Football Manager Handheld 2009 for PSP Cheats

Football Manager Handheld 2009 Cheats for PSP

Player recommendation Purchase David Villa from Valencia (value about 28 Million). You have to bid about 41 million for him but he's wprth it and...
B-Boy for PSP Cheats

B-Boy Cheats for PSP

Password List 78727 - Unlockable: Music 17345 - Puts you at club level in Livin' Da Life 11910 - Puts you at Pro level in Livin' Da...
DJ Max Portable for PSP Cheats

DJ Max Portable Cheats for PSP

Songs To unlock the following songs, you must accumulate the indicated amount of MAX. MAX is gained by simply playing songs. To see how much...
Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play for PSP Cheats

Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play Cheats for PSP

Pixel Perfect mode Pause the game, then hold L + Down + Circle. You can now toggle screen sizes by pressing Square. Note: This only...
Need For Speed Underground Rivals for PSP Cheats

Need For Speed: Underground Rivals Cheats for PSP

Car selection If you are having trouble figuring out which cars to use for what event, cars with high top speeds/acceleration are good for drag...
Gun Showdown for PSP Cheats

Gun Showdown Cheats for PSP

Bonus deathmatch level Enter 'BADLANDS' as a profile name to unlock a bonus deathmatch level. Jenny Enter 'ALLIES' as a profile name to unlock Jenny.
Star Ocean Second Evolution for PSP Cheats

Star Ocean: Second Evolution Cheats for PSP

Bonus modes Defeat 2,000 monsters to unlock the Galaxy and Universe difficulties for a new game. Mischief If you can get a Thief's Glove before Kurik is...
World Tour Soccer for PSP Cheats

World Tour Soccer Cheats for PSP

Easy points When you are in challenge mode, run to the goal as if you are going to score and just pass the ball. Every...
Secret Agent Clank for PSP Cheats

Secret Agent Clank Cheats for PSP

Cheat mode Spend the indicated number of Skill Points to unlock the corresponding cheat option: Big Headed Clank: 4 Big Headed Ratchet: 8 Mirrored Levels: 12 Weapon Switching: 16 Big...
Jackass The Game for PSP Cheats

Jackass: The Game Cheats for PSP

Slowing down the wheel in Shoot Johnny mini-game Shoot Chris Pontius to slow down the wheel. This is very time consuming so do not do...