Easy experience

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale, then go there. Go to the right and keep going until you see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back. Go in there. This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of money. Repeat it as many times as desired.

Go to the right of town, then go to Yulgar’s shop. Do the mill quest and kill all the Seed Spitters to gain a lot of experience.

If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar’s shop in Falconreach and buy the ‘Static’ weapon for 6 gold. Then, go back until you get to the part with the inn. On the top right of the map, click on ‘Challenge’. You can get a lot of experience points by doing this.

Very easy elemental kill

Use a fire weapon/attack on it!
Okay people if you realy want to know how to kill elemental easyly well if you know that Lighting kills water well ur WRONG, if you look in the eyes of an elemental you will see that like maybe your fighing a water elemental like monsoon elemetal(thats the name)
You will see its eyes are red,so red would mean fire type,so use a fire weapon/attack on it!(IT works exept for the fire elemental its weakness is water) BUT IT WORKS!

Easy money

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale, then go there. Go to the far right to where you meet up with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the dog to the well. Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level 16 and higher weapons. This can be done about ten times. The member weapons can be sold at shops to get money. Repeat this as many times as desired.

If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic’s portal. Go to the mountains, then go to right and enter the quest. Successfully complete the quest and earn money by selling weapons.

Easy PvP trophies

Go to the character selection screen and make a level 1 character and get its ID #. Go to the arena and use the ‘Battle ID’ feature. Enter in the ID and keep defeating it to get trophies.

Royal Shrinkray

Buy it in Cyresos shop for 45 dragon coins

Do the ninja sneevil quest over an over again until you get it

Recommended weapons

Go to Yulgar’s shop in Falconreach and get the ‘Static’ weapon. It hits over 10 and only costs 6 gold. It is the best cheap weapon for level 4.

Go north of Falconreach and go in the portal next to the Guardian Tower. Click Warlick’s portrait and complete it. If you are level 7 or 8, you can buy the Shimmer (a very good light weapon) for only 100 gold.

Go to Oaklore, in the Keep, and go as far to the left as possible. There should be two knights and a catapult. Talk to the one on the ground. He will ask you to do a quest; accept it. All you have to do is defeat the storm elementals, most of which are fairly weak, and go to the chest. It contains a shop with three items, all priced at 0g. They are all energy weapons and have high damage levels (the sword hits for 10-20 damage). These are extremely helpful if you are just starting out.

In Oaklore, go to the left until you see Sir Casm (sarcasm) and Sir Vivor (survivor). Go near them and click on Sir Jing’s (surging) weapons. They will talk about how good Sir Jing was and how good his weapons were. Then click on the ‘Quest’ button, and you will have to face a lot of weak monsters. You must defeat all the monsters, then go up the stairs. You will face three easy Bosses (they might look familiar) named Positron, Tempest, and Flood. Defeat them and you will see a chest. Open it and get the weapon according to what class you are (for example, Mage: Staff, Rogue: Dagger, Warrior: Sword). You can also trade there for a lot of money if you know how to win the Aries Battlespire PvP arena. Note: You must be level 2 to do this.

How to heal yourself in willowshire without exiting

As soon as you go into one of the rooms look to the right and there should be a blue flame on the wall got to it and it should heal you

Good weapons for warriors (lvl 20+)

Nalmirs final gift (found in the fire cave after defeating boss)
Shadow reaper of doom (bought from stranger in falconreach)
Master cordemi codex (either a very rare item in the fire cave or buy in cyseros shop)
Full silver (bought in cyseros shop)
Twin cresent blade (found in the well in amityvale)
skybreaker (bought in cyseros shop)

How To Defeat Guffer

Kill ALL witches the first. If you have little health go to the LAST witch and stand beside the glowing pumpkin.Then Guffer will hit you with less damage.

Easy gold

If you are at Falconreach and you are in the egg series, you can get easy gold. Go to Twilly on the stump and click on the introduction. Just skip the cutscene. Then on the first grounds, you will find a bag of money.Submitted by:Sake Uchia