Valkyrie Profile Lenneth for PSP Cheats

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Cheats for PSP

Seraphic Gate Successfully complete the game and save when prompted after the credits. A new option will be unlocked at the main menu that allows...
Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP Cheats

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Cheats for PSP

Characters in Extra mode (JP) Just input the codes in the 2nd choice of extra mode to unlocked them. KBAFLFHICAJTKMIY : Unlocked Alicia Gunther (from the...
Valhalla Knights 2 for PSP Cheats

Valhalla Knights 2 Cheats for PSP

Easy experience When you start the game and can move around in town, go outside the town (to the west). Go down the stairs, and...
Valhalla Knights for PSP Cheats

Valhalla Knights Cheats for PSP

Stronger monsters Successfully complete and save the game when prompted after the credits end. Start a new game with the cleared game file, then go...
Up for PSP Cheats

Up Cheats for PSP

Infinite energy Win all bug competitions to unlock the 'Infinite Energy' cheat
Untold Legends The Warrior's Code for PSP Cheats

Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code Cheats for PSP

Easy start Start a new game and make your way through the sewers and go all the way to the hidden monastery. Sell all of...
Untold Legends Brotherhood of the Blade for PSP Cheats

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Cheats for PSP

Alchemists Alchemists do not have an all around attack like most classes. They start out with a spell called Poison Shot that at a high...
Uno for PSP Cheats

Uno Cheats for PSP

Hard difficulty Successfully complete Tournament mode under the Easy or Normal difficulty setting.  
Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins for PSP Cheats

Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins Cheats for PSP

Infinite lives Get over 30 lives and then your lives will become unlimited. Knight's Soul Get two million points in Novice mode or five million points in...
Ultimate Block Party for PSP Cheats

Ultimate Block Party Cheats for PSP

Dance During the credits, press any button and your character will start to dance. Press Start to skip the credits. Puzzle Challenge mode Successfully complete all five...