Lightning Strike

The Lightning Strike will resurrect Worms from their grave. It will also give a Worm 30 points of health back and can recharge electromagnets and change whose team a Sentry Gun is on.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal in the ‘Medal Cabinet’ under the options screen:

100% Complete: Get a 100% game completion.
Annihilation: Win with a lot of health.
Beserker: Kill eight or more worms in one round.
Big Spender: Buy every item in the shop.
Boffin: Successfully complete all puzzles, including the bonus levels.
Field Marshall: Win over twenty online games.
Laboratory: Successfully complete all laboratory levels, including the bonus levels.
Outstanding Bravery: Make a comeback by winning when you are losing by a lot.
Rookie: Successfully complete all training levels.
Tough Nut: Successfully complete all campaign levels, including the bonus levels.
Veteran: Play twenty online games
Winning Streak: Win five games in a row.