Cheat Codes

While in the Main Menu Screen, enter the following codes
Code Effect
Down, R, R, R, X, X, X, Z
All Circuit Tracks
Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, X, R, Y
All Drift Tracks
R, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, L
Drift physics for all cars
Right, Z, Left, R, Z, L, Y, X
All Drag Tracks
Up, X, X, X, R, Down, Down, Down,
All Sprint Tracks

All visual upgrades

Successfully complete all missions in Underground mode to unlock all visual upgrades.

Easier drag wins

To get to higher gears quicker in drag races, tap L repeatedly as needed to increase the RPM to the appropriate level to switch the gear. This also lessens the full force of the nitrous to lower the chance of burning the engine out. Also while drag racing, once you get into fourth gear use your nitrous. Your meter will shoot up into the red zone. Then, switch gears and get a perfect shift. You will get more speed when you do this. You can do this as long as you have nitrous. Additionally, keep tapping the nitrous button at start of the race.

Easy money

In Underground mode, take a VW Golf and upgrade it performance-wise as much as possible. Trade it in for a Nissan Skyline (or the best car unlocked so far), then downgrade the new car to stock. Trade it in for a Golf and you should make a profit (about $6,000 each time). You can use the money to buy more upgrade for regular mode if you want to play with the parts or are stuck in Underground mode.

Easy wins

If you are having trouble winning circuit, sprint, or lap knockout races, take off all of your engine performance mods. Note: This works for every car, is most useful for the Nissan Skyline. You do not need to take off the handling mods.

Easy drift points

Simply stay behind a car and watch the points rack up. Also, turn off the stability control by going into options and selecting ‘Car’. This will make the car drift easier. Additionally, as you progress through the levels, the score required to win the drift competitions get higher, especially when you have upgraded your car’s handling. Before you enter the drift competitions, go into ‘Customize Car’ and ‘Setup’. For example, go to the engine upgrade section and refit stock tires to your chosen wheels. This will make drifting much easier. As you approach a bend with a bit of speed, back off the throttle, turn into it, and return to full throttle. With practice you can earn 50,000 style points on the figure of eight style track. Note: Do not forget to refit the better tires before entering a street race.

Easy style points

After you unlock the oval drift track, go into ‘Quick Race’ and choose that track. Then, race around it using the handbrake to powerslide into the corners. Depending on how good you are, you will unlock rewards every time you fill your meter, which does not take too long.

Go to quick race mode and choose any circuit. Set it to five laps with maximum cars on. Then, just get near misses in a row to get a large amount of points. Once your reputation goes up you can make 20,000 points in one go around.

Press Nitrous at the start of a race to purge your nitrous for 150 style points.

Unlock the Toyota Celica in split screen/quick race mode and successfully complete the first tournament in Underground mode. Go to ‘Customize Ride’ at the main menu and select the Toyota Celica. Select the ‘Performance’ option and equip your new engine, tires and drivetrain. It does not matter what brand package you choose for them. Return to the menu where you choose from ‘Visual’, ‘Performance’, etc. Choose ‘Visual’, then equip your vehicle with parts from all of these options (though putting decals, painting, and placing vinyl on the vehicle is not necessary). Do not use any default parts. If your vehicle does not have a two star reputation rating or more, then you may have forgotten an option. Note: In the body section, the last option may be locked; it is not necessary for this trick. Return to the main menu and select ‘Quick Race’, then ‘Drift Race’. Select your Celica. Select the square track (should already be highlighted), and set the difficulty to medium and lap number to 10. You should be able to e asily get ‘Great Drifts’, and if you are good enough, you can get ‘Superb Drift’ and ‘Colossal Drift’ ratings occasionally. You will get a lot of style points for doing these drifts. This is an easy way to get style points early in the game. Also try to do drifts around corners in the bonus zone areas rather then doing drifts throughout the track.

Go to quick race, then select ‘Drift’ and use the little square track. Keep doing this to win vinyls, cars like Eddie’s Skyline, the Mystikal car, and more.

Once you have unlocked the orange Acura Type R in Underground mode, use it in regular quick race and win. Doing this will multiply your style points by five because this Acura has five reputation stars. Your style points gauge will fill up quicker, allowing you to unlock other things faster.

Use rims that normally will not fit

Certain cars can only fit so big of a rim. For example, the Miata can only fit 17s, but if you get a car like the Skyline put 20s on it and trade it in for the Miata. The Miata will now have the 20s that the Skyline had in it. Do not try to install any other rims on your new car because the rims will go back to the maximum sized allowed.

Purge nitrous

To purge your nitrous and appear to shoot out smoke, either put your car in neutral, or at the beginning of the race press Nitrous.


Look for alternate routes on your in-game map while driving. These can get you ahead of an opponent easily or shave off seconds on your timer. They will look like another road on the map, but sometimes are narrower. Most of the time these shortcuts will be hard to see or take, and can be extremely risky. Also, at the beginning of the races that take place in front of the prison Samantha told you to race to for a reward, when the race starts, crash in the gate of the prison. It is an Underground shortcut. Note: This only works after the race in which Samantha tells you to race to the prison in time for a reward.

See where you are landing in slow-motion

Pause the game while you are in the air and the game is in slow motion. Resume the game and you can see where you are landing.

1988 Nissan Skyline GTR34

Select Underground mode and complete at least the first 80 missions. A recommended car to use is the Acura RSX. You will then challenge Samantha. Defeat her on the medium difficulty setting and win the next drag race to unlock the 1998 Nissan Skyline GTR34.

Eddie’s Nissan Skyline

Keep winning style points to unlock Eddie’s car in the end. Note: It is faster to win them in drift. When your style meter maxes out, a message stating that you have won Eddie’s Nissan Skyline will appear.

Kurt’s Killer Ride

Use a Stock Mazda RX-7 and keep trying until you win.

Samantha’s car

Keep getting style points until you get all the vinyls, then fill up the next meter.

Get Junkman’s Car

To get junkman’s car, just simply go, like all other races, into underground mode, or quick race mode, into drift mode. Earn style points and eventually it will be unlocked. It’s really like samatha’s car, but junkman messed it up with mean car detailing. A sucky car to me. Nothing special.

Get Melissa’s Car

Go to underground mode, or quick race mode, and do some drift racing. Earn points as usual, and eventually her car will be unlock. Her car is okay, but not the best on the streets.

Get The Petey Pablo Car

You can either earn style points in underground mode or quick race mode. I prefer quick race mode, in drift mode. You earn a lot of points there. Just keeping earning points on the stlye meter until the car is finally unlocked. It has nice looks, but is pathetic on the road.


You can either go to underground mode or quick race mode. In quick race mode I would say do it in drift race mode. Just earn points until the car is unlocked. The car really looks tight, and its not as bad as the Petey Pablo car, but it’s not the fastest either.

Alternate Vinyl Colors

Unbelievably easy. Go the vinyls, highlight the layer that you have your vinyl on, and press X. Choose you favorite colors from there.

Alternate Base Colors

It’s very simple. Go to the customize ride option, select paint, then base. You will see a big thing of colors, but also, you can simply press the button X. This takes you to a different table of colors. Press X again and then it will take you to the third table of colors. They have really neat colors that make’s the car look like it changes colors