX

10 Continues At the Stop/Continue Screen when the player has 0, 1, or 2 continues. Press Up, Down, Right, Left on the D-pad for 10...
A1s Bowling for PSX Cheats

A1 Games: Bowling Cheats for PSX

Big ball Successfully complete the game in special mode. Alternately, bowl a 200 game in standard mode. Psychic ball Successfully complete the game in quest mode.
Need for Speed 4 for PSX Cheats

Need for Speed 4 Cheats for PSX

Dashboard view At the Loading screen, press and hold Up + Triangle + X. Drunk mode At the Loading screen, press and hold Up + L2 +...
Blade for PSX Cheats

Blade Cheats for PSX

Cheat mode At the main menu, hold L1 and press X(5), Circle, R1, R2(2), R1. Then, press Start during the game and activate any option...
Gran Turismo for PSX Cheats

Gran Turismo Cheats for PSX

Eight Tracks Go to Arcade Mode and enter the 'Bonus Items' option. You should see the letters A, B, and C above each of the...
WWF Warzone for PSX Cheats

WWF Warzone Cheats for PSX

Finishing Moves Stone Cold Stunner! (Steve Austin) Situation-Tied Up. Press- Right, Right&Tie; Up.The Pedigree! (Triple H) Situation-Both Standing. Press-Right, Down, left, Punch&Tie; Up. The Undertaker & Kane! Situation-Tied Up. Press-Up, Down, Tie...
Abe's Exoddus for PSX Cheats

Abe’s Exoddus Cheats for PSX

Advance to next path Hold R1, and then press: circle, circle, X, X, square, square during gameplay. Level select Hold R1, and then press: down, up, left,...
Syphon Filter 3 for PSX Cheats

Syphon Filter 3 Cheats for PSX

Unlock cheats Finish the game once to unlock Cheat options in the options screen, such as End Level, Super Agent Mode (One hit kills), etc. Jungle...
Not Treasure Hunter for PSX Cheats

Not Treasure Hunter Cheats for PSX

Faster game Pause game play and hold X + R1 + R2. Power-up mode Hold R1 + Select during the introduction sequence. Special mode Press Select, Up, Down, Triangle,...