Real Racing 2 for iOS Cheats

Real Racing 2 Cheats for iOS

Game Center achievements Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements. Amateur : Driver level reached: Amateur. Car Collector: High Performance : Own all GT...
Racing Live for iOS Cheats

Racing Live Cheats for iOS

Easy prestige points Take the offers for downloading apps for points. Go on the app and wait until it tells you that you have prestige...
Quiz Land for iOS Cheats

Quiz Game Land Cheats for iOS

Game Master in the Bestiary To unlock the Game Master you must defeat him in Story Mode, but he will only appear at the end...
Puppet War for iOS Cheats

Puppet War Cheats for iOS

Free weapon Purchase a weapon, then exit the game. When you resume the game, the weapon will still be purchased but you will have lost...
Pocket Zombie for iOS Cheats

Pocket Zombie Cheats for iOS

Thriller Outfit (Fall) To gain access to the Thriller Outfit you must reach the Fall season in Pet Zombie mode. Get your zombie fat in...
Pocket Frogs for iOS Cheats

Pocket Frogs Cheats for iOS

Various Achievements Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 2 BeeOr Not 2 Bee : Collect 2 mature Golden Picea Partiri frogs in...
Plants vs. Zombies for iOS Cheats

Plants vs. Zombies Cheats for iOS

Creating a fort Use the following plant formation with the following items. 0: Sunflowers or upgraded flowers 1: A shooter plant 2: Repeater/upgraded 3: Three shooter plant (three lanes) 4:...
Phase for iOS Cheats

Phase Cheats for iOS

Expert Mode Beat the Marathon on Hard Mode. Insane Mode Beat the Marathon on Expert Mode.  
Parallel Kingdom for iOS Cheats

Parallel Kingdom Cheats for iOS

1000 Gold Cheat Code While in the game, go to Menu - Profile - Red arrow (top-right corner of screen) and then Update Status. Can...
Panda Circus for iOS Cheats

Panda Circus Cheats for iOS

Various Game Center Achievements Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements. Bell Ringer : Bounce the bell 40 times in total. Bombs Do Not...