Metal Gear Solid Touch for iOS Cheats

Metal Gear Solid Touch Cheats for iOS

Artwork Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding artwork at Drebin's Shop for purchase for the listed amount of Drebin Points. 3D Art - Solid...
Original Gangstaz for iOS Cheats

Original Gangstaz Cheats for iOS

10 street credits Enter Putthis as a code. Recharge all stats Enter Allthis as a code.  
Pocket Zombie for iOS Cheats

Pocket Zombie Cheats for iOS

Thriller Outfit (Fall) To gain access to the Thriller Outfit you must reach the Fall season in Pet Zombie mode. Get your zombie fat in...
GraalOnline Classic for iOS Cheats

GraalOnline Classic Cheats for iOS

Easu Gralats Purchase a house with grass in it. Then, go to the Belle Isle Garden Shop and purchase some fences that will cover the...
Leap Sheep! for iOS Cheats

Leap Sheep! Cheats for iOS

Achievements By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles. 3rd Time's The Charm : Leap over 2 stacked sheep. Afternoon Delight :...
Jewel Craft for iOS Cheats

Jewel Craft Cheats for iOS

Game Center achievements Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements. Almost Genius : Clear 10 Hard Levels in Puzzle Mode! Brown Crew : Clear...
Biohazard Degeneration for iOS Cheats

Biohazard: Degeneration Cheats for iOS

New game plus Beat the game once and you are allowed to carry all items/weapon to the new game. Mercenary Mode Beat the game once on any...
Gangstar Miami Vindication for iOS Cheats

Gangstar: Miami Vindication Cheats for iOS

Unlimited minigun ammunition Die while in the police helicopter.
The Air Hockey Game Cheats

The Air Hockey Game Cheats

Game Center Achievements Unlock Apple Game Center achievements, by completing the following tasks. Achievement Woth... : Win a match vs Medium CPU. Air Hockey Emperor...
Fish Tycoon for iOS Cheats

Fish Tycoon Cheats for iOS

Fast growth Fast forward the time on your iPod or iPhone. Switch it back to the correct time and your fish will be all grown...