Air Boarder 64 for N64 Cheats

Air Boarder 64 Cheats for N64

Bonus boards Unlock all four bonus characters. Then, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the board selection screen. The following four...
Pokemon Stadium for N64 Cheats

Pokemon Stadium Cheats for N64

GB Speed Upgrades There are two secret speed upgrades to the GB Tower Game Boy emulator that let you play Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow...
Army Men - Sarge's Heroes 2 for N64 Cheats

Army Men – Sarge’s Heroes 2 Cheats for N64

Unlock General Plastro Enter PLSTRLVSVG as the password. Unlock Vikki Enter GRNGRLRX as the password. Debug info Enter THDTST as the password. Small mode Enter DRVLLVSMM as the password. All weapons Enter GBZRK...
Re-Volt for N64 Cheats

Re-Volt Cheats for N64

Unlocks everything Go to password section and enter B, A, Z, Z, B, L, A, C. Extra Cars & Tracks To get extra cars & tracks, beat...
Extreme G 2 for N64 Cheats

Extreme G 2 Cheats for N64

Turbo mode GO to extreme contest PRESS R at the bike select screen put XXX as the name. you will hear someone whisper extreme. Cheat Codes Enter...
Space Station Silicon Valley for N64 Cheats

Space Station: Silicon Valley Cheats for N64

Alternate Introduction Sequence Hold A or B and power on the Nintendo 64 to view two different introductionsequences after the DMV man appears. Codes At the Level...
Spider-Man for N64 Cheats

Spider-Man Cheats for N64

All comic books Select 'Specials' at the main menu, then select 'Cheats'. Enter CLTTHMALL as a code. Do A Matrix! After the bomb explodes in the Bank...
Automobili Lamborghini for N64 Cheats

Automobili Lamborghini Cheats for N64

All Cars At the Main screen, press R(6x). Hidden cars Complete one of the following series with the corresponding setting to enable a bonus car. Porsche 959 Arcade Basic...
SimCity 2000 for N64 Cheats

SimCity 2000 Cheats for N64

Bonus map Press C-Up(2), C-Down, C-Left(2), C-Right(2), C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, Start at the title screen to start at special state map with $5,000,000.  
Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage for N64 Cheats

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Cheats for N64

Chaos Sword After going over the bridge out of town, turn left onto the beach and turn right at the shrubbery to find a path...