Robin’s Arrows

Use your merry men to make lots of arrows for Robin Hood. Robin is the best shooter, and he also has a very long range as compared to the other characters.


Willy is the strongest man in the team. Train him with the Martial teaching in the camp until he get the highest level and use him to fight the enemy’s paladin. Use all the Merry Men to produce the arrows for Robin. He is excellent in shooting with a very long range.

Various cheats

During the game, make your character stand and hover the pointer over the kneeling icon. Now hit F11 to bring down the console and you can enter the following cheats:

  • Code Result
  • BINGO Give your characters 999 ammo
  • GOODLUCK Add clover leaves
  • IMMUNITY Enable god mode
  • CASH Get free money
  • MERRYMAN Get a merry man
  • UNBLIP View all characters on map
  • TIMELESS Stop the clock
  • WINNER Win the current mission
  • PAM Enable dum enemies for close combat