Zoradius mini-game

Select ‘Extra Missions’, ‘Boss Battle mode’, and fight Vic Viper. Pause game play when fighting Leo then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The Zoradius mini-game will now be unlocked when you return to the ‘Extra Missions’ screen.

Zoradius mini-game: All power-ups

Pause game play during Zoradius, then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1.

Alternate appearance

Successfully complete the game to unlock more versions of Jehuty.

Alternate ending sequence

Successfully complete the game with an ‘A’, ‘S’, or ‘SS’ rank to unlock new pictures after the credits.

Anubis: Extra attacks

When using the Anubis or Aumaan Anubis in versus mode, rotate the Left Analog-stick counterclockwise to have Anubis hit its opponent eight or more times, depending on how fast you rotate it, instead of the usual four with its spear.

Auman Anubis

Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed to the location where you had to open two locks to open a gate. When you get the choice, move towards the left path. Locate the Metatron on the far west side of the left path on your map. Go to the Metatron. There is a dead end behind it. Fly close to it and look for cracks on that wall. Shoot this part of the wall, then enter the tunnel that is revealed. Defeat Anubis and collect his icon to unlock Auman Anubis. Note: You will have to fight Nepthtis immediately after this battle.

Changing sub-weapons

You can change your sub-weapon without going into menu. During a battle or outside a battle, tap L1 to change back and fourth on your selected sub-weapon and grab. If you want to use another sub-weapon, hold L1 and choose it. Note: Note the game will pause when L1 is held, allowing you enough time to switch sub-weapons.

Defeating Nephtis

When you encounter Nephtis at the power plant on Mars, grab a solar panel on one of the towers. Wait until she charges up her dash attack and guard with the solar panel. She will be stunned for a few seconds. Attack her until she starts moving again. Repeat this process until she is defeated.

When you fight Nephtis inside a giant force field, wait for her to charge up her dash attack. As soon as she attacks, dash out of the way and she will hit the force field and become stunned. Attack her until she breaks free of the force field. Repeat this until she is dead. Note: Be sure not to run into the force field while attacking her.

When Nephtis is inside the tower like area, use the Geyser to stun the Clods and grab them and then wait for Nephtis to attack. Guard with the Clod and Nephtis will be stunned, attack her until she starts moving again. If the Clod tries to break free use Burst to keep them from escaping.

When Nephtis’s AI infects Ardjet, dodge any of her long range attacks, then when she is done move into melee. Wait for Ardjet to swing at you, then deflect her attack by slashing at the correct moment. Deflect the sword four times and she will become stunned. Grab and hold her while ADA deletes the AI. Repeat until she is defeated.

Defeating Nohman

When you encounter Nohman after fighting Viola’s A.I. Data, do not run up to him. Block his lasers if needed. Shoot normal lasers at him. When he teleports to you, you will know what to do.

Defeating the Train

When you fight the Train, you will have to destroy all the carts in five minutes. To destroy a cart, target its weapons and use homing missiles to destroy them. Once all of a cart’s weapons are destroyed, it will explode and a fleet of enemies will attack. Use Gauntlet to knock enemies into the walls and out of range. The first and fourth cart have machine guns, the second has laser beams, and the third has machine guns and a massive laser cannon that is easy to avoid. The fifth cart is defenseless.

Dingo: Control position

When playing the game in the story mode, during the scenes when you see Dingo talking with other characters while inside Jehuty , move the Right Analog-stick. As you move it, the picture of Dingo will move around and allow you to see a little bit around him.

Easy kills

If you have low health while fighting enemies (outside of boss battles), get them close to each other then hold R2and press Square. You should now be circling the enemies. Then, release Square.

Heal while carrying

Whenever you have to carry someone (for example, Ardjet after defeating Viola’s AI), you can heal them by using boost while carrying them. It uses up some of your SUB gauge, but you can use them as clubs.


Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed to where you enter the basement from the elevators. Go to the second room before fighting Inhert. Kill all enemies in this room. Go to the bottom of the room and to the second level of the moving pillars. Note: Counting from the bottom upwards, this is the second to last level of moving pillars. When the pillars retract, go around the corners. The icon is located on one of the corners. You must be close to the corner to find it.

Jehuty view while using Vector Cannon

You can actually see a different view of Jehuty when using the Vector Cannon. When charging the Vector Cannon, rotate the view with R3. Note: Keep moving or the view will change back to the original position.

Move characters in cut scenes

In the scenes when you see dingo talking to other characters while inside Jehuty you can use the right analogue stick to move Dingo, you can also press L1 to move the other characters.

Naked Jethuty

Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed to immediately after the LEV battle where you must go through two descending rooms. The icon is located at the end of the second room, in the area just prior to the force field tunnel. Kill all the enemies in the second room of the descending path, but do not enter the force field tunnel. Find the two openings immediately below the entrance to the tunnel that are guarded by lasers. Shoot the lasers and enter. Defeat Naket Jethuty and collect the icon.

Special CG Picture

Clear the game with the rank of S or SS, you will see a picture of Dingo and Ken at the overall ranking results after the credits.

Unlock all Ex-Missions and VS mech

Provided that if you have Visual Works of Anubis, Pop the special demo disc into your PS2. In the main title, there is an option of 3 : New Game, Save, and Options. Play through the demo, and after you clear the demo, you’ll be brought back to the title screen. Save it. Once saved, pop in your Original ZOE2 game again, and all Ex-missions and VS mech will be unlocked.

Notel: this code only applies to the Japanese version.

Using Jehuty’s Burst attack efficiently

For multiple aiming of Jehuty’s Burst, hold R2 + Left or Right to dash. While dashing, hold Square to aim in all directions to get your target locked on. Release Square, then fire. Note: The Burst attack is effective when destroying a swarm of Wisps or small projectile attacks.