Here’s a list of some unlockable items
Unlockable How to unlock
abadon’s curse helm-(mem)
beat Abaddon ( About 5-8 times)
balor’s bruitaly
the dread spider -in the marsh
balor’s cruaitaly-(mem)
abaddon-in the marsh (what ever that means)
bejewed blade
do the quest velencia asked for
bone axe
defeat jack sparrat in the cemetery until yu can get it
bone sword
complete yulgars quest zorbaks reward
box gaurdian sword
beat the box gaurdian 4-8 times
broken blade
defeat elemental rock at the bludrut keep until yu get it
brown wolf
by it from aria
dark crystal
by it from aria
dark wolf
do all of willow creaks quests
death doll pet
by it fromm aria
dragon wings
kill each dragon 7 times
dragonslayer armor
finish all the quest of galanoth
dragonslayer helm
by it from ganloth
dragonslayer sword
by it from ganloth
elemental rock hammer
same as the broken blade process
enforcer armor
defeat mithrill man at the crash site
giant protecter blade
beat grizzile spit 5-8 times in boxes
giant protector blade
got to boxes and defeat grizzle spit until yu get it
golden pheonix
by it from aria
green healer robes
same place up there
green slimey staff
go to the slimes and defeat them until yu can get it
grumble’s curse
beat grumble 1-5 times in the sewer
hydra blade
by it from blacksmith in sword haven (the one outside)
kuro’s wrath
beat kuro 3-7 times
kuro’s wrath
go to river and find the boss and defeat him
light staff
kill red dragon somewhat times
pet parrot (cape)
by it from yulgar
pet spybot
do third quest in dwakel crash site
pet wyvern
kill it somewhat times
pheonix blade
kill the red dragon 8-13 times-in lair
purple slimey staff
go to cellar and find purple slime and defeat him
red dragon pet (no armor)
by it from ganloth
red dragon pet (with armor)
kill red dragon somwhat times
red dragon wings
by them from ganloth
red healer robes
by it as soon as you start it has an armor shop button
by it from trainer rogue
rose thron blade
beat brock 15-25 times ( brock is the blue guy) in the wedding
finsh the last quest
searing mace
go to the second floor of the bludrut and find the fire elemental and defeat him till you get it
skealeton armor
beat the lich 13-18 times
small skull
(quest item) zorbaks quest chiped tooth
templers helm of light
kill red dragon somwhat times
thrax ironhide’s helm
kill thrax
by it from trainer warror
water draconian sword
kill him 3 times

How to move the tree in marsh

Just type /join marsh and after that go left and you will see the tree with 1 hp. Use mage armor and click the tree.after that you use infusion (do not attack the tree, just use infusion to the tree),and BAM,when you move the tree also move and the tree can attack you.