Bypassing the command point limit

If you have reached your command point limit during a mission, send out a battalion or two (with the Banner Carrier upgrade) of soldiers. Have them fight until there is only one or two men remaining in the battalions/hordes. Then, send them back to your base, near a Healing Well for the Good side. You have just freed up several command points. Your damaged battalions can regenerate. Use this strategy to make up to three battalions of cavalry to raid your opponent with.

Quick Building Take Down

When Playing Isengard and you have Lurtz with his leadership ability send him running with the sword and about 20 beserkers they cost less command than a normal unit and do crazy damage(Especially with lurtz’s +100% to damage)

Cheat Code

Edit stats of your skirmish player:Use a simple text editor (example: notepad) and edit the “skirmishstats.ini” file in the “c:\documents and settings\application data\my battle for middle-earth files” directory. Note: Always create a backup copy before editing a gamefile.

The Nazgul

When you are one of the ringwraithes be sure to stay away from arches. Mostly keep away from Elven archers and if you are fighting Isengard, stay away from their crossbow men.
When you get the points to buy mountain trolls, dark wizards, etc save up for the nazgul or even better the witch-king.

Create powerful Troll

To make a Troll more powerful, have it pick up a tree as a club. It is slower, but much more powerful. To make an Ent more powerful, have it to pull boulders out of buildings or rock piles to throw at enemies. This is a very powerful long-range attack.

Defeating the Balrog in Moria

When battling the Balrog at Moria you will only be allowed to use Gandof.This actually helps you defeat him. It would be harder to do this if you had the whole fellowship with you. When you first get there just keep attacking him. Don’t worry about him attacking you. When your health bar gets half way down start to run away from him. Try not to get hit by him. While you’re running away from him your health should start going back up. Wait till your health is full. This may take a while. Then repeat this over and over until you have beaten him.

Leveling Hobbits

When fighting as Gondor, Purchase merry and 2 to 4 battalions of gondor soldiers. Click merry and chose throw rocks mode. then send merry out along with the gondor soldiers as a strike force. this works better and faster than you think. by the time merry gets to level 8 or so, he will be able to 1-hit ko any basic infantry unit.

Easy Persona Points

Near to the end of a battle destroy as much as you want but leave one building standing, then save ur game, then destroy the building and you will be victorious, now everytime you load that file you can simply destroy that one building but when you win you will still receive the persona points.

General strategies

Always close your Castle Gate and build a Postern Gate instead.

Army tips

Here are some tips for all armys.

Train lots of archers untill your range ranks then get them all killed and replace tham with rangers.

If playing against isengard make lots of archers (the mounted ones) to counter any pikemen

Harad warriors are quite cheap for the power of their attack also they can be mounted on a mumaks effectively

Try to purchase the forged weapons upgrade as quickly as possible and equip beserkers with it. (A.K.A death for you enemy)


Hordes/Battalions with a Banner unit should be retreated when only a few remain to allow the ranked unit to regenerate.

  • – Try to grab as many of the economy/outpost plots surrounding your base.
  • – Always close your Castle Gate and build a Postern Gate instead.
  • – Build two economy structures per one unit production building.
  • – Fewer upgraded units are always better than many non-upgraded units.
  • – Build economy structures in the back of the Camp/Castle and build unit production structures in the front.

Protecting Your Base

When your Rohan or Gondor first you should build a couple of farms and then build a archery range. Build about 3 battalions of archers. Line them against the wall , also you should get trebuchets when Gondor. Then taunt them by opening your gate then they come at you and your archers will shoot then as soon as you can close the gate do that. Then when they stop sending soldiers you have enough powers in the power menu to get the Elven or Rohirimm allies (except when Rohan) believe me saves alot of your soldiers

Start of game strategy

At the start of a game, send your 2 legions of soldiers to take over the farms around the map since it really helps you get cash to make siege weapons and things. remember also to upgrade your archers as soon as possible. And finally do not focus all your attention on making heroes since they wont really change the course of a war.Submitted by King_Kyle