Alternate ending screen

If you complete the game with 119 Shine Sprites or less you will get an ending screen in which el Piantissimo inspects the paintbrush. However, if you finish it with all 120 Shine Sprites, the ending screen will show all the characters in the game.

Ending bonus

Successfully complete and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a Hawaiian shirt in addition to the sunglasses that the man wearing sunglasses gives Mario normally during the game.

Return to the Airport

Once you’ve beaten the game (and saved your game), you will be able to go back to the Airport from the very beginning. It’ll cost you, though. For the price of 10 coins, a boat close to the clocktower where you find Yoshi will take you to the Airport level — which is filled with coins and fun stuff to do. Give it a try!

Sunglasses and Hawaiian Shirt

Want to see Mario in a different outfit than his trademark blue overalls and red shirt? How about putting on some shades and slipping into a shirt that would make even Tom Selleck jealous? The shades are easy to get. Look for a man with black sunglasses in the hub world (he’s at the beach, close to the fruit stands) or in most of the other levels and talk to him. When you’ve gotten 30 Shines, he’ll give you a pair of sunglasses to wear, which will darken your screen appropriately. Note, the sunglasses will disappear the moment you step into another level or restart the game. The same guy will also give you a Hawaiian shirt — but you’ve got to do some work first finish the game. If you’ve saved your game after you beat the last big boss, you’ll be able to get your shirt anytime you talk to this guy.


In Gelato Beach and other levels where there are Bubbas (the big red fish that drags Mario underwater), you can keep them from doing this attack with this little trick.
Pick up a piece of fruit and start swimming with it. It will enable a glitch where they cannot drag you. This is very useful for the Red Coin Shine in Gelato Beach.

Conserve Lives

To build up Mario’s stock, try to quit stages when you are about to die. This would apply to stages like the racing stages (with the Islander who likes to race) and some of the mini-stages (like the Pachinko stage). If you can restart the stage easily (and quickly), you should learn to quit when Mario is in danger of dying. This will let you have a large stock of lives to tackle stages and mini-stages that you want a lot of lives to spend on (the Dead Leaf in a Dirty Brook mini-stage comes immediately to mind).

Easy lives

Whenever you complete a level, go to the water directly next to where the boats go in and out. Dive all the way to the bottom and you will see a 1-Up Mushroom. Whenever you return from a level or start from the beginning, it will be there.
Go to the island where the man is stranded and spray the fire. A 1-Up Mushroom will appear.
Go to the second obstacle level (with spinning cubes and platforms) and get the extra life on the star and the one floating by the spinning cube (second). Exit the area and repeat this as many times as desired.

Finding Shine Sprites

Go out to the island where the man is stranded. You will see a gold bird flying around. Shoot it with your water cannon and a Shine Sprite will appear.
Go to one of the rooftops in Delfino Plaza with a weathervane. You will see a man standing there. Talk to him and he will ask if you want to be thrown for one Coin. Answer ‘Yes’. When he throws you, Mario will land in a room with a Shine Sprite.
Play and win the crate game in Delfino Plaza twice to get two Shine Sprites.

Finding coins

Find a patch of flowers and spray them all quickly. Four or five Coins will appear from the middle of the patch.


To seem as if it is raining, have the sprayer equipped and do a triple jump. Then, hold R after you land. Drops will be falling from the sky.

Select files with moves

When you are selecting a file you can do a Spin Move and the Side Jump to get onto the blocks.

Spinning jump

After jumping, you can do a spin by rotating the Analog-stick once in a circle.

Avoid losing health when falling

When falling from high places, press L to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health.

Faster transportation

To make Mario get around a little faster, use the single spray nozzle and shoot a small amount of water in front of him. Run and press B to do a belly slide. He will slide through the water and keep going at a high speed. This will continue as long as you do not hit anything.

Yoshi’s Spritzer Squirt

Press R, then press A.

Yoshi sprinkler

Rotate the Analog-stick then press A, then R.

Swim faster

When swimming, switch to your hover and press R. It will give you a little boost while swimming.

Easy cleaning

Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps.

Yoshi juice

After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

Get two shine sprites in Delfino Plaza

To get the first shine sprite, go to the lighthouse (not the lighthouse where you can get a shine sprite by using ten coins)and hover across the big blocks and jump into the tube.Then complete the mini level, it will get you a shine sprite.To get the second shine sprite, you will need the gray nozzle. There is a door with a shine sprite trapped,to get it activate your gray nozzle and run into the door, you should have it.

Fast Lives

You can quickly gain lives once you finish the game:
Start by collecting 10 coins then going to the Airport.
Next, collect 50 gold coins at the Airport.
Now, select quit without saving to return to town.
Head back to the Airport and collect 10 coins to reach the magic 50 mark again.
Repeat ad naseum.

Feed the Yoshi Remotely

If you need to dismount Yoshi for a long time and do not want it to run out of juice, leave Yoshi near some fruit and it will auto-feed itself when it’s juice meter dips low.