Playing With More Than One Habbo at a Time

Wile playing anywhere in the habbo hotel reality game, hit ctr+n and another screen will come up asking you to put in your user name. Make sure you alredy have another user name different from the one that you are currentally logged in on. you can do the cheat as many times as you want but while doing it sometimes it will fail to load. You have to refresh it or close it and make a new screen till it works.
You can use this cheat to get your room on the popular rooms list or you can use it to cheat in furniture races or falling furniture contests

Beware of scammers

If some one asks for your screen name and password to help you in the game do not give it to them. They will steal your furni and credits!

Quick move furni

Hold [Alt] and click on a piece of furni to move it quickly.

View furni list

Type [:furni] to see a list of furni in the room. Hold [Shift] and click on a room to see who is in there. Note: This can only be done in public rooms.

View room connection

Type [:performance] to see how heavy is current room connection is. A value of 1000 is just right.