Cheat menu

Press Z at the title screen to display the cheat menu.


There are fifty medals in the game.

Extra characters in multiplayer

To get extra characters in multiplayer,successfully beat the 1 player trial mode with turok,you will then unlock another character for the 1 player trial mode. Each time that you do this a character will be unlocked in the multiplayer mode.


Pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up. Turok will say ‘ I WILL NEVER DIE!’

Invincible Monkey Trick

Once you have 1000 frags total with all of the players, you have access to all the cheats in the cheat menu (press Z on main menu). Turn on infinite ammo. Setup how ever you would like, but you must have the minigun as a weapon. Play a game of Frag Tag (kill the monkey). Select the minigun and hold down alternate fire to activate your shield, but since you have infinite ammo, you won’t run out. I tape down the bottom so I can move easier. When you are selected as the monkey, you will keep the shield, just don’t release the alternate fire.

Way to get cheat mode quickly

To unlock all the options quickly, build a saved game with a character that has over 500 frags. Copy that character into the three other slots on the controller pak. Then, load all four of these cloned players to the game. All cheats will now be available in the menu since the combined frag count will be over 1000.

Exploding napalm

Hold B when you using the napalm launcher to make all its shots explode

Easy kills

To rank up the kills in some levels, get the flare gun and fire it at a door and wait for your enemys to run into it.

Unlimited power core specials

Use the following trick to obtain unlimited power core specials (petrify, invisibility, etc.). Unlock and enable the ‘Infinite Ammo’ cheat. Select the minigun as one of your weapons. Start a level, find the power core, and make sure you have the minigun out. Hold B and pick up the power core. As B is held, you will have that special. Note Slow Time will expire on an enemy if you kill them, even if you are holding B.

Walk with sniper mode on

This trick allows you to walk with the sniper mode on, and use the regular view and same ammo, such as plasma. Go to a level with a teleporter, such as Leap Of Faith. Make sure you have either the Plasma weapon or Tek Bow in your possession. Go to where the teleporter is located. Enter sniper mode, then walk into the teleporter. Then cross-hair will change. If done correctly, you will be able to shoot sniper mode bullets in regular view.

Walk with Mag60 on

Take the Mag60, go in water and turn on the laser. Hold it and swim out with it on. Keep it held to be able to walk around with it on.