Holiday pieces

Set the system date to December 25 for Christmas pieces, October 31 for Halloween pieces, and July 4 for desert pieces.

Ghost train

Set the Windows system clock to October 31 and watch for the ghost train.


Combine two red brick houses to create a mansion.

Winter time

Press [Caps Lock] before playing a game.

Red cars

Place a gas station next to the road. Red cars will eventually appear.

Yellow cars

Place a red brick house with 3D windows. Yellow cars will eventually appear.

Create a big fountain

Place four fountains in a square to create a single large fountain.

Space shuttle launch pad

Place two radar stations next to each other to create a space shuttle launch pad.

Pizza car

Place a boiler unit next to a road. Pizza cars will eventually appear.

Giant robot

Place a Large IG tower next to a radar station to get a giant robot.

Loch Ness monster

Place a normal pond anywhere on the map. Then, place sunflowers surrounding the lake and Nessie will visit.