Free items

When you do the tutorial at the beginning, keep talking to the people that give you things. For example, with the baker that gives you water and flour, bake the bread then talk to him again. He should give you more supplies.

Tutorial Island

You cannot die while training in combat on Tutorial Island. However, you can only raise your stats to level 3.


Stand in front of the main kitchen doors in Lumbridge Castle for several minutes. A Genie will appear and ask what stat you want raised. Note: You can only raise one stat once.

Steel Plate

There is a Steel Plate in the lava maze (level 40 wilderness). It is in the fenced in area with the lesser demons in it.

Easy money

If you are a member, get to 5 Herblore. Create as many Antipoison potions as possible. Then, sell them to the general store. You will get 114 gp for each potion.

Easy runes

When your character is at least level 40, get about 15 Salmon and some armor. Go north into the wilderness, to level 6 wilderness. Go west until you find some level 7 and 20 Dark Wizards. Kill them to get lots of runes.

Easy Big Bones

Go to the wilderness. Its easier if you take the route in Varrock. Next, travel until you find Black Unicorns. Keep traveling north until you find two level 25 Skeletons walking around. There are a lot of Bones here, as well as Big Bones. They also respawn. Note: It is a good idea if you do not bring anything in order to get more Big Bones.

Quick mining and smithing levels

Mine nothing except tin. Once your inventory is filled, drop it all or sell it in the Dwarven mines. Once your mining level reaches 20, you can mine iron. Find the iron rocks just outside the area with the scorpions in the Dwarven mines. You can mine the rocks without much bother from the other players in the game. Mine nothing but these until you reach level 60 mining. Alternately, once you reach level 30 you can mine coal, but it is difficult, as everyone wants to mine it. At level 60, you can enter the mining guild. The guild is located at the far end of the mines, by the scorpions. Inside the guild you can mine coal very easily and smelt it quickly at the Falador Smith, just outside the mines. This will allow you smelt much faster. By this time you should be getting about 350 smithing experience for every load of coal and the other materials, and 30 mining experience for every coal rock mined.

Best Rune weapon

If you just get to level 40 Attack and are looking for a Rune weapon, the Rune Scimitar is recommended over the R2H. The scimitar attacks faster, therefore dealing more damage and killing opponents faster.

Training Hint

In runescape 2 go to the Varrock Palace and go north to the very back of the Palace where you will find a ladder. Go up the ladder into the Guards room above. Look around and you will see that there is a (usually) empty room filled with guards that give nice amounts of EXP for training.

NOTE: It is best if you go to the least popular Game World as there is less people who might go to that spot.

Free dragonplex 2-h

Go to the king of sarium and do the dragon jumper quest then at the end you will get the cool sword.

Change text color

To talk in a different colored text, type one of the following colors or effects (including the colon) followed by your text.

  • black: (black)
  • blue: (blue)
  • cyan: (cyan
  • green: (green)
  • magenta: (magenta)
  • orange: (orange)
  • white: (white)
  • yellow: (yellow)
  • flash1:
  • flash2:
  • flash3:
  • glow1:
  • glow2:
  • glow3:
  • wave:
  • scroll:

To do a combination, such as glow1: with wave:, type glow1:wave: followed by your text.

Trade pure ess

OK, you have to be a member for this. go to world 66, and go to entrana.make sure you have 27 unnoted pure ess. (go to port sarim and talk to monk of entrana with no armor or weaponry) when you get there, you go off the dock, to law rune temple. trade pure ess to high levels in zammy robes for 27 noted pure ess and 27 laws! unnote ess at dreynor and reapeat. i made 21k in 20 minutes with this.Submitted by: will lubaroff

Get to at least level 35

Go to the place next to the southern Varrock gates with all the wizzards in it. When you kill them, they might drop runes. Do this for a long time, and you will have A LOT of runes.Submitted by: Colin S