Cheat Codes

Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the console and type in any of the following cheat codes.

Post Processing

boolProp enablePostProcessing true = Turns Postprocessing on.
boolProp enablePostProcessing false = Tuens Postprocessing off.
This will enable the use of postprocessing cheats (see below) very useful for movie making (also see below). Please note that you must have a video card that can handle pixel shaders in order to successfully use this cheat. If you use the cheats and you don’t have pixel shaders, the screen will most likely go partially dark, and will not come back until you turn off enablePostProcessing. If you turn on postprocessing, and you turn on cinematics, and a cinematic plays, you may also experience unwanted graphical glitches.

PostProcessing Cheats

To use the following cheats, you must have ‘PostProcessing’ enabled!

bloom rgb # = Sitcom flashback blur effect
bloom [r g b #] (rgb is color) (# is the bloom amount) [0.0 – 1.0]: This cheat adds a blur effect, like a sitcom flashback moment.

ignette # # # = Blurry bits at the edge of the screen.
vignette [centerX centerY X] (X is the vignetteing factor) [0.0 – 1.0]: Adds a blur effect from the specified center. Using ‘vignette 0.5 0.5 0.5’ should put some blurry bits at the edge of the screen. Vignette 0.5 0.5 1.0 is maximum edge

filmGrain # = Grainy screen (# = 0.0 to 1.0)
This cheat makes the screen grainy.

letterBox # = Adds a letterbox effect to the view. (# = 0.0 to 0.4)
Adds a letterbox effect to the view.

Smart Skills

Combine aspiration rewards for even bigger boosts. For example, if your Sim is wearing a Thinking Cap and feeds Smart Milk to their Toddler, the Toddler builds skill four times as fast…

Swim in the ground

Make sure your land is flat, buy a swimming pool (any size) and then hold down Ctrl and shift and C. A box will appear and you will need to type move_objects on. After you type that press enter (duh) and then get your sim to swim in the pool. When they are in the pool, go into buy mode, pick up your sim (cool if you havn’t learnt to do this already) and drag them somewhere other than the pool. e.g. bring them into the kitchen. They will continue to swim even though they are in the ground. Have fun!

Age Quicker

This cheatcode is-agingquick3 it alwows your toddlers to grow up into an adult in 5 seconds:Select the todler you want to grow up and then type in the cheat and they will become an adult!

Faster wall paint

To paint the walls faster push down the mouse then the shift botton at the same time then let go of the mouse and then the shift to paint the walls faster.

Faster way to enter money cheats.

All you have to do is enter the money cheat, (motherlode) , and press enter, then press your controls ^ the arrow up… (you usually use those for games you play) then you press enter… keep repeating this over and over again to get money faster…

Free job promotions

  • 1. To start off, you need to open the cheat box and type ‘aging off’ (your Sim must be an Adult Male).
  • 2. Get the career you want.
  • 3. Go to work until you bring home a female friend.
  • 4. Get 100/100 relationship and full love for this person. Now send her home.
  • 5. After work, invite your girlfriend over, then bring her to the hot tub and do a WooHoo (if she rejects you, wait until later and try again).
  • 6. Do WooHoos every day for 1 week (e.g. Sunday to Sunday) AND YOU MUST NOT GET A PROMOTION DURING THIS TIME OR THE CHEAT WILL NOT WORK.
  • 7. You must now invite your girl over to your house just before work, then leave for work while she’s with you. SAVE NOW.
  • 8. Now: during work you’ll be asked a question (with three options: ignore, option 1 and option 2). You must either: click ignore or get the right answer. NOTE: If this message does not come, something is wrong, begin the cheat over.
  • 9. That day, after work, you will come home and will make a pile of money — there will be about 8-12 messages on the side saying you got promoted to the next job, plus you get one saying you reached the top, blah blah blah. NOTE: If anything above did not work for you, the cheat HAS NOT WORKED. TRY AGAIN.
  • 10. Enjoy your top rank job! SAVE.
  • If you’re wondering how I figured this out, it was pure coinsidence… I always do a WooHoo with SOMEONE when I come home from work, it’s a mood booster.