Bonus songs

Successfully complete five Dan courses in Class mode to unlock in the Sky by Ryu, Just A Little Smile by Sota Fujimori, and Sayonara Heaven by Nekomata Master songs.

Scream Squad song select interface in Free mode

While selecting the ‘Start Game’ option at the Gameplay menu or while selecting the ‘Song Select’ option at the Judgment menu, hold Select + Start. Alternately, hold Select + Start while the song selection screen loads, but release the buttons before it appears.

Scripted Connection (long mix) song

Select Class mode, then press Down to reach the bottom of the list. Keep Down held until Con’tion begins to play. Select the course. The Kyu course will be replaced with Scripted Connection (long mix).

Custom music select BGM

You can replace the music select system music in the Customize section with a composer customized music or the older style system music. Play a song from an older style to unlock the previous system music. To unlock other DJ style music, play a song that they composed.

10th Style: Play any song from 10th Style
11th Style -IIDX RED-: Play CaptivAte ~Jouka~
3rd&4th Style: Play any song from 3rd or 4th Style
5th Style: Play any song from 5th Style
6th Style: Play any song from 6th Style
7th Style: Play any song from 7th Style
8th Style: Play any song from 8th Style
9th Style: Play any song from 9th Style
dj Taka: Play any song from dj Taka
L.E.D.: Play any song from L.E.D.
Tomosuke: Play any song from Tomosuke
Yoshitaka: Play any song from dj Yoshitaka