Get New Costumes

Simply complete the game on Normal or Hard Mode, and you will find the Closet Key in Rebecca’s inventory when you begin a new game. Use it to unlock the closet in the room where the Hunting Gun was first found to access new costumes for Rebecca and Billy.

Unlock Ending Bonuses

Ending bonuses are unlocked by earning gameplay ranks, which are based on the amount of time it took for you to finish. The ranks and what they unlock are listed below:
D (9:01 or more): Leech Hunter and Closet Key.
C (7:01-9:00): Leech Hunter and Closet Key.
B (5:01-7:00): Leech Hunter and Closet Key.
A (3:31-5:00): Submachine Gun, Leech Hunter, Closet Key.
S (3:30 or less): Rocket Launcher, Leech Hunter, Submachine gun, and Closet Key.

Unlock Extra Weapons for Leech Hunter

Earning a rank in the Leech Hunter mini-game will give you bonuses to use in the game. Here are the rankings and what they will give you:
E (1-29): Submachine gun bullets
D (90-99): Magnum
C (60-89): Hunting Gun
B (30-59): Handgun
A (100): All weapons, infinite ammo

Unlock Leech Hunter Game

To unlock a special Leech Hunter game, beat the game on either Easy, Normal or Hard mode.

Easy Scorpion Kill

Once you come up against the Scorpion boss and you have the Hunting Rifle just wait until it runs to you and aim down and shoot it (repeat this strategy until necessary).

Easy Leech Zombie Kill

Just run into the room where the leech zombie is (just go billy and leave rebecca outside) and once you get in blast it twice with the shotgun and once it transforms run round it, fire, run around it again, fire etc.

Determining weapon in Leech Hunter mini-game

There is a way to determine if you will get the submachine gun or the magnum. Look at the two herbs in front of the stairs in front of you at the start of the mini-game. If the colors are blue and green, you will get the magnum. If the colors are green and green, you will get the submachine gun. The submachine gun can do what the magnum can and requires a lot less ammunition. Green and green is highly recommended. If you want the magnum on the Leech Hunter mini-game, load your game on Disc 1 (only if you have passed the game once and have unlocked the Leech Hunter mini-game), then play the mini-game. You will see a Green Herb and a Blue Herb, indicating that the Magnum is there. If you want the Submachine gun, load your saved file with mini-game on Disc 2 and play the mini-game. You will see two Green Herbs, indicating that the Submachine gun is in the game.

Better shotgun use

Once you get the shotgun, do not use it. Instead, leave it in the room with the scale you put the two figures on. Find, but do not pick up, lots of shotgun ammunition. After you save her from the pit, give all the hand gun ammunition to Billy and collect the shotgun ammunition. If you get it all, she will have about 60 rounds, which is much better than using two hand guns.

One hit kills

When playing as either Rebecca or Billy and you get bit by a zombie, move the character opposite of your main character directly behind the one you are controlling to have him or her shoot the zombie in the head and kill it in one hit, while the zombie deals you no damage. Note: You must have pistol equipped to save ammunition for a one bullet kill.

Extra inventory slot

When playing as Billy with Rebecca as the alternate character, have Billy hold all the pistol ammunition for both characters and keep her gun fully loaded. This gives you one free inventory slot.

Pause timed puzzles

Change to your partner during a timed puzzle. Remain idle at the error message to give yourself more time to study the puzzle.

Piano room

When you get to the piano room, make sure you have both characters with you. Have Billy play piano. A door will open by the bar. Have Rebecca go in and take the battery. The door will close. Have Billy play piano again and the door will open.


Where to find the important items and what to do with them:


At the start go to the end of the train where you will find this next to a body. It unlocks the door in the starting carriage.

This is in the Dining Car after you fall through the hole in the roof. Use the lift to send it up to your team-mate who will then be able to use it on the Conductor€s Office near to the front of the train.

Inside the Conductors Office in the cupboard. Combine it with Gold and Silver Rings to open it. Inside is the Blue Keycard.

Climb the ladder in the Conductor’s Office and go through the bar. The Pick is in the next section. Put this in the lift of the Dining car so the trapped character can use it to pick the lock.

This wiLl be on the floor of the bar after beating the scorpion boss. Use it to open the floor hatch in the kitchen part of the Dining car.

This is in the Freight car near to where some zombie dogs attack towards the rear of the train. Combine this (and the Silver Ring) with the Briefcase from the Conductor’s office.

On the outside after the Freight Car. Use one teammate to pull the release lever while the other grabs it off the wall. Use it to get onto the roof through the window in the second passenger carriage.

You will find this lnside the Jewellery Box (examine it to open) which is in the upper cabin after you use the Hookshot to access the roof. Combine this and the Gold Ring with the Briefcase in order to get the Magnetic Card.

This can be found inside the Briefcase. Use it on the door close to the Conductor€s Office.

This is in the front of the train inside the train steer/control room. The card enables the rear brake panel to activate after you input one of the codes;
36 = 5,5,5,5,5,5,2,2,1,1.
67 = 9,9,9,9,9,5,5,5,5,2.
81 = 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,8,1.



Front the main hall enter the double doors upstairs (near the statue) into the Conference Room. Go through the single door then through the next doors into a study. Microfilm A is in the corner. Use it with Microfilm B to get the code to unlock the…

Go through the single door on the upper left-hand side of the main hall. Its in the cabinet. Have Billy use it on the winch control for the lift in the study while Rebecca stands on the lift, which allows her to gain access to the room above.
From the main hall enter the first upper right-hand single door (after you’ve unlocked it)then enter the first door in the corridor. Later you can combine the White Statue with the Angel Wings to make the Statue Of good and place it along withthe Black Angel on the statue in the main hall to open a door.

Starts as a Facility Key until you exaine it. This is under the cage in the sunken area of the room containing cages, where you fight a centipede boss. Use Billy to turn the second lever above while Rebecca waits below to grab the key. Use it on the red doors in the dining room (lower left-hand door in main hall) and in the corridor after the Conference room.

In the room after using the Fire Key (corridor after Conference room). Have Billy push the table to the fireplace then switch on the light and get the needle from the Moose head (stand on the table). Use it on the clock in the room above the study and make the time 8:15 to unlock two doors.

In the cozy room through the single door in the main hall you unlocked with the clock. Use it with Microfilm A.

In the projector room after using both Microfilms on the projector. Use it on the podium in the Conference room to get a code then use the image from the projector to work out which two desk batons to press (at the name time). This opens up the sword doors.

Through the Fire Key door in the dining room. Combine it with Billy€s Lighter and use to light the candle in the study to open a door and to light the animal statues later

Use the lighter in the study to enter the library. Use Billy to push the bookcase to get the
Book of Good. Open it to get the Angel Wings. Combine this with the White Statue to make the Statue of Good.

Go through the single wooden door in the dining room to get the statue. Combine it with Black
Wings to make the Statue of Evil. Put this and the Statue of Good on the statue in the main hall to open a door.

In the desk of the chess room (first door after the sword doors in the Conference room). Move the White king piece so that it is on the black square above the castle it starts next to. This reveals the Book of Evil. Inside are the wings. Combine them with the Black Statue to make the Statue of Evil.

After solving the animal statue puzzle (light the statues in this order: deer, wolf, horse, tiger, snake, eagle)in the room after the boiler room, you will find the tablet in the bedroom fireplace of the next room. Use it with the other tablets on the telescope to open the way to the lab.

Go through the door in the animal statue room and then through the next door. Two insects guard the key. Use it to open a locker in the weapons room to get the Duralumin Case.

In the weapons room locker after the animal statue room. Examine it to find the code and
get the Handgun Parts.

Use Rebecca in the weapons room to press the switches on the control panel so that Billy can reach a red switch. Kill the creatures that attack then get the Facility Key from the hole and examine it to turn it into the Water Key. Use It on the blue door in the room where you got the grenade launcher and White Statue.

in the first roam after going through the door using the Water Key. Take it a few doors down to a smashed-up room and use it on the Vice with the missing handle to get hold of the Obedience Tablet.

Go through the Water Key door and through the last door in the corridor then enter the room on the right. Use the Vice Handle on the Vice to get the tablet. Use the tablet with the other two on the telescope to reach the neat area.

Get Billy to play the piano in the bar (this is the second room after the Water Key door). Have Rebecca go through the gap and get the Battery. Get Billy to play the piano again to re-open the door. Use the Battery to power the lift (go through the knight doors in the main hall) then push the crate to the pillar and use Billy to get hold of the Discipline Tablet.

This can be found placed on top of the pillar outside the main entrance of the training facility, You need to use it along with the other two on the telescope to open the next chapter on disc 2.


After using the Hookshot for a second time in the Chapel area you will fight a leech zombie in a lab. Press the button behind ft to get the Leech Capsule. You have to combine this with the green and red chemicals (these are found In large cylinders in the rooms above the service lift) in order to make the Bl. Leech Charm.

Made from combining green and red chemicals with the Leech Capsule. Send it down the service lift and get whoever€s down there to insert it into the blue statue door inside the secret room (press aa sdwitch upstairs). This unlocks a new room for you.

This is in the room unlocked by the Bl. Leech Charm. You need it along with the Output Reg. Coil to get the cable car working.

Tucked into the statue in the second room after using the Bl. Leech charm. Send it upstairs as it unlocks the second statue door.

In the morgue after opening the green statue door with the Gr. Leech Charm. Use it to neutralise the gas in the lab, which allows access to the Breeding Room Key.

In the gas filled compartment. Use the Sterilising Agent to get it. The key unlocks the Breeding Room just a few doors away.

In a a cage inside the Breeding Room. Send it downstairs to unlock the door near the blue statue door. The door combination is 4863.

This is in the cable-car room. You€ll need it along with the input Reg. Coil in order to get the cable car working


Ride the tiny elevator down in the room just before a save room. Follow the route to the end to get the Factory Key. Examine it to turn it into the U Key. Use it in the save room above.

On the floor after you ride down on the huge elevator Use it on the elevator near the pile of rubble on the other side of the big elevator


Near to where you rescue Billy is a pit full of crates. Arrange them so that the three wooden ones are against the end wall and fill up the pit with water to make a floating bridge. On the other side is the Handle. Use it to open the door in the corridor before the pool table room.

This is in the room above where you fight Tyrant for the second time (press a switch to release a ladder). Use the lift in the room below to return to the room with steaming pipes and insert the Motherboard into the open circuit. This restores power to the Gondola.

After Rebecca rides the Gondola to the control room and turns the lever, go through to the next room to get the water. Mix it with Sulphuric Acid (a mixture of blue and red chemicals) to make Battery Fluid.

This is made by combing Battery Fluid (mix industrial water with red and blue chemicals) with the Empty Battery. The Empty Battery is found in the room below the blue chemical room. You will need Billy to give Rebecca a boost to reach it. The Hi-Power Battery is used for powering the forklift truck.

After using the Hi-Power Battery on the forklift truck have Rebecca climb on the crate then raise it to grab the Keycard. This opens the door leading to the final boss fights.

After beating the Dr Marcus monster these will be on the floor. Use them in the same room.

Dail door number puzzle

Enter ‘4863’ on Disc 2, where the cable car is located.

Brake system puzzle

The main code is 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 7 + 2 = 81. This should activate the brakes for the train.

Fountain circle puzzle

When you get to the fountain circle with the six animal statues on Disc 1, use Billy to light the statues in the following order: Deer, Wolf, Horse, Lion, Snake, Eagle