Bonus cars

To unlock cars finish the following groups:

  • Apachee 200X: Finals Group A
  • Bornbad GT90: Professionals Group B
  • Buster GSt: Amateurs Group B
  • Firespitter RS: Professionals Group A
  • Incubator V12: The Final Fight
  • Ironhorze V8: Professionals Group B
  • Pick’Em’Up V8: Professionals Group A
  • The Wrecker: Finals Group A

Unlock Mini-games

  • Unlock Checkpoint Chase II – Complete the Final Division
  • Unlock Long Jump II – Complete the Amateurs Division
  • Unlock Vehicle Blast II – Complete the Professional Division

Bonus weapons

To unlock weapons finish the following groups:

  • Minigun: Amateurs Group B
  • Double Missiles: Professionals Group B
  • Single Missiles: Professionals Group A