Flip the screen

Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Up – Turns your screen right side up
Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Down – Turns your screen upside down

Extra Mesos

Drop about 10 Mesos. It will become 15 Mesos when picked up.

Easy experience for spellcasters

Go to Ellinia and buy some potions. Then find and fight some slimes and snails (tree stump is not that effective). Fight until your life, mana, and potions run out. You should have enough money to buy more potions. Do so, restore yourself, and fight again.

Recommended swordsman stats

To be a good swordsman, your AP should be as follows:

STR: Everything that does not go to DEX
DEX: Twice your level
INT: As low as possible
LUK: As low as possible
Improving HP Recovery: Max out
Improving Hp Increase: Level 3
Endure: Max out
Iron Body: For Fighter: 1; Page/Spearman: None
Power Blast: Max out
Slash Blast: Max out