Easy Level up

1) Go to battleon.(the town)
2) Click the little red moglin.
3) Click Moglin Forest.
4) Defeat some monsters.

The moglin will take your potions, but heal you after four battles. Potions will be given back when you stop.

1000 Exp or More


Go into the inn and go to the room in the middle ( has the sage and the blue lady) Talk to the lady with the blue skin and select the second option. you will go on a quest with the pirate captain. You will fight a big Kraken-like creature. beat it and it will give you 400 exp. There will be a storm and you will be thrown out of the boat and onto an island. Beat the two crabees. Next You will fight lots of little people( dont worry they aer one unit). they are pretty hard to hit so get somethng with a high hit bonus, they will give 3oo exp. After that you go to their villiage and fight a weak monster. Then you will fight the ‘Ultra Giant’. He takes 400% damage or more from all attacks and has 1500HP. beat him to get either 300 or 400 exp.

Pet Rock

Go to Warlic’s magic shop. Click the candle in the top left and drag it to the chest and you will get the pet rock. He does earth damage, and if you give it to Valencia, she will give you a travel pass.

1000 gold off 1 monster

To get 1000 gold go to the travel map and then go to Vamprook Spyre and battle the first little monster. Its not hard then skip all of the people talk then say ‘steal the potions’ or something. Then you will battle a dragon. If you win then you will get 1000 gold but then you will have to battle your friends. If you win again you get to keep your potions and an extra 400 points.

Extra Help from Vampire Slayer E

What you need to do is go to travel than the epiq quest. The mage guy will be there and go to the quest big trouble, little granemoure. There will be a vamp slayer guy there after you do a bit of quest. Your will battle a bunch of vampires. When you battle the first one. Dont kill it. Run and he will be a guest player.

1350 Gold and 1350 Xp!

Go to travel on the bottom right corner. Click on Vamprook Spyre on the top left corner. Then click ‘leeeeroooy’ and it would be good not to loot everybod’s potions, because after you beat the dragon you have to fight all 3 of them. So don’t take everybodys potions and just continue. you will fight Vampragons. They aren’t that strong. then you fight a dragon with 3 Vampragons next to it (dragon color, red) fight it and get 1350 gold and 1350 xp.

Behemoth Tip

rating: 3.00/5.00When and if you get lucky enough to find a cave while doing some random adventures, say to be friends. It is a Behemoth and it is a pretty powerful earth type monster (stays with you as a guest if you chose to befriend it). If you already found one that same day and didn’t log out and he is still there, then you may chose to attack it. If you kill it like I did, you will get a pretty large amount of money and gold! Also the Behemoth doesn’t join you as a guest each time. There is a chance that it won’t. (you need to be a guardian, otherwise you won’t be able to get the behemoth to be your friend and fight along your side until you log out)

A Fire Mace

To get a fire mace, battle a ‘Drakle Captain’ and click on his weapon. It will now be your auto-weapon (in place of your guardian blade or the blade you start out with when you log on) When you log off, the sword will go away, it hits usually around 30 if the monster you are battling has 100% fire.

Drakel Gun

Fight one of the flying drakels. When (or if) you defeat it, click on its gun. Your new Drakel tube will replace your long sword temporarily.

Drakel Market

First of all go into the inn and go into the lounge.talk to sage uldor about your fate.now go to twilly and ask him about rumours.you will fight a seed spitter and then you will go on a quest.after you finish the quest go back to sage uldor and click on drakel black market.now you can buy drakel stuff.

All enemies freeze for a turn–guardian only

This only works during the holidays while you have access to the area you need to do the cheat.

Go to ‘frostvale part 5’ and click on the two Moglins, they will ask you if you want them to fight with you, say yes. When you fight monsters, if they decide to attack, they will freeze it for a turn, sometimes even two rounds, so you can hit twice in a row without it attacking back. I have only found one monster this didnt work for, it is was called a Shine or something.

Easy against vampires

What you have to do is get the axe of radience (600g vulgars shop) and the dragonslayers armour and fire shield(100g). Then become a werewolf and do the first quest. When you’re in the bit where you can choose if you want to go on a quest or go to the shop, there should be a gold wolf. Click on it and there will be a little scroll that comes up in the corner, click where it says I want it as a pet. Then do the werewolf quest. it should be really easy on the vampire warriors.

Guardian Blade Specialty

If you attack with the Guardian Blade then it changes elements, wait a few minutes it’ll be the same element.

Get 10 health potions

To get 10 health potions: talk to artix or twilly click frogzard hunter do part 3 fight the mosquito fight gohbora then get 10 health potions flee on the next part you really need those potions if you fight them so you’ll lose it.

Get Plunger

Go to Battle On then click on the Rip in the Sky ,go left through door, right when in the building, click on the ladder & go through the the door,then talk to Vince say you wanna leave then say -“Swirly Time-“, then take the plunger.(The plunger is an awesome weapon with a special that can do 70 damage at most) .

How to get extra slot

Go to any shop to buy a weapon or shield or spell but instead of buying a weapon click on inventory. This brings up a list of what you have. Now click on extra slots, then click on the extra slot you want, it will then ask you to buy extra slot. This will cost you 200 z-tokens

Permanent staff of astradex and Doc Sawbones saw

Go to the event, skip the cutscenes, defeat Nurse botoxia and doc sawbones. A Shop opens up. Buy the first two for 1000 gold or the better ones for more.

Easy xp

You should be a lv 50or higher.
To do this talk to valencia and visit valencia privately, click on valnecia introduce yourself she should start talking and there should be a box named drakbots. Click on it, go to skip intro and take quest, unless you want more info, click more when you take the quest they have drak bots that should be easy, When you kill one you get 1000xp for every bot and there’s drakel to kill. Kill 10 bots and you have 10k xp.


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