Wear Pajama’s Instead of tunic

Beat the game once. You now can play the game with the pajamas you wore in the beginning of the game.

Blue Potions

Use the grappling hook on the monster plants on the island with the big tree to obtain a venus flytrap item. This item can be traded to the plant shaman inside the big tree’s cave.

Gold Potions

After completing the first cave, capture a fairy in a bottle and go back to the island you started the game on. Find the old woman and use the bottled fairy on her.

Alternate costumes and DX camera

Successfully complete the game and save at the end. Start another game with that saved game file. Aril will be wearing the skull shirt from the ending, Link will wear his pajamas from the beginning all the way through the game, and the DX camera that takes color pictures will be in your inventory.


Here is the walkthrough. (Warning : It is quite large and may take a while to load)


Now the game really begins. You’re asleep at the top of a watchtower when your little sister, Aryll, comes to wake you up. She tells you to go see your grandmother (and points out her house to you), so we’d better not keep her waiting. Head down the ladder, turn west, and jump into the water. Swim over to the shore directly in front of you, and head west along the beach until you see a path. Turn south and follow the path. Turn right at the first fork, right at the second fork, and go into the first house on your right.As soon as you enter, take a step forward and hit L. Get used to this, you’ll need to do it in almost every house you enter to readjust the camera. There’s a ladder to the left, climb it and approach the little old lady (your grandmother). A scene will begin where she hands you some snazzy new threads. After all, what kind of Link wouldn’t have his trademark green tunic and hat? After you put them on (it’s done automatically, don’t worry), she tells you to go show Aryll. So, leave the house and head back to the little watchtower (head east down the path, take the first left, a right, go across the bridge, up the path directly in front of you, take a left at the fork, and head down the dock to the ladder).
Approach Aryll for another scene. She is so thoroughly impressed by your new duds that she gives you a telescope (it’s actually a birthday present, but I like my way better). Not bad, about 3 minutes into the game and we’ve already gotten two items.As soon as the scene is over, press start and equip the telescope to a button (it doesn’t matter which, Y is what I use). Take a few steps forward (so you’re next to sis at the railing) and use it. Tilt the C-stick up until the little zoom meter says 4X, then pan down a little. It should stop on a birdman at the mailbox. Zoom in all the way, and watch as he looks around and then takes flight. Zoom back out to 4X and pan straight up to the sky. You’ll stop at a giant bird and another event will happen. He’s holding a girl until he gets clocked in the face by a cannonball and drops her into the forest. You’re a hero, right? Let’s go save her!
Oh, wait. Heroes usually have swords, don’t they? Let’s go get us one. Down the ladder again, turn west, into the water and to the shore just like before. Take the same path, but this time when you reach the first fork, go straight into the house in front of you, ignoring the little old man (Sturgeon) who calls at you when you approach (use the door directly below the aforementioned little old man). There’s an old man inside the house, this one not so little and with a bit of a gut (Orca). Talk to him. He’ll sense that you’re anxious about something and ask if you need some sword training. He will briefly describe what he wants you to do. We’ll take this in steps, as he does.

1) Hit him once with the B button.
2) Hit him 8 more times with the B button.
3) Hold down L and hit him with B.
4) Repeat 8 more times.
5) Hold down L, hold up, and hit him with B.
6) You guessed it, 8 more times.
7) Hold down B until your spin attack is charged (Link should be holding his sword behind him) and hit him with that.
8) Do it again, only once this time.
9) This technique is IMPORTANT! Pay attention! Hold down L to lock onto the old man. Wait until he is about to attack you. Your sword will turn green and you will hear a little noise. Hit A. You will do a counter attack. Learn it. Live it. Love it.
10) Just to make sure you understand, do it again.
11) Use L to lock on, then hit A (not waiting for the green this time) to do a jumping slash.
12) Do it one more time.

Training is now over, and you go back to a dialogue. Basically, he says something in traditional Zelda old man fashion, like ‘Master using it and you can have this,’ and he gives you a sword. Huzzah! Turn around and leave the house. Use the L button to reposition the camera again (from now on, do that any time it is not facing the same direction as Link is). Head straight ahead, back onto the path (which is actually the second little patch of brown, the first being some dirt in front of the house, and turn right. Down the path, across the bridge, back onto the path, and turn right at the fork this time. Follow the path up the hill and around the bend to some trees. Cut them down with your sword and keep going. Turn left at the fork and go across the rope bridge and into the cave there (run as you approach the hole in the bridge to jump across it).You’re in the forest, and look, there’s the girl we’re looking for. Go forward,hugging the right wall so you go up the little path there. Jump down from the little ledge and continue forward to our first enemy, a bokoblin! This guy is a piece of cake, but he still takes a few hits. Just lock onto him and mash the B button. If he falls down, let him get back up and then hit him again. He’ll die. Climb onto the stump you see (it was next to the bokoblin), and jump from it onto the ledge in front of it. Head forward and you’ll see a fallen tree runk. It’s lying remarkably like a ramp, so let’s use it as one. Up and over, and after a few steps, some birds (kargarocs) will drop two more bokoblins. Take them one at a time, the same way as the first. If you’re lucky, you might even hit both with one attack. If so, good for you. Have a cookie.After they’re dead, the girl falls from her precarious perch, and you automatically run over to talk to her. Her name is Tetra, and she’s a pirate. She’s actually the leader of the pirates, despite being the same age as Link. While you’re talking, one of her crew runs up. More talking, and everyone leaves the forest. Back at the rope bridge, Aryll is waiting for her hero big brother. She runs over to congratulate you, only to be snatched by the giant bird. Link is apparently a moron, as he runs right off the cliff while chasing the bird. Luckily, Tetra catches you and pulls you back to safety. Cut down to the beach, where Tetra and one of the crew are waiting. They’re about to leave and you ask to come along. Tetra says no way, but the birdman (Quill, a mailman) shows up and lays a major guilt trip on her. Reluctantly, Tetra agrees to give you a lift to get your sister if you can find a shield. But, before you can leave, you’d better go tell your grandmother, so head back to her house (you should know the way). Before you talk to her, head up the ladder. The shield from the wall is gone. Now go talk to granny and she’ll give it to you. You can use it in battle by pressing R while you have a weapon drawn.
Before you leave the island, you might want to pick up some rupees. There are a total of three pigs running around (2 near Granny’s house, and one near the house furthest east). There is a lady who lives up the path from Granny’s house, she is standing in a fenced in pen. If you throw the pigs into the pen, she will give you 20 rupees each. You need to sneak up on the pigs by crawling (hold R, but not while you have any weapon/item drawn). I find it easiest to crawl next to them, as opposed to in front or behind. Also, you can cut down trees and grass for all kinds of goodies.
Fully equipped and ready now, Head back to Tetra, talk to her, and choose the top option so you can sail off to adventure!
After watching some more scenes, you’ll find yourself on the boat. Turn around and then head forward into the door there. Go down the stairs you see. Walk forward until a bucktoothed pirate (Niko) starts talking to you. He wants you to do this little puzzle, so let’s humor him. Besides, the plot won’t advance unless you do. Jump across the platforms, swinging from lamp to lamp (using the d-stick up and down to gain momentum (though you won’t need to here, just for future reference) and the A button to let go), until you reach the end. simple stuff, really, and since there’s no penalty for screwing up, you can figure it out on your own. If you take too long, or hit the left button, the platforms will lower. Just hit the same button (by jumping onto it) that he did (the right one) to raise them again. He’s shocked you made it, and lets you pass to a treasure chest containing the spoils bag. It holds some special items enemies
drop, but it’s not important now. Grab it, and Tetra will yell for you. Head back up to the deck. Tetra is in the crow’s nest, so climb the ladder to join her.


Another scene will follow. You’ve arrived at an enemy fort, and the giant bird is there, so Aryll probably is too. We should check it out. Tetra has a plan on how to get you in there, a fairly humorous one at that. Sadly, you lose your sword in the process. We worked hard to get that thing, too. Even worse, you’re in no condition to fight enemies now, so you need to be stealthy. When I think
stealth in gaming, I think Metal Gear. When I think Metal Gear, I think of sneaking around in cardboard boxes. We don’t have any of those on hand, though. What to do? Turn to your right and approach the stairs. Your pendant (that you didn’t know you had) will talk to you. It’s a way for Tetra to communicate with you. Walk up the stairs to the first landing where we find barrels. These will do nicely. Pick one up with the A button, and start walking. Go up the next set
of stairs to another landing. This one is larger and has spotlights roaming on it. When one approaches you, stop until it passes you by, the lookout no doubt going ‘Ho-hum, just another barrel.’ Use this method to gather rupees if you wish, and when you’re done, enter the door (there’s only one you can reach).Screw stealth for the moment and head left from this room. Continue until you see some huge moblins with lanterns, and let one of them see you. You’ll get caught and thrown into a jail cell. Get on the table, and then jump over to the top of the bookshelf. Get rid of the vase there to expose a hole. Crawl into it (move while holding R), and follow this little tunnel to the end, which is conveniently outside of the cell. Go the only way you can, around the corner and down to a chest containing the map. Yay. Turn to the right and use that lantern to swing across to the other platform. Take the left door. If at any point your controller starts vibrating, hit A because the amulet wants to talk some more. Luckily this isn’t as frequent as Navi from Ocarina. In this hallway, go into the little alcove on the left and climb the ladder there. Around to the left is a jar. Try and stay out of sight of the bokoblin until you can get to it (the easiest way is to go to the right and then come back around). Pick it up and smash it, and there are staves inside. Pick one up with A, and now you have a makeshift weapon. Use it just like a sword to kill the bokoblin controlling the lights. If he hits you, you will drop your staff and need to pick it up again, which can’t be done while you’re locked onto him. Just so you know.
Go back down the ladder and back into the room you just left.This time, take the other door. This is a little hallway that has openings to the left and right. Take the left one, and turn left again to head up a ramp. At the top of the ramp are a landing and a ladder. Climb it. Another bokoblin, light, and jar. Do the same as before. That’s two of the big lights down.
Head back down the ladder, down the ramp again, and when you reach the hall, turn left (so you’re heading in the direction you were back when you first entered) and go through the door at the end. Over to your right and behind two barrels is a chest with a compass. Swing across to the other side and take that door. Another hall. Again, go to the left, up the ramp and the ladder, and kill the bokoblin. No more lights. Go back down the way you came, and go almost straight into the hall, again going in the same direction you were when you first got here.
Now you’re actually in the very first room again, except up top this time. Swing over to the other side and through that door. Neither branch in this hall is important, so continue through the door in front of you. More stealth. There’s a barrel to your left, so grab it and sneak past the buff moblin up the little set of stairs there and out the door. Almost there now. Follow this staircase around until you reach a landing with a barrel. Grab it and play the sneak-past-the-moblin game one last time. Go to the left and up the ramp. Eventually you’ll come to a break in the path. That’s too far to jump, but we’re not stuck yet. Get Link against the wall and facing it, and using the L button to position the camera so you are looking right at him. Hold up and hit A and he should get flat against the wall. Keep holding A, and now go left along that narrow little ledge to the other side. Around the corner, there is another ledge so do the same thing. Go up the stairs to a bokoblin… and your sword! Grab it and wail on him (the A counter attack where your sword turns green works nicely). Enter the door he was guarding and you find Aryll! And some other girls that don’t really matter much (yet). Sadly, this rescue and tearful reunion are cut short by that stupid giant bird! I hate him so very very much. He carries you off to a mysterious man with red hair (Hmm…) who apparently doesn’t think you are good enough, because he tells the bird to throw you back. Right into the ocean!


You wake up on a boat. A talking boat. You will be seeing a lot of this boat, but you don’t usually have to talk to him if you don’t want to. His name is ‘King of Red Lions,’ but that is long and unwieldy, so we’ll change that to King. Your boat’s name is ‘King.’ King babbles on and on about some stuff. The only thing of interest is that he confirms what many of you may have thought, that the mysterious man was none other than Ganon himself. He also tells you
that he needs a sail, so if you want to go anywhere, you’d better get one in this town you’re conveniently at (Windfall Island). A sail costs 80 rupees, which you may or may not have, depending on what enemies dropped, etc. If you’re short, run around town cutting up pots and things to get the dough. Flowers work nicely too. Don’t pick on the pigs, please. You’ll die. In the town, there is a man dressed as an Eskimo (he reminds me of Iceman from Megaman 1, but his name
is Zunari). He sells the sail, so talk to him and choose the top option to buy it. Equip it to one of your buttons. Let’s go look around town a little more before we leave, though. Directly above your boat is a cliff with a grave and an Elvis impersonator (Tott) on it. On the wall behind them is a door, enter that. This is some kind of jail cell with a little Christmas elf guy in it. Smash the jars to your left to find a switch. Use it to open the door and let him out.
It’s Tingle. He gives you a map to his island (drawn in crayon, did Aryll do this?) and the Tingle Tuner (GBA dealie). If you have a Game Boy Advance, this comes in handy sometimes. If not, oh well. You need to let him out anyway. Now go into the cell he just left, and you’ll see a large crate. Push it to the left or right (hold the R button to push/pull things), and go into the little hole there. Go into first person mode by pushing the C-stick up (it makes navigating holes easier), and take the following path at the intersections:
left, right, left, right, straight, straight, straight, right, straight, straight, straight, right.
You’ll be in a room with a chest containing the Picto Box (camera). Follow the little tunnels back to the cell, then leave through the door you came in. Turn left and go around the side and up a wooden ramp. At the top, turn left and go through the archway. Along the left wall is a door with a camera above it. Go inside. Talk to the bearded man here (Lenzo) and then walk past him to some stairs. Go up them and you’ll be in Lenzo’s photo gallery. He will come up and talk to you. Look at each picture, then leave.
Turn right around and go back inside, and talk to Lenzo again. He wants you to become his assistant, but you need to pass a little test first. He wants you to take a picture of someone mailing a love letter. The mailbox is back near the entrance to town. There are some docks there, stand on them and use your camera.
Center the viewfinder on the mailbox and wait for a man wearing red (Garrickson) to approach (it takes a WHILE). There are two tricks here. First, make sure you get the mailbox and the man’s whole body in the shot. Also, you need to take the picture while he has the letter in his hand, right as he’s putting it in the box. When you get it, go back to Lenzo. Show him the picture (lock onto him and use the camera, select the picture, and hit A). If you got it right, you hear the good old Zelda ‘A-ha!’ music (as opposed to 80’s A-ha music, ‘Take On Me’).
Talk to him again and he gives you a second test. You need to find someone who is scared. In town, right next to Iceman (Zunari), there are some stairs you can go up that lead to like a bar. There is one man sitting at a table with a pitcher and some cups. Grab a jar and throw it at him, then take his picture while he is shaking (make sure you get his whole body in it). Show Lenzo the picture, then talk to him again for the final test. Leave the store and turn right. Walk past the first arch and go into the second. Turn right back around and aim at the lady in orange. Eventually a man with red hair will talk to her.
Take their picture (full bodies!) to pass the third test. This one is annoying because the damn kids are marching around and screw up the shot. For your trouble, he gives you a joy pendant. He wants you to get him a firefly, but we can’t do that yet.
That’s enough for now; we’ll be back here later. Go to King. He’ll talk to you, choose the top option then hop in (get around to the side and hit A). Use the sail and you’ll be off.
Turn to the right until you’re going in the direction the arrow is pointing (the direction of the wind). After that, just go straight. You should see a tall structure in the distance, aim for that. You won’t encounter any enemies yet, because you have no way of fending them off. It’ll take a few minutes. If you get bored, hit R and you’ll jump. That usually amuses me enough. Once you get close enough, you’ll automatically land.


I particularly like the music here. Anyway, you see various shots of this new island, including one of a dragon on top of a mountain (volcano, whatever). He’s useful later. As you leave to check the place out, King gives you the Wind Waker. This is a little conductor’s baton that functions much like the ocarina from Ocarina of Time. He teaches you how to use it with some practice songs. Use the C-stick to mimic the notes as the little metronome dealie at the top ticks back and forth. Also, a basic song has 3 notes, but if you hold the D-stick to the left, you can enter 4. Hold it to the right, and you can now use 6. Various songs have various lengths. Coincidentally, if you hold the D-stick up, the notes are louder, down for softer. It doesn’t affect the game any, but just worth pointing out. Lastly, if you screw up a song, you have to wait until all the notes are completed to redo it, BUT, if you hit left or right on the D-stick and change the number of notes, then change it back, it resets everything. Save a little bit of time, and a lot of frustration that way. The Wind Waker is very useful, so equip it right now.
From where you are, leave King and head forward and slightly to the right into a little cave that leads through to the other side of the island. Once here, you will see a tiny island with an arch. You may also see a boat. That’s the traveling salesman. We’ll see him later, not now. Swim over to the island and examine the left tablet there (the intact one). Hmm, those symbols look familiar. Use your Wind Waker and play Up, Left, Right. This is the Wind’s Requiem. Play it whenever you need to change the direction of the winds (which is ridiculously often). A little frog guy (Zephos) comes up to see you, and he tells you what I just said. He also tells you that his brother, Cyclos, is upset because his monument is broken and is going around the sea starting cyclones. Head back to shore, through the little cave, and head right. Use the bomb plants you see to blow up boulders and go up and around the ramp (going right at the fork). They get progressively trickier, but nothing too difficult. At one point there is a ledge you have to cross, go across it and then drop back down a level to the last boulder (this one has two green blocks on it.
Step on the green blocks, drop down a level, and pull the bottom one out. This makes it easier to get in and out of here. Hop back up on top, and continue through another little cave to the birdman from the beginning of the game. He talks, then go up the ramp some more and into a cave.
Welcome to the city of the Rito. You talk to their chieftain, and he tells you about Valoo, the dragon. Apparently, he’s been kinda moody lately and that screws up their society. See, the dragon is involved in like a Rito bar mitzvah, and his son (Prince Komali) can’t grow wings until Valoo gives him a scale. As a result, Komali has been really depressed. He asks you to try and cheer Komali up. Quill also gives you the delivery bag. This one holds random things, letters and such, that people give you. Being a good hero, we will help out. But we need to check this place out first. Head up the ramp to the first door and go in. Talk to the little bird girl there. Her name is Medli. She’s relatively important. She wants you to give a letter to Komali, and you put it in your new bag. Go back out and continue up to a little desk with a mail sorter guy. The first mini-game. Yay. Talk to him and choose the top option twice. Basically, you need to sort the mail. Pretty straightforward.
First you have to get 10 right, then 20, then 25, and you are given 30 seconds each time. Keep playing until you get 25. It might take a bit, but even if you’re bad, eventually you’ll get lucky with like 5 of a kind in a row. You get rupees for doing a good job. Do that, then go out the little door to the left of him. Come right back in, and there is a different person there. He’s in awe of your mad mail sorting skillz, so show off and get 25 again. He will be so blown away that… he wants you to run an errand for him. He wants you to put a letter in a mailbox. Head down the ramp to the very first door you came in (directly to the right of the bottom of the ramp). Head down and eventually you will see a mailbox on your left. Go to the menu, equip his letter (by hitting X, Y, or Z on the bag, then again on the letter, his is the blue one), then use it on the mailbox. It costs 5 rupees postage. Some reward. Back into the bird town, and go into the door almost directly across from the entrance. There’s a little path that leads to another door. Go in and give this kid Medli’s letter. Go back out to bird town and go into the only door on this floor you haven’t gone in yet (it has feathers hanging from the arch and a guard next to it).
Lovely weather out here, huh? Take note of these red plants and go left and down into the area below. Look, it’s Medli. Talk to her and choose the top option. Apparently she isn’t very good at her bird-dom and needs help getting up to the area in front of you. Your job is to pick her up and throw her up there. Back up a little and onto the rock formation there. Use the dust as a guide and throw her when the wind is blowing towards where she wants to go. You can try multiple times if needed. When she makes it up, she gives you a bottle. Gotta love these things. Equip it, wade in the water you see, and use it to fill it up. Head back to those red plants you saw before (by climbing the broken rope bridge) and use the bottle to water one and make it grow into a bomb flower. Use that to blow up the boulder in the lower area and flood it. Now swim across to where Medli just went. There are two statues on either side of the lava. Pretend you’re Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and sink a bomb flower in the pot the right one is holding. Then jump onto the platform it creates and do the same to the left. Stay out of the lava (duh). Continue right on into the first real dungeon. Whee.


Easy enough puzzle. Pull the left statue towards you, then the center one left. Go through the newly exposed door into the first proper room. Kill two bokoblins, pick up a dropped staff, hopefully still on fire. If not, walk near a torch, stand so the end of the staff is in the fire and it will ignite. Use that to light the other torches and make a chest containing a key appear. Use that to open the door and go into the next room.
Cut through the crappy wood bars with your sword and go left. Skip the first door you see (it’s locked and continue along the wood path. Jump across the first gap, and at the second, drop a level and pull a box out of the wall. Climb on that to jump to the other side and keep going. Wait for the flames to die down and jump across to the next platform. Fight some keese (the bats), but don’t cut the strands on the rope bridge. That would be bad. Run across said rope bridge and blow up the boulder you see. Next room.
The jugs on this table are special. If you throw these pots into the lava, the water inside solidifies it and gives you a platform to stand on. Use that to your advantage and try to place one that allows you to jump onto it and then over to the left. Don’t take your sweet time, though, they don’t last forever. Grab the chest here (the map) and head back to the table. Make another platform and use it to get to the other side. That whole trip can be easily made with one platform, but if you don’t think you could make it, there you go. Go up the ladder and fight your very first red chuchu. They come in several colors, but this one is red. Hit him once or twice, he will die. Next room.
Walk towards the wooden bars in front of you and a bokoblin will break loose. Kill him and pick up his sword. Smash the other set of bars with it. Go through and hop up on the ledge to fight 2 red chuchus, then use the bokoblin sword to break these bars. Get a key. Head down and continue the way you were going to another door (guarded by two more red chuchus, they come in packs). Kill and go through.
You’re back in the second room (with the keese and rope bridge). To your left is a boulder and some bomb flowers growing in a wall. Throw a stone or something and hit the flowers to make them explode. Go across and take the second door, the one we skipped back at the beginning because it was locked. Skip the stuff on your right and fight some more red chuchus. If they weren’t easy, they’d get old REAL fast. Smash the left bars, kill the bokoblin, and take his staff. Light it with the torch, and set the right bars on fire. Then run back to the turn near the door I told you to skip, still with the burning staff. Get as close to the edge as you can, aim towards the bars, and throw the staff with A. They’ll light too. Head back to the first set of bars you burnt, step on the switch, and go through the door.
We’re outside. Pick up the pot to the right of you and carry it. Go across the rope bridge, hitting the bokoblin in the head once you get in range. You don’t want to mess around with the rope bridges. That should get him clear enough to wail on him. Do so. Climb the ladder paying attention to the flame spurt. Once up there, kill the bird, and go across the ledge, again being careful of the flame spurt. Go around the boulder and find a ledge just above your head. Hang from it and shimmy to the other side of the chasm, pulling yourself up once the room is adequate. Hope onto the stone, then up, grab the bomb, blow up the boulder. Go into that new door.
Here you see a stack of blocks. Pull the middle one out completely. Then stand on it and pull the block in front of you out one notch. That’s enough to climb on it, then the third one and go in that entryway. Kill the rats, or ignore them, they’re just a nuisance, and pull the block out of the wall. Climb up and open the chest near the torch. Compass. Yay. Smash the jar and light and throw a staff to burn the boards opposite you. Get that chest for a key. Through the locked door.
Back outside. Run up the stairs and kill the kargaroc. Then steal its baby, a silver key. They’re so cute when they’re young. Open the door and go in. Ooh. Dark. I’m scared. Smash a jar, grab a staff, light it. Run through, lighting a torch and some boards. Drop the staff and kill the keese. On the ledge here, there’s a chest with a joy pendant. Pick the staff back up, relight it from this new torch, and continue through the smoldering boards. Light two more torches and go through the door.
Grab the bomb flower and blow the boulder off the top of the jar. That’s a warp jar. Useful sometimes. Best to open them up in case you die or something. You never know. Across the rope bridge and into the door.
Kill the bokoblin and start smashing every pot you see. There are two more bokoblins hiding in them. Climb on things to make sure you get them all. The jar bokoblins will each drop a staff, use one to light the unlit torch and make a chest appear. Your first treasure map (which is actually #39). We’ll worry about it later, but each one of these is worth at least 200 rupees. So they’re good stuff. Go out the door up top.
Try and kill the magtail over on the platform, or at least get him to move. I find it easiest to kill him with the parry attack, but if you have trouble, throw a water jug at him. Head back, grab a water jug, and hop back to the platform. Wait until the flames die down, throw the jug to where they were, and hop on. Instant elevator. Jump over to the wood and through the door. Blow up both boulders here using the bomb flower near the door. One is another warp jar, the other is a door. Go through it.
Outside one more time. Run up the stairs. They fall, so keep moving. Medli’s been captured! Let’s see if you can mount this rescue without being tossed into the ocean by a giant bird. Kill these two bokoblins, then the big ugly moblin. The big one turns into a weird glowing sphere. Hit it with your sword and various things will come out, rupees, hearts, etc. It’s like a jackpot. Talk to Medli and get a grappling hook. Go up the stairs you see, and use it. You’ll get a little targeting thing, aim it at the bar Medli is standing on, the brownish part. When you can fire, it changes to a yellow starburst kind of mark. Then it’s just like swinging on those lanterns. Swing over the next one, then cut through the boards and drop a level. This is the door you just came in. Use it. Run to the warp jar and hop in. You’re back at the beginning. Kill these two bokoblins (again) and go through the door. Go into the first door on the left, then turn right. Remember here? Swing across and get another treasure map (#11). Swing back, go back out the door, into the first room, and back into the warp jar. This takes you to the second warp jar, but we don’t want to be here, so hop back in again. Go through the door that led to the grappling hook and turn left. More grapple poles. Swing like Tarzan down to the door and go in. Also, if you get stuck at an awkward angle while swinging, hold R. That’ll stop you. Turn a bit, then let go of R and start swinging again. You can also climb up and down while holding R.
Go across the rope bridge, killing the obvious bokoblin and then the one that pops out of a jar. Remember what I said about respecting the bridge? Forget it. Cut all the vertical strands, or, what I find more fun, grab a bokoblin staff, light it, and then burn them. You’ll fall to a lower level. Grab the chest (joy pendant) and go out the door.
Okay, hop into this birdcage thing on your left. You want to stand in the center and cut all three ropes and once. The easiest way is the charged B spin attack. Done right, the bottom will fall and land on another flame geyser, so you have an elevator. Once you are down bottom, jump into the little archway and continue. Jump across wood platforms then go up a ladder to a big mouth with a door in it. Turn around and look up at the ceiling to find a grapple dealie. Swing on it, and it will pull down, because this is actually a switch as well. Hold in R, stop, turn around, swing back, and go into the door. **GBA note** If you have the GBA, use the Tingle Tuner and bomb the little alcove right across from you (there will be a question mark where you should bomb). A chest will appear with a golden Tingle statue inside. There are 5 total, one in each dungeon. You CAN’T get it without the Tingle Tuner (even if you come back later with bombs). **end GBA note** Grapple, stop, turn right (or left if you got the Tingle statue), and swing over that way. Jump across platforms and grapple to the door. Okay, here you want to take one of the magtails and hit it, but not kill it. If you hit it twice with a normal attack, it will roll into a ball. Pick it up and drop it on the switch so you can get at the chest with the boss key. Now, if you’re lazy, you can save, quit, and then you’ll be back at the beginning of the dungeon where you can use the warp urn twice to get to where we’re going. Or you can backtrack the long way. Your choice. Me, I’ll backtrack. Get a few more rupees, and it’s not like it’s hard. Besides, it’s what you ‘should’ do. Leave through the door you came in. Grapple across, hop to the next grapple pole, then grapple, turn left, climb up a little so you are level with the ledge, and swing to that door. Exit. This is tricky, but can be done. Grapple onto the switch we pulled down before. Hold R, turn so you’re facing the exact center of the bridge, and climb down a little. We need as wide a swinging arc as possible while still being able to reach the bridge. When you have it, swing and let go, and if done right, you will catch onto the bridge. If you have too much trouble, just do what I described before about saving, quitting, and using the urn twice. Assuming you made it, turn right on the bridge. Jump across the gap, follow the path, jumping where need be. Take the second right turn and voila, you’re back at the warp urn room. Kill the bokoblins, use it, then use it again. Finally. Near the lava is a grapple pole that you can use to swing across. Kill the magtail if you wish, and run up the stairs to the door, grabbing the chests on the way. Each of the top jars has a fairy, which you should catch in your bottle (use it near the fairy). Unlock this mean looking door and enter… if you dare.

BOSS: Gohma
I remember back when this guy used to be just a stupid crab. Make sure you have your grappling hook equipped and walk towards the lava to make the boss appear. His name is Gohma. Say hello to him. Shake his hand… err, claw if you wish. Then kill him. How do I do that? Directly above his head is a tail (belonging to the dragon who resides on top of this volcano). You can grapple onto it. Do so and swing across to the other side. This will bring the ceiling down, cracking Gohma in the head. Gohma will fling the ceiling back up where it belongs, at which point you can repeat the process. After hitting him three times, his carapace is shattered, allowing you to hurt him. Lock onto his head and use the grappling hook on it. This will pull it close enough for you to poke him in the eye a couple times. Do that until he is dead. If you’re good, it’ll only take two head grapples. Get your heart container and enter the glowing spot in the middle of the room.
You’re teleported outside. Medli and Komali come over to talk to you. The prince gives you Din’s Pearl. Yay.
Remember the traveling salesman? Get into his boat now. If you don’t see it, wait, he’ll be around (he circles the island). Time for some shopping. What we want to buy is something that looks like a pig’s head. This is the bait bag. It costs 20 rupees. He also has things that look like pears and little specks of something. Buy 3 pears (hyoi pears) and 5 sets of the specks (all-purpose bait) if you can afford them, but pears are the priority. Get at least one of those (if you somehow don’t have 30 rupees for the bag and a pear, I pity you). A note on Beedle from Jarel Jones:
‘Beedle (the guy that runs those floating shops around certain islands) has a membership program where you can buy 30 items to get a Silver Membership and 60 to get a Gold. Getting a Silver nets you a Complimentary ID through the mail. If you show him the Complimentary ID, he… wait for it.. compliments you. How lame. The Gold nets you a Fill-Up Coupon, which will fill most of your items to their max values when you show it to Beedle. You can only use it once though.’ I haven’t gotten 60 yet, but I did get the Complimentary ID. It’s HILARIOUS.
This is, hands down, the funniest Zelda installment yet.
Leave and go back to King.
Equip the Wind Waker and the sail. Talk to King, then go back to shore and use the Wind Waker and play the Wind’s Requiem. A little compass will pop up. Push the D-stick in the direction you want the wind to blow, south in this case, and hit A. Get into King, raise your sail, and go south (the direction of the arrow behind you, remember).
Hit up on the D-PAD (not the stick). This brings up the world map, and one square will have a glowing mark on it. That’s our destination. From now on, I will use (X,Y) coordinates in reference to the map (that is horizontal then vertical, for the math impaired). Likewise, I will treat the map as a graph. It looks so much like one anyway. (1,1) is the furthest west and furthest south square. Windfall Island is located at (4,6), the island we just left is (6,6), and the island we are headed to is (6,2). It’s not so important now, but later on I will be heavily dependent on that notation to tell you where to go. Try to get used to it.
Speaking of the map, before you get too far, a little fish will pop up. He is a master cartographer, apparently. He fills in your map at this square, then takes off. He appears in every square on the world map, near whatever the main island of the square is. You call him with food (that we haven’t gotten yet), and he will fill in that respective square. By game’s end, you will have filled them all in, simply because we will visit each square at least once. We will not worry about it right now, however, because we have more pressing matters to attend to.
You still aren’t equipped to fight and enemies probably won’t bother you (key word: probably). If you see anything, avoid it. You may get smacked in the head by some cannonballs, most likely after passing a watchtower. It shouldn’t happen, but you might get unlucky. If so, hop back on King and keep going. Again, you are not equipped to fight anything at sea, not yet. After quite a while, you will end up at the next island. It is made up of several very large formations, so when you see it on the horizon, aim for it. Like the last, King will automatically land.


This is Forest Haven. Climb up the ledges, watching for the giant plants (boko babas). They’re not too hard to defeat, just strike quickly. Head right at the fork and continue. At the top you will see a grapple pole, use it to swing across the gap, then quickly turn right and hold up your shield. An octorok will be firing at you. His shots will bounce of your shield and kill him. Jump to the left, then over to the right, then forward. Swing to the very highest level of water (there was an octorok there at one point) and enter the cave. Head right and climb around. On the back side of the big tree in the center is a giant face. As you get close, red and green chuchus will appear on it. Run towards the tree and hit A so you roll into it. The impact will knock off the chuchus so you can kill them. After they are all dead, the head will talk to you. I think he sounds like a cross between Barry White and the teacher from Charlie Brown, personally. His little leaf friends (children?), the koroks, will talk to you as well. Basically, The tree painfully makes a leaf appear fairly high up. Now, quickly, I want you to empty your bottle (assuming it is full) and try and grab a firefly. You want a big blue/white one. Look close to the walls, the ones you want will shine lots of light on them. When you get one, wander around looking for a purple bud (baba bud) in the ground. You can jump into it, and it will fire you into the air. While in the air, you can aim towards another, and then another, climbing into the sky. From the fourth bud, land on a treetop, then swing over to the fifth with the grappling hook. From the 9th, you can get to the treetop with the deku leaf. Get it. It is a very interesting and useful item. It uses magic (and a magic meter will appear when you get it), and has two main uses. First, if used from the ground, it sends out a powerful gust of air. Second, it can be used like a parachute/handglider if you activate it while in the air. While gliding, if you hit the button again (the one you have it equipped to) you can do an attack where you billow out the leaf. It doesn’t do much, but it keeps pesky enemies away. Now, from where you are, you can see another bud you can jump to (you’ll have to glide to make it). It’ll shoot you up in the air, and then you can glide (from the highest point of your ‘jump’) to a ledge. Cut down weeds to get your magic bar full again, then go through the cave back outside. You can see an island out here. Set the wind to NW by playing the Wind’s Requiem and glide down to it with the leaf. There is a crazy hatch here and a guy. Look back where you just jumped from, and to the right and below that ledge, you can make out a crystal switch. Remember those pear things you bought? Use one. A seagull will take it off of your head and you take control of it. Fly up and into the switch (use A to flap your wings). The valve hatch will open. A ladder will also drop. Hit R to switch back to Link and jump into the hole. You can’t do anything here, so get back out. King will now be waiting at the base of the ladder (the only reason we went into the hole). We’re going to take our first sidetrack (the side-QUEST part is here, but we need to do some prep work). Use the Wind’s Requiem to set the wind N and sail back to (6,6). There, set the wind W and sail to (4,6), Windfall Island. Yes, just going NW would seem faster, but you can’t do that. King won’t let you. Land at Windfall Island (you have to do it manually, just get to the dock and jump off King). Go give Lenzo his firefly and he’ll give you a better Picto Box. This one takes color photos and is necessary for the HUGE Gallery side-quest. We can actually do some things with it now. Head around town and look for the potion shop (it has a sign outside with a potion on it). There is a woman standing there with a green shirt and orange vest. Talk to her, then take her picture (full body, pictures must always be full body!). Show her the picture and she will give you a treasure map (#33). There’s more you can do here, but we’ll be back later. It’s nothing pressing anyway. Now go find Iceman (Zunari). Talk to him, but not behind the little stand. Instead, move a little to the left and he’ll follow you. Talk to him there. He’ll say some stuff, then talk to him again. Choose the top option twice. He’ll give you a flower (in your delivery bag). We’ll do more with that in a bit too. Lastly, go find the Elvis impersonator. Talk to him, then use the Wind Waker. Play Center, Center, Center twice (i.e., do nothing) and he will talk to you. Now play Right, Left, Down. You’ve learned the Song of Passing. It will change day into night and vice versa. Go back to King, and sail back to Deku Island (E to (6,6), then S to (6,2)). You don’t want to land on the main island; instead, we’re shooting for where the hatch was, it’s over to the left as you come in, and it’s actually before the main island anyway. Go up the ladder and drop into the hatch. Take a full body picture of the kid there and show it to the guy behind the desk. Go back outside, play the Song of Passing twice (i.e., fast forward a day), and go back in. You’ve just got your first figurine. Welcome to the Nintendo Gallery. This INSANE mini-quest will take you at least two games to compete. Basically, there is a figure for everything in the game, and you get it by taking a picture (99% of the time) and giving it to the guy behind the desk. I will detail some specific ones in the walkthru, but if you don’t really care, I don’t blame you. This is for the most dedicated of fans. OH, and to get a COMPLETE set, you need the GBA. Sorry. Before you go, I suggest you go into the door to the right of the desk and look at your figurine. You can examine it closely, and if you do, you’ll see an 8-bit octorok on the lower-left corner of his bag. Tres cool. You can leave now. Go back to the main island and get up to the room with the Deku Tree. Finally, back here. Using the pods, shoot up in the air to where you got the leaf (the second landing). Now, jump and glide your way to the lowest ledge that isn’t on ground floor, it has plants growing in the shape of an arrow on it. Head up to the highest part of the cliff, then look at the island towards your left. Use the Wind Waker to play the Wind’s Requiem, and set it to SW. This is important for the use of the leaf: always set the wind where you want to go. Jump of the cliff and use the leaf to get to that island. Cut up shrubs to refill your meter, then use the Wind’s Requiem again, this time we want NW. DO NOT JUMP YET! Take note of a tornado circling the island you are on. Use the D- pad to set the mini-map in the corner to close up. Wait until the tornado is at the southeast position of the island, and then jump east, using the leaf. You should land in it and be blown high in the air. Use the boost to float to the ugly looking island. If the flying guys (peahats) get too close, use the billow attack. Enter the cave… Dungeon #2!


This room is full of green chuchus. Don’t beware, but be aware. Go up the ramp to the right to get the map. Over on the left side of the room is a giant nut. Pick it up and head toward the door. Throw the nut at the plant there and kill it. You may need to try several times. Enter the next room.
Basically, you want to get around by going from platform to platform using the leaf. But first, let’s drop to the bottom of the floor. It’s pretty far, so here’s the technique I use: use the leaf, then hit A, then leaf again, hit A, so on. It lets you land softly without using up too much magic. Also, as you haven’t really gotten a chance to notice yet, the little baba buds that shoot you up in the air refill a bit of your magic each time you enter. If you get low, hop in one, and don’t move at all. It’ll shoot you straight up and you’ll land right back in it, getting more magic. Repeat until you’re topped off again. Alright, we’re on the floor. Kill the enemies: a few green chuchus and some boko babas. You can get a staff by killing boko babas. Pick it up, light it with the torch, and use that to subsequently light the plant on top of the chest. It’s nothing great, just a belt (knight’s crest) that some later enemies drop, much like the drops from the various chuchus. We’ll want 10 of these eventually, but for now it’s no biggie. Now use the baba buds and the leaf to climb and glide your way to the top of the room (opposite where you entered). From the second bud, you don’t want to go to the one closest to you, you actually want to glide over to the roof of the room that had the chest in it. Other than that, it’s rather straightforward. When you get up to the ledge with the door (the one you haven’t entered yet), there is a bomb flower in the grass (guarded by two green chuchus) you can use to blow up the plant on the door. You can keep climbing, but we won’t. Not right now. Leave through the newly cleared door. To your immediate left is a little wind switch thingy. It looks like a weather vane or something. Blow a gust of air at it with the leaf, and a gondola will come over to you. Hop onto it, then blow a gust at the door you just entered. That’ll give you the momentum to get across the chasm. Enter the door. You have no idea how much trouble this room gave me the first time I played, and I’ll tell you why: I had no idea how to kill the stupid peahats. I’ve always hated them, even in Zelda 1. I eventually got through with pure luck and only later realized what to do. Luckily for you, you can learn from my mistakes. What you do is lock onto the little bugger, and blow a gust of wind at him. He’ll land, stunned for a second, which is your chance to kill him. Take out the two down here, then the 3 boko babas. The one on the right turns into a baba bud, use it and then the next one you see to get up to the second floor. Use the wind switch to your right, then move the gondola (the same way) to the other side. Cut through the boards to get a ball. Bring it on the gondola, put it down, and move the gondola back to the other side (be careful not to blow the ball, it will fall). Use the ball to kill the door plant and go through.
Use a leaf to blow the ball from its current spot (you can’t pick it up, tentacles surround it), then use it to clear the door.
Head to the right using the grappling hook where needed. Get to the ledge with the locked door. First, get the rupees inside the little room hanging from the ceiling, then get the ball and continue to the right, where there is a door to be cleared. Enter.
Fall in the little chasm in the floor, and kill these spiny guys with the spin attack. Get the chest, climb out, and go on.
Be careful in this next room, it’s completely filled with those floor tentacles. Just go slow and you’ll be fine. Work your way around to the left first, using a bomb plant to blow up the bars and get the compass. Grab another one and throw it at the bars you can see but can’t reach (tentacles in the way). Once that’s gone, work back to where you entered and then around the other side. Open the chest for a key, then get back to the door (using the baba buds as a shortcut). Go back two rooms to the one with the giant plant hanging from the ceiling. Go to the left and enter the locked door there.
Use the wind switch and the gondola to get to the other side. Ignore the peahat for now. Enter this door.
Kill some boko babas, a mothula (giant bug, these are new, no real tricks involved) and some peahats as you work your way up two levels to a set of doors. One is covered with plants, so go in the other one.
Mini-boss fight. It’s just a flying mothula. This guy is kinda hard with the way we’re equipped, but you can still take him. When he does his flying charge thing, you have an opportunity for a parry attack. Also, you can target him and blow gusts at him with the leaf, which will stun him. Eventually, you’ll cut his wings off and then he’s just a mothula. Get the chest for the boomerang. The game just got a billion times easier. Let’s discuss.
If you hold the Gamecube controller the way it was built to be held, your left thumb is on the d-stick, left index finger on the L-button, right thumb on the B-button, and right index finger on the R-button. If you hold the controller that way, equip the boomerang to the Z-button and leave it there. You will play 99% of the rest of the game with it there. From now on, I will not describe how to kill enemies in any detail, with a few exceptions. It should be assumed that you use the following tactic on EVERYTHING: lock on with L, hit with boomerang, pound with sword while vulnerable, repeat until dead. As always, it won’t work on some enemies… at first. But even those that aren’t susceptible to the attack can be made to be (usually). This is why you want it set to Z, because Z allows the quickest transition between boomerang and sword (simply because Y and X use the thumb, the same as the sword, so you’d need to get it back in position). Besides this combat usage, the boomerang is useful for other things, so we’d like it to be at our fingertips anyway.
Back to the game. Above the door we entered, there is a pair of crystal switches. Hold in Z (if you listened to me) and move the cursor over each of them. You should see the same little starburst you see with the grappling hook if done right. Once you’ve targeted both, let go of Z and the boomerang will home in on them. You can target up to 5 things (switches, rupees, enemies, etc.) in one throw. Always target as much as possible. Leave the room. Remember the pesky peahats? Not a problem with that technique I just told you. In fact, hitting them with the boomerang knocks off the propellers, rendering them flightless. Head over to the right side of the room (from this door) and you’ll see a grapple pole. Hook on, then use R to climb up your rope and get on top of the pole. Grapple to the next one, and Hit R again until you are hanging straight down, then drop onto the platform below you. Use the moving platforms to climb even higher, finding a chest with a joy pendant in it. Drop down to the level we were just on and go to the door with two plants on it. Target them with the boomerang and they’ll die. Enter.
Kill all these hanging tentacles with the boomerang (5 at a time), and use the leaf to float to the other side. This chest has another joy pendant. Enter the next room.
Target all 5 vines at once (important) to cut down the big flower. Drop down to where it landed (you may see a door with vines on it on the middle level, but we’re not going there yet) using the leaf intermittently to slow your fall. Go in the door here.
Kill the peahat then kill the spiny guys from afar with the boomerang. Go to the right (can’t go left) and kill the green chuchus. The blue tentacles regenerate infinitely, so get them out of your way and keep moving. Enter the door. Jump across the flower hanging in front of you to get a chest (10 rupees). Cut down the flower and drop down to it. Kill the octorok like before (or with the boomerang). Grab the bomb flower and use it to blow up the boards. Enter that room.
**GBA note** The piece of land to your right as you enter the room has a question mark. Blow it up with a Tingle bomb to get another Tingle statue. **end GBA note**
Kill the peahats. Go around the room killing boko babas and spiny guys (both die after one boomerang attack). The furthest boko baba from the entrance turns into a baba bud, use it to get up a level. Use the wind switches to make the gondola come and carry you over to a bomb flower. Pick it up and hop to the edge of the gondola. Throw it into the hole in the ceiling of the room below. Eventually you’ll get it and it’ll kill the plant there that was blocking the chest. Drop through the same way and open it for another treasure map (#15). Crawl out the little hole in the back and leave this room the way you came in.
As soon as you enter, you’re at a perfect angle to hit all 4 vines and cut the flower down again. Do it. Hop on the center and kill the octorok again. Use the leaf to propel your way downriver (it takes more than one gust, unlike the gondolas). At the bend are two octoroks you should kill, then keep moving the flower to the ledge. Kill three green chuchus and go through the door. Go to the top of the hill, then while facing the door you came in from, turn to your right. Target this switch first, then the other four, moving clockwise around the room. Done correctly, you’ll hit all at once and open the bars below. Get the chest for the boss key, then kill the two moblins that show up. The easiest way is what I call the modified boomerang strategy. Stun one with it, then the other, then attack either one. Repeat. Climb back up the hill where you can grapple over to another door. Leave.
Head forward and enter the door there. We’re back at the huge flower that fell to the ground. From where you enter, use the wind switch to your left to create a tornado. Hop into the baba bud, then glide to the tornado using the leaf to rise up a level. Kill the two door plants and enter that door.
Kill the mothulas, get the chest (joy pendant), and go forward into the next room.
Kill any balls on the floor with the boomerang, you’ll get stuff. One on the left side has a fairy you can bottle if you wish. Some have spiny guys or green chuchus, but they’re simple. On the right side, you can grab a staff which you can light and burn the lid off the warp jar. Do it and get in. We’re back in the first room. Go through the door to the second room. Use baba buds to work your way all the way up to the very top to that chest we couldn’t get before. Boomerang the plant and get another treasure map (#1). Drop back to where you came in, return to the first room, and use the warp pot. Rekill any balls you wish and then enter the boss door.

BOSS: Kalle Demos
First of all, if you’re going for a complete Gallery, take a picture. You won’t be able to fit everything in the viewfinder, just center on the huge bulb. The trick is to keep moving, running in circles around the room, as tentacles follow you and pop out of the floor. Wait until they do (behind you, if you’re doing it right), and that is your chance to stop and take out 5 of the tentacles holding the boss up. They’ll regenerate, so you want to do this as quickly as possible. After cutting them all down, it falls, exposing a core you can hit with the sword. Run in and do so. You’re supposed to try and escape before it closes up, but it’s not worth it. Do the extra damage that couple seconds will allow, and take the half heart or whatever penalty you get for still being inside. Repeat until dead (after about 3 falls). Get your heart and enter the glowing spot.
Deku tree will talk to you a bit and give you Farore’s Pearl. One left. Leave where we originally came in, and kill anything that gets in the way as you head back to King. Down by him, though, there’s a mailbox that should be dancing around. If so, hit A by it and collect your mail, a heart piece. King will talk, hop in, use the Wind Waker to go NW (if need be, it should actually be set that way), and head to (2,4) (it’s marked on your map).
You may get attacked on the way. If attacked by seahats (giant helicopter things), kargarocs, or gyorgs (sharks), 2 boomerang attacks will do the trick. Run from pirate ships. It’s best to try and escape the helicopter things too. I hate them. You’ll automatically land at this island too. We’re not staying long. Quill talks to you. There’s still a little to do. First, run through the little path to the other side of this tiny island and turn right. There is a little raft there with a guy on it. Talk to him, then give him the flower we got from Iceman earlier. In return, he’ll give you a weirder looking flower. Now, give him this flower, and you’ll get an even weirder one. Go back to King, but don’t get on yet. Look directly behind him and you’ll see a tiny island with a hill. Get on King and go there. Run around the side up to the top, then jump off and glide NW with your leaf. There are two islands separated by a little bit of water, and you want to aim towards the right one. On the wall is a little alcove you can land on with a chest you can get a heart piece from. Swim back to King and get on.
Head to Windfall Island (4,7), which is northeast, so set the wind that way.


For some reason, you stop as you enter the square, just raise your sail and continue on to the island. You’ll land automatically again. You see Tetra’s ship as you enter. From your landing point, turn around and head towards the building you see (the bomb shop). To the left of the building is a ledge you can shimmy across to gain access to the back. On the back wall of the building is some ivy you can climb to enter a little hole. Go forward and you’ll see a scene with the pirates. They’re robbing the shopkeeper. Oh well. PAY ATTENTION! Tetra will leave at one point, and the two remaining pirates will mention a password (3 times). You should be able to remember it long enough, but if not, go talk to King and he’ll tell you again. When the pirates leave, you leave too.
Go to the pirate ship (it’s over by the gravestone) and talk to the door. Enter the password exactly as it was said (case matters), and if right, you can get in. Head down to where you got the bag earlier, and there will be another game for you. Step on the right switch to open the bars, then just swing across, using R to change angles when needed, and you will get bombs as a reward. Nice. Go back to King. He’s moved to the docks, just head for the red triangle on the minimap. Now you’re saying ‘Let’s go fight a dungeon to get that third pearl,’ right? Wrong. We’re headed back to Outset Island, where we started way back at the beginning. Hop on boat, set the wind southwest, and use your map to plot a


We could do a few other things now, pick up some upgrades and stuff, but we’ll wait, and I’ll explain why later. For now, we just want to get to Outset Island. Again, you land automatically
**GBA note** Turn on the Tingle Tuner here and wander around the isle.
Eventually, Knuckle, Tingle’s blue brother, will show up on the GBA. He will yell at Tingle for putting a sign on the Tingle Tower (which Knuckle carved) and will only forgive him if Link does what he says (and you can’t open any doors in the meantime). So, first, go to the bath which is behind Grandma’s house. Hop in and Knuckle will tell you to go to a ladder no one uses: the one that leads from the pier into the sea, right under the watchtower you started the game on. Next, you need to go to the biggest rock on top of the hill, which is back up near where we found Tetra. Luckily it is on the near side, because the bridge is out (damn giant bird). Just go around the hill and get onto each of the three rocks there. It’s easier than trying to describe it. Lastly, walk off the broken bridge. He’ll say you win and do two things. A) He goes home (which means you can take his picture for the Gallery); and, B) he gives you the ‘hand-me-down Tingle Tuner.’ Where the Tingle Tuner is a Game Boy Advance, the HMD Tingle Tuner is a Game Boy Color/Pocket. It takes the place of one of Tingle’s functions and is basically a store. It makes buying bait easier later, you won’t need to find another shop for it. **end GBA note**
Head to grandma’s house real quick if you have a fairy in a bottle. On the way, check the mailbox. I had 3 letters: a map of the traveling salesman’s locations, 20 rupees, and another heart piece. Yay. Grandma’s in the kitchen/bedroom on the bottom floor. Get close, lock on, and use the fairy on her. She was sick, now she’s better. She gives you soup for helping her, it refills hearts/magic and you get two doses per bottle. Plus, it’s free. You can get more when you’ve drunk it all, too. Too bad you can only have one bottle of it at a time. I’d skip this like the other upgrades, but we’re already here, so might as well get it. Plus, when I explain why I didn’t want you to get the others, this doesn’t fall under that category. Head up to where we saved Tetra. Little imps and chuchus will attack you on the way. Kill them or run, it doesn’t matter. The rope bridge is broken, so you’ll need to set the wind W and jump from the highest point on this side and float over. Head into the cave, and go around the way we did to get Tetra. At one point, you’ll see a large boulder. Blow it up with your new bombs and drop into the hole you find. Go to the giant shell and a fairy will make it so you can hold more rupees. If you didn’t have a fairy to save grandma, you can grab one now and go back to the house. Otherwise, make your way back to King.
Hop in, equip your bombs to one button and sail around the island, staying relatively close to it. Eventually, you’ll be sucked into a whirlpool. While going around, if you look at the cliff wall, you’ll see a portion that is obviously out of place. Shoot it with your bombs (a cannon when on the boat). There are three sections, top, middle, and bottom, blow them all up, from top down. We’re not made of bombs, so be conservative. You’ll enter the new cave automatically, and a giant fish (Jabun) will say hi. He gives you the third pearl. That was easy. Now we need to put them in place.
If you look at your map, three spots are now highlighted. At each, there is a very small island with a statue. You put a pearl in each one. The only ‘difficult’ part is getting there. Just avoid any enemies and you’ll be fine. My suggested course is NE from here to (4,3), then N to (4,5), and lastly SE to (6,4). While you are at (6,4), look around for a boat with some people on it wearing diving helmets. That’s Salvage Corp. Sail up to them and the head guy will give you treasure map #34. Not too shabby. Thanks to DarqKnyght for the info. Avoid whatever enemies you can, kill whatever you can’t. Also of note, you want to avoid the giant tornado. When you see it, you’ll be able to tell the difference between it and a regular one. If you get sucked up, you’ll be randomly teleported and need to correct your course accordingly. After you put all three orbs in place, you get a cool cutscene. Our next destination is the tower we’ve just unlocked. Luckily, the cutscene took care of our travel arrangements for us. Sail in


The first part of this dungeon requires the use of King. First, you have to realize there is no wind inside of the tower. How do we get King to move then? Simple. There are actually two ways to do it. If you raise the sail and hold up on the D-stick, you’ll move. Likewise, if you hold down R, then hold up on the D-stick you’ll also more. The other thing about this dungeon is that the water level rises up and down periodically. Some areas need a high water level, others like it low.
That being said, head directly to your right upon entering. In the lower right corner of the room, you’ll find a door (when the water is low). Enter. Here you meet yellow chuchus. They’re easy enough, the only thing about them is that you need to stun them first with the boomerang, then attack, or else you’ll get electrocuted (similar to the green ones from Link to the Past). When the water raises, you can get access to the upper part of the room. Several of the wall panels are bombable, namely the center and far panels on the left side and the center panel on the right. The important one is the right-center one, which when bombed, reveals the map. Move the crates around to get at it, if need be (you don’t have to, though). Leave where you entered.
Head to the upper right corner of this room now. There is a ledge you can get at once the water level is high. Hop up there. You’ll see a door with bars on it. To solve the simplest puzzle ever, pick up the statue slightly to the right of the door and place it on the glowing spot. Enter.
Kill the yellow chuchu. Wait for the water to lower, then jump down into the little pit here. You want to move a crate so it is on the glowing spot, then climb out. When the water is down, the crate will be on the switch, creating a bridge. When it is high, the crate will float, making the bridge disappear. Using that knowledge, run across the bridge while it is there, grab the weird statue, then run back across. Leave the room (still with the statue). Turn left, and you’ll see a little place where you can put the statue (it looks exactly like where you took it from). Doing so lowers a gate. Hop in King and head to where it was (the center of the right side of the room). Go around the bend, hop up on the ledge, and put the statues where they so obviously belong. Enter the door.
There’s a crate puzzle here. Wait for the water to lower, and hop down. Walk straight forward, skipping the first and second crate. Grab the third one you see on the left, and pull to the right so it is in line with the first two. Then pull it two steps towards the back of thee room. Wait for the water to raise, then use the crates to get back to the ledge you started on. Done correctly, you should have the crates set up as 4 equally spaced stepping stones to the other side of the room. Grab a staff, light it, hop across, and light the two torches there. Grab the chest for a key. Leave, killing the yellow chuchus. Hop into King and go to the left side of this room now. You should see three large panels that you can blow with your cannon. Do so. Go across to the area you just exposed (you’ll need to get out of King). Kill the yellow chuchu and head upstairs. Kill another, grab a staff, make a torch, and head back down (with low water). Light the two torches here. Run back up and claim your new chest, a joy pendant. Enter the door up here.
Kill the red bubble (two sword swings, you don’t need to boomerang him) and grab the compass in the chest. There’s a second chest here too, but we can’t get it yet, so leave.
Go back downstairs and into the door here.
Kill all the chuchus to make light stairs appear. Use them to get up top, grab the weird statue, and run out the door when the water is low.
Bring the statue up top and put it where it belongs. Finally, we can enter the dungeon proper. Hop in King, sail over to where you just opened (center-top part of the room), and go into the door there.
I HATE this room. It’s not difficult, it just rubs me the wrong way, I guess. Besides, I’ve never liked these beam guys (beamos). Look at the center of the room (but don’t step on the gold floor) and kill the two rats with the boomerang. Then grab one of the statues on either side of the door. Hug the wall and work your way to the other side of the room, where you can put it on a switch. Repeat. If you are more than one step from the wall, the beamos will fry you. Be careful. There are only two statues, so stand on the third switch yourself to activate the platforms. Hop from one to the other to get to the top of the room. **GBA note** The last platform goes higher than you need to because it lets you reach another (stationary) one. Tingle bomb a question mark there for another gold statue. **end GBA note** Enter the door.
There’s not much to do here (yet), so head over to the right door and enter. Kill the yellow chuchu and hop on the floating platform. Ride on it to the other side, but don’t get off yet. Let it go back and forth one more time before you do, that way the yellow chuchus on the other side will make like lemmings and you won’t need to bother with them. Go through the door.
Go up the light stairs and run to the other side of the room. Look at the black tablet, then hit R. This will lower the platform and this black statue will follow you. Go slowly around the little maze, not cutting corners, and make your way back to the beginning of the room. You will need to pick up the statue and jump across the gap once you pass the maze. Carry it through the door. Fairly straightforward. While carrying the statue, ride the platform to the other side and go through the door.
You will automatically drop the statue and a scene will happen. In the center of the room, a tablet will appear. Go up to it, read it, then crack out the Wind Waker. Play Left, Center, Right, Center to learn a new song. This lets you take control of certain people and things. Important now and in the two next dungeons. Go into the left door now.
Kill the red bubble, then grapple across to the other side of the room (straight across, not left). Kill the other red bubble and go in the door. Grapple across, walk up to the statue and hit R. Pick it up and put it down to get it to stop following you. Walk to the switch and stand on it to make a path appear. While doing that, play the Command Melody. You are now the statue. Move across the bridge, then hit either R or Start to switch back to Link. Grapple back across, pick up the statue, and go through the door.
Place the statue on the switch, then grapple over to the right side of the room. Enter.
This is a mini-boss, but you should pay a lot of attention to this fight. You fight about a million of these guys later in the game. There are two ways to fight this knight (a Darknut, BTW, another member of the Zelda 1 reunion): the easy, safe way, and the easy, slightly risky way. They’re very similar and start out exactly the same. Draw your sword, lock onto him, and use the parry attack. You will cut off a piece of his armor. Now, for the easy, safe way, repeat until he is dead. For the other way, repeat until his helmet is off. Now he’s susceptible to our standard tactic of boomerang-then-attack. If he still has his chest plate on, though, you will need to sneak around behind him to attack until it gets cut off. The second way is slightly faster because you can get multiple hits in, and it’s also invaluable when fighting multiple darknuts (the parry attack becomes less useful when three guys are swinging at you). Anyway, pick whichever tactic you like best, then kill him. You will get the bow and arrows. Yay. Leave.
Right in front of you is an eye switch. Shoot it with an arrow. Kill the red bubbles too if you can. Grapple back to the statue, pick him up, carry him across the moving platforms and through the door. Ignore the little guys that start hopping around.
The statue will automatically hop away again. Head back into the right door (the first one we entered in this room).
Kill the yellow chuchu, then shoot the flying guy (wizzrobe) with an arrow twice to kill him. Hop onto the floating platform and face right. Shoot the eye switch when you see it, then hop over to the new platform that appears. Ride it up and enter the door.
There are two giant hopping statues here (Armos knights). The trick is to shoot them in the eye, then throw a bomb in their open mouths. Kill both to make a chest appear (joy pendant). Leave, ride the platforms again, and go back to the room where you learned the Command Melody.
Go into the only door you haven’t yet, the top one.
Kill the keese with the boomerang. There are two platforms here suspended by a chain. Hop onto the left one and turn left. Blow up the wall and enter the door here.
There are two circles on the floor. One has a Triforce emblem, the other has something different. Stand on the different one and play the Wind’s Requiem. A chest will appear and the Armos knights will come to life. Kill them and take a treasure map from the chest (#30). Leave.
Go straight across from where you are now to another door. Enter it. Shoot two red bubbles with arrows. On a platform to your upper right, you can barely make out an eye switch. Shoot it. There is another to your lower left, shoot that too. Now hop from platform to platform, working your way up to a chest in the upper left with a key. You can keep climbing to find an eye switch above the door, which creates a chest with a joy pendant. Using the leaf, you can glide back to the door and leave.
Climb the ladder to your left, and pick up a statue. Hop to the right suspended platform and drop it there. Take another and do the same thing. Now if you hop on the left platform, it won’t sink and you can continue across to the locked door. Enter it.
Climb on top of the gold block you see in front of you. Use the leaf to glide over the beams, press R, and get the statue. Play the Command Melody and have it hop onto the switch. Switch back to Link and run past the stopped beams. Pick up the statue and head out the door.
Drop the statue and kill the wizzrobe. Leave the statue where it is, and get to the other side. This time, you’ll need 3 statues to weigh down the right side, hop back, get the black statue, get across, and go out the door. With the third statue in place, a beam appears in the center of the room. Enter it to go up to the third floor.
In front of you are two statues. You’re going to need to put each on a switch. Avoid the beamos by walking on the raised part of the floor close to the elevator thing we just arrived from. Step on the third switch to turn off the lasers and get the boss key. The statues are alive now (they are Armos, the little brother to Armos knights) and we need to kill them. Shoot them with an arrow to stop them, then hit the purple crystal on their backs with your sword twice to kill them. Once they’re dead, you can leave through the only door in the room.
You want to climb these stairs, but you’ll need to kill stuff. Two boomerangs will kill the birds, and an arrow shot will kill the beamos (but only while they’re firing, and then it only takes out the blue ones; roll past the red ones). Make your way to the boss door at top. Smash the jars here to refill life and ammo, bottle a fairy if you need it, and go in.

BOSS: Gohdan
This boss is pair of floating hands and a head. He says he is going to test you. Again, take a picture if you’re going for a complete gallery. Just make sure the head part is in it. It has several attacks. The head likes to rapidly fire fireballs at you, which you should roll out of the way of. The hands try and knock you onto the electric floor to the side, or clap together and smash you in the middle. What you want to do is hit each hand with two arrows, then each eye with two arrows, then toss a bomb in its mouth. If you run out of arrows, it will drop some for you. Why, I don’t know. Seems to me it would be smarter to keep a weapon you’re vulnerable to out of the hands of your enemy. Three bombs in the mouth will kill it. Get the heart and get out of here.
You’re at the top of the tower. Climb the ladder here to a bell tower, and grapple onto the bell. As you swing, you will ring it, creating a little glowing spot in the water you and King automatically enter.


You’re teleported under the sea to Hyrule Castle. Good old Hyrule. The first thing you’ll notice is that everything is black and white (except for you). Head into the castle.
A bunch of big moblins and darknuts were apparently raiding the castle. They are frozen in time, though, so ignore them. Down some stairs are three huge triangles. You want to try and get them onto the Triforce mark on the floor by pushing and pulling. It’s hard to describe exactly what to do, so I’ll leave it up to you. It’s not difficult. Once you do that, the Link statue will move, revealing some stairs. Go down them.
Climb down the stairs here and go to the center of the room. King talks, and then you see… the Master Sword! Yank that baby out! Not only do we have a better sword now (twice as strong), but we’ve also restored color to the castle. No greyscale for us! Of course, nothing comes without a downside. All those darknuts and moblins are alive now.
Head back upstairs and kill them all. Yes, ALL. This is the hardest thing you’ve done yet, but there is no real strategy to offer. Try and isolate the enemies. Kill the moblins first, as they are easier. And USE YOUR BOOMERANG! It should be second nature by now, but I can’t emphasize enough how much it will help you. Once they are all dead, head up the stairs and out of the castle back to King. Sail into the glowing spot and get back to the world. Once you do, turn around and sail right back into the tower. Head over to the left and go to the room at the top of the stairs. Shoot the eye switch to open the way to a chest containing a treasure map (#6)). Get back to King and leave the tower.


Our next destination is (1,7), the fortress from back at the very beginning of the game. You may run into the giant tornado on the way. If so, get caught in it and then shoot the pink guy (Cyclos) at the top three times with your arrows. Do it quickly or you’ll be teleported. He’ll teach you the Ballad of Gales for your troubles… Sort of. He doesn’t give it to you as blatantly as some of the other songs, he gives you a hint, though. The song you want to play is Down, Right, Left, Up. Personally, I encountered him on this trip in square (2,6). You may have different results, I dunno. Whatever the case, if you get the song, ignore it for now. It’s just one of those ‘if you see him, you might as well get it now’ things. Plus, once you do it, he doesn’t appear anymore, so no more random teleports. Yay.
In the center of the south wall of the island is a giant wooden door. We’ve got the Master Sword now, stealth is for suckers. Watch out for fire from the turrets surrounding the door and blow it up with the cannon (two or three shots). Head inside.
King drops you off at much the same place you started the last time you were here. Like I said, stealth has gone the way of the dodo (or Gleeok for a Zelda reference), so don’t worry about barrels. Besides, there aren’t any to be found out here. Head up the stairs to the big courtyard dealie and a mini-boss. If you fought Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time or Aghanim in Link to the Past, this will be a piece of cake. This black floaty guy (Phantom Ganon) is a big pong fan, so let’s play with him. Use your sword to bounce his fireballs back at him (he may bounce them back at you too, so stay alert). Eventually, one will hit him, which stuns him. Run over to him (take off your lock-on targeting while running, you move faster) and whack the hell out of him with the sword. Repeat until dead. Open the chest for the hammer. Yay. Head in the only door you can reach.
Head in the door on your right.
Walk through the little hall to the end where there are these spiky post things. In case it wasn’t obvious, whack them with the hammer to pass. Take the door ahead of you and to the right.
If you get caught by moblins this time, it isn’t necessarily your demise, so kill these guys and continue. At the end is a jail cell. Move the barrels to find the switch that will open it and get the chest for a heart piece. We’ve got 4 now, which makes a complete extra heart. Yay. Head back through the door, smack the posts, and back through that door to the first room.
This time take the other door, which is past some posts and a trio of moblins. Head around the corner and watch out for what appears to be a black hole in the floor. These are floormasters (cousins of the wallmasters from previous games), and they are nasty. As you walk close, they will grab you and pull you into the hole. If they do so, you get warped somewhere, usually the beginning of the dungeon. The trick here is the same you use for every other enemy, boomerang then sword. You can only get in one sword hit safely before they need to be stunned, though, so be on your toes. After six or seven hits it will die. Continue around, kill a moblin, and go into the door.
There is a moblin bust above the door that will fire lasers at you, so hug the right wall. Get the chest on one of the bunks, then climb up. Head through the door on the right.
By the way, you could have gotten the heart and the rupees the last time you were here, but why? It’s much easier with the sword. If you want tactical espionage action, go play Metal Gear Solid instead, okay?
As you pass through the hall, there will be an alcove on the right. Inside is a ladder. Climb up and take out the light bokoblin. Yes, we have to do this again. After you do that, look to the right of the ladder before you climb down. There is a break in the wall here that lets us jump to a ledge below and get at another light bokoblin. Two in one shot! Nice! Climb back down the ladder and head down the little ramp here. Enter the hallway when you get a chance, and take the door to the left.
Kill the bokoblin. The last time we were here, we could swing to the other side on a light. Apparently they wised up and took the light out. No matter. Use the leaf to make the jump across, pound the posts, and continue. If you don’t make it, there is a ladder on the bottom that will let you climb back up and jump right to the target ledge anyway.
What’s a hall without alcoves? Take the left, up the ramp, ladder, take out the last light bokoblin. Yay. Back down both ladder and ramp, left into the hall, take the door.
Again, the light we were friends with has gone AWOL, so glide across and take the door.
Neither alcove is of particular importance, so take the door.
Head around, killing the moblins if you care to, and take the stairs to the same door we took the last time we were here.
Up the sets of stairs which are now infested with imps (miniblins, really, but I call them imps). Kill any that get in your way, but they spawn infinitely, so keep moving. Go left at the landing and continue up. Pound the posts and move on. Shimmy across two ledges, go up some stairs, smack the post there, and into the door.
Finally! With the help of Tetra (who takes particular note of your sword (and it takes note of her too, apparently)), we’ve saved Aryll! After only about 22 pages of walkthru. And that stupid bird didn’t stop us! Oh wait, he must have heard me, because here he comes now. Luckily, Aryll and the other girls are safe, because the room starts flooding and they probably would have drowned. There are a series of ramps along the walls of the room. Run up them. The bird will both attack you and the ramps periodically. If the way becomes smashed and you can’t cross, wait for the water to rise high enough for you to swim across. Work your way to the top of the room, ignoring all the bokoblins. If need be, boomerang them and get away. If you stay and fight, the bird will have time to break more ramps, which is bad. If you see him getting ready to attack, roll out of the way. It’s faster. At the very top of the ramp, the bird will land and not let you pass. I’m getting sick of this guy, aren’t you? Smack him in the face with the hammer to knock him down in the water. Go up the last bit of ramp and climb out onto the roof. Boss fight!

BOSS: Helmaroc King
We owe this guy some payback. And a free portrait if you’re going for a complete Gallery. Take note of the spikes on the walls. Is there any game where touching these is GOOD for you? Same here. The bird will fly around and eventually do one of two things. Hopefully, he’ll land. Run up close to him, then run away and he’ll chase you. After about four steps, he tries to peck at you and his beak gets stuck in the concrete. Stupid bird. Smack him in the head with the hammer while he is prone. You want to do this four times to break his helmet. The other attack (which he does much more often after the third time you hit him) is a diving attack. Roll out of the way. Simple enough. Alright, once the helmet comes off, you want to entice him to get his head stuck again. While he’s stuck, smack him as much as you can with the sword. After breaking the helmet off, if you use the grappling hook on his head, he’ll do the peck attack right away. He also likes to flap his wings now to try and push you into the spikes. Just keep rolling towards him to stay out of danger (you can’t roll while locked on, remember that). After you hit him enough (usually three sword barrages), he will DIE. Throw ME into the ocean, will you? Chump. Take the tastiest heart in the game and go up the ramp. Go in the door you see.
Prepare for some MAJOR plot exposition. If you don’t like spoilers, skip the next two paragraphs.
At last, Ganon. Nobody but NOBODY kidnaps our sister and gets away with it. Plus, he’s the one who told that bird to toss us into the sea. We need vengeance! We’ve got the Master Sword, and Ganon is fazed a little by just its presence. Charge! Oh, wait, we suck. After getting slapped clear across the room (literally), Ganon pulls out his own sword to finish us off. Ganon tells Link that by pulling the Master Sword, he completely unlocked Ganon’s power. Things look grim for our hero! Just as he’s about to deal the final blow, Tetra shows up to distract him. It works long enough for a temporary reprieve, but he grabs Tetra by the arm. The Triforce of Power (that Ganon has, ALWAYS) reacts, and he is shocked. He calls Tetra ‘Zelda’ and cackles evilly. That can’t be a good omen. Quill and Komali swoop in and save you both. And not a second too soon. Hey, look, it’s Valoo! He torches Ganon’s place. Well, looks like we won’t be seeing him again. Right.
You’re back at the tower (you know, the last level). You and Tetra sail into the shining spot again. Lead her into the castle (take her picture here if you’re going for the Gallery) and then down to where you got the Master Sword. There’s somebody here. Evil music plays… Oh, wait; it’s just the King of Hyrule. He explains how Hyrule was sealed under the sea by the gods to protect it from Ganon. He also tells you that he is King. Then he reveals Tetra’s destiny. She’s been carrying a large chunk of the Triforce of Wisdom around with her and she didn’t even know it. The King pulls out the missing piece, puts them together, and Tetra is revealed to be Princess Zelda herself! You are charged with two quests. The first is to power up the Master Sword so you can fight Ganon. The second is to find your own Triforce, the Triforce of Courage. Zelda will wait here until you’re done. Make it snappy. Go back to King and get out of here.


First thing first, if you haven’t found a huge tornado and learned the Ballad of Gales yet, do so (see it detailed above, right after the getting the master sword). I BELIEVE (not sure, so don’t quote me on this) he can be found in the following locations:
(2,1), (2,4), (2,6), (3,5), (4,2), (4,6), (5,4), (6,2),(6,6).
Those are all the places you can warp to once it’s learned, so it would make sense that he be there. Once you learn it, play it (or for those who learned earlier, play it now). Warp to (2,6). This is the only thing you technically need the song for in the game. You will end up in a little pond inside the island. A scene will occur, and a little girl fairy will give you the fire and ice arrows (and then hits on you!). To switch, hit the R button while the bow is drawn.
Okay, I mentioned a little while ago that there were some upgrades we could go get, but I said to skip them. I did for a two reasons: A) We’d need to sail around the world, which is much easier to do with the help of the Ballad of Gales (and without having to worry about random teleports); and, B) To get ALL of them, you need the hammer, which we just got now. That being said, let’s go get a bunch of stuff. Teleport out of this place with the song, and choose (2,1) as your landing point (the first island).
Land on the island and go see Orca. He’ll ask you if you want to practice swordplay, say yes. You have three hearts, you have to hit him as much as you can. The trick is to lock on, hit in four-slash bursts, and USE YOUR SHIELD. Don’t back him into a corner, and don’t use the parry attack (it does only one hit, and it is safer to block than dodge). Don’t try to hit him after he starts a swing. If you have trouble, take it slow, just hit and run away. You need to get in… 500 hits. I know, it’s insane. Cut me some slack. Actually, the goal is 1,000 blows, but STOP after you hit 500. You get a heart piece. Then, if you wish, you can go back and shoot for the moon. If you do 4-hit bursts, he counters after the 2nd set (8th hit overall) 99% of the time. If he blocks an attack, he will counter 100% of the time. So be ready to use your shield. It is not difficult; if you lose, it’s because you get impatient. Trust me. Get 1,000 blows in and Orca will call you master. When you’re done here, go back to King. Set the wind NW and sail to (1,2). Once you get there, take out your telescope and look around the sky (slightly above the water, not like straight up). When you see a flock of seagulls (‘And I raaaan, I ran so far awaaaay’), sail towards them. I’d give you more detailed directions, but this is one of those random things. As I said when you first got it, the boomerang should always be equipped. As you get close, you will be sucked into a whirlpool by a giant squid with 8 eyes. Your job is to take his eyes out with your boomerang. Target 5 each time, and you need to hit them each 3-4 times to close them permanently. This is time sensitive, so don’t be a slacker. If you take too long, he’ll spit you out and you need to go find him again (in another random spot in this square). Once you take out all the eyes, a small glowing spot will appear where he died. Approach it (don’t use the sail, hold R and up on the D-stick to approach it slowly), and use your grappling hook (by holding the button down until you hit bottom) where you think it was. This is tedious because it disappears as you get close, but you’ll get it. Try playing with the camera angles to make it easier to guesstimate. When you do it right, you’ll pull up a treasure chest with 100 rupees in it. Time to move on. Warp to (4,2).
Right in front of you when you land is a small island with a seashell building on it. Go there, hop off King, and swim to the island (which will be shortened to ‘Go there’ from now on). Head around to the door. I also had mail in the mailbox (20 rupees and 1 rupee), so get that if you do too. This is a fairy island, there are several in the game. Each one gives you an upgrade of some sort, and we’ll hit them all. Use a bomb to blow up the planks on the door and hop into the hole. This is just like where you got a bigger wallet, so run up to the fairy and get more bombs (you can hold 60 now). Leave through the shining light and get back on King. On this island, you might also encounter blue chuchus. Treat them the same as yellow ones, stun first then attack. They have an electric shock sometimes, so it’s better to be safe that way.
Set the wind S. When you get to square (4,1), look for the seagulls and engage another squid. This one is easier because he only has four eyes. Kill him to make a fairy appear. She more than doubles your magic meter, which is always helpful (and necessary in this game). Now, you can sail back to (4,2), or just teleport. I teleport because it is safer. Set the wind NE and go to (5,3). (5,3) has another 8-eyed squid. Kill him and take your 100 rupees. Set the wind E and sail to (6,3).
Use your map to get to almost the exact center of the square. There you should find a raft and a submarine. Go inside the submarine, and you’ll fight 3 bokoblins and two mice. Kill them all and you’ll get a chest with another bottle in it. Yay. Leave and get ready for something kinda tedious. Just outside of the submarine is a raft with a bokoblin on it. I want you to do the following: lock onto him, use the grappling hook to grab a joy pendant off of him, kill him (that one’s optional), walk in and out of the sub again, repeat. We need to get at least 50 joy pendants total (you already have some, so you don’t have to do it 50 times, but how many you have already depends on what enemies dropped, etc.; personally, I needed 20 more). If you are fairly confident in your abilities, you can also steal some from the bokoblins in the sub, speeding up the process. The bokoblins aren’t the threat, though: the rats are. They can clear out your wallet mighty fast if you don’t pay attention. It’s up to you, though. When you are done that, get back on King. Set the wind NE again and go to (7,4).
Slightly to the SE of the center of the square, you’ll find another fairy island. I had mail when I got here, too. The first cost 201 rupees and was a green map that tells me where the Triiforce maps are (more on that later). The second was free and gave me 20 rupees. To open this one, you need to pound the switches with the hammer. Do so and go down to get more arrows. You can also grab a fairy here for your new bottle, which is a good idea. Head back to King, set the wind NW, and go to (6,5).
We’re looking for the last 8-eyed squid here. Take him out for another hundred rupees. It’ll help recoup the losses from that Triforce map map. Set the wind W and go to (5,5).
Also slightly SE of center, you’ll find a fairy island. This door is blocked by a boulder. Inside is a bomb upgrade, now we can hold 99. You may be wondering why anyone would ever need so many. I did at first. You’ll be thankful when you get into some heated naval battles. Those are a bit later, though. Head back to King and warp to (6,6).
When you arrive, land on the island and look along the cliff walls. Eventually, you’ll see a string of bomb flowers leading up to a boulder. Hit one with a fire arrow to blow up the boulder and get a chest with 200 rupees in it. Go back to King, set the wind N and go up a square to (6,7). Look around for the seagulls and engage a squid. This one has 12 eyes. It may take a couple tries, but you can kill him. Just don’t dilly-dally and make sure you hit at least 5 eyes in each throw. The glowing spot doesn’t yield rupees this time; instead we get a piece of heart. Wasn’t that worth it? Warp to (4,6).
Land on the island, we have several fun things to do here. Time to play with the moon. Using the Song of Passing, set the time to night. Look up at the sky for the moon. If it is full, stop. If not, play the song again twice to get to the next day. Repeat until you have a full moon. Take a picture of it you’re your picto box. Make sure there are no clouds in front. Wander through the town until you see a blonde girl (Mila) standing around. Talk to her, and she’ll yell at you. Continue up the path, and you’ll see her move. Follow her. If she spots you, she’ll run away, so the trick is to not get spotted (if you are, enter any building and leave again to get her back to the starting point). If you stay at wherever she stopped last, that’s usually the easiest. She’ll go all around town, ending up near Iceman’s store (where you got the sail way back when). She’s trying to break into a safe. Run up to her and talk to her. She gives you this huge sob story. Just choose the top option 6 times and she’ll change her thieving ways and give you a bottle as a reward.
Now (still night) go to the red door next to where you found Mila and go inside. Talk to Iceman and he’ll tell you about an auction. Go to it. This is the most bizarre auction ever, so listen up. What you want to do is mash the A button. There is a little meter, and when it hits the top, you make a bid. Now, you want to make the last bid, so here’s how to do it. Iceman calls out things with 30, 10, and 5 seconds left. After the 30 second warning (‘Time is running out, dear friends’), get your meter up 1/2 of the way real quick and just leave it there (don’t get it up too high, because it slowly goes up on its own to discourage poachers like us). After the 5 second warning (‘Only 5 seconds remain!’), make your bid, and make sure it is at least 20 rupees higher than the highest bid. The people are all stunned (they get stars, like you whacked them with the boomerang) and you’ve got a guaranteed victory. You can win 2 treasure maps (#38 and 18) and a piece of heart here, assuming you have the rupees (you should, so I’ll assume you do; if you don’t, come back here later and you can do it then, the auction runs every night). After you get those three, he sells joy pendants, which are NOT worth buying.
Still at night, there is a windmill in the center of town. Find that building, and wander around the left side. There is a little path that leads to a ladder. Climb it. Stand on the switch there, and if the wind is set N (it should still be), the windmill will start turning. Climb down the ladder and go into this building. Go up the stairs to the left and through the door up top. Walk up the walkway until you get to the end. From here, you can jump into little cars hanging from the windmill. Get into one and ride to the top (but don’t get off). At the top is a crazy turning thing. Shoot a fire arrow into the hole, and you will light a lighthouse beacon. This will create a chest on a tiny little island. Ride the car back down to the walkway, and talk to the guy here. He’ll give you a piece of heart. Four pieces again! Yay. Go inside and back downstairs. Talk to the pirate guy (this guy is HILARIOUS) and choose the top option twice. He wants to play a game of Battleship for 10 rupees. You have 24 shots to sink 3 squid (one each of two squares, three squares, and four squares, and they were ships in the Japanese one). Win once to get a piece of heart, win again to get a treasure map (#7). Beat the record of 20 bombs to win treasure map #23. The only real hint I can offer is they like to put at least two of the squid touching each other. Not always, but like 80% of the time. Good luck. Head over to the left side of the bomb shop. You can float to the little island with your chest on it if you set the wind to S and use the leaf. It has a heart piece in it.
Set the time to day now. Head into town and you’ll see a guy wearing purple sitting on some stairs. Talk to him and he’ll say ‘You don’t understand me.’ Talk to him again and he’ll tell you to prove you understand him by showing him a picture of his favorite thing. Show the moon picture we took and he’ll be impressed and reward you with treasure map #31. Continue up the steps and you’ll see two women talking to each other. Talk to them (you really just eavesdrop) and they scold you. Do it again and they mention Lenzo and a mystery woman.
Talk to Iceman now (not the store part, on the other side where you first got his flower), and he will reward you with the Magic Armor. I don’t find it useful at all, but we’re going for completeness.
Go back up to the walkway and hop on a windmill car. When you’re on the opposite side of the wheel as you started, you can jump off and onto a little balcony. Inside the door here, you can find a treasure map (#29), 50 rupees in a chest, and several more in the pots. Crawl through the hole between the chests and you’ll drop down into Lenzo’s shop. Over by the door, Lenzo is chatting up the lady who is outside the potion shop a lot. He’ll yell at you for scaring him, then take a picture of him and his ‘lady friend’ together. Show it to the gossiping women and they’ll reward you with a treasure map (#24). Go now to the building to the left of Lenzo’s shop. It is a school (has a chalkboard hanging out front). Talk to the lady inside here (Miss Marie) twice and choose the top option (twice). Go outside and talk to the little kids here (specifically, the one in the hat). Choose the top option. They want to play hide ‘n’ seek or something. Head down the path through the town and through the gate. There is a tall tree here (we’re near the docks). Roll into it to knock down a kid. Chase him around (the roll attack is fast, keep using it) until you catch him. Another kid is behind the bomb shop, where you snuck in to find the pirates. Catch him too. The third kid is behind the tombstone. Lastly, head up the ramp near the gravestone. Head through the arch here and turn right. Head through that arch and turn left along the ledge. The last kid is behind the bush. Catch him (looks like a girl, but it’s a guy). Once all four are caught, they give you a heart piece. Talk to the Miss Marie, choose the top option, and she’ll reward you with 50 rupees. When you leave, hat kid will talk to you again. They need a birthday present for Miss Marie, and she loves joy pendants. There is one in the tree near the bomb shop they want to give her. Roll into it to get it. They talk to you some more. It’s in your spoils bag, equip it and give it to the Miss Marie. She’ll give you 20 more rupees. Now, if you have 20 or more joy pendants (I told you to get 50, so you should), give those to her and she’ll give you a piece of paper (the deed to a cabana). That’s important later, but we were here already. Lastly, give her the rest of your pendants (at least 30), and she will give you the Hero’s Charm. This item gives you a life bar indicator for enemies (Go into your menu, hit R so you are on the quest screen and select it. Hit A, and it will bring up a screen, select ‘Equip’ and hit A again. If it annoys you, just de-equip it.), which can come in handy. Leave the school and go talk to the lady in the orange dress (Linda) who you needed to take a picture of to get the color picto box. She’ll say something, then talk to her again. She’ll say she needs to send a picture to her true love. Take a picture of her (full body) and go look for the guy she was with the first time you took her picture. He is walking around town somewhere. Show him the picture and he’ll ask her out on a date. Talk to him again and he’ll say they’re going for coffee. Skip a day with the Song of Passing and go into the place above Iceman’s shop. You can talk to the two on their date and they reward you with a heart piece. ANOTHER 4! Wooo!
Now go to the wooden stairs Linda usually stands near. Go up them and into a door. A man in a top hat will yell at you (because he thinks you’re a mailman… Hmm…). Go over to the huge bay window and talk to Maggie, his daughter. She is upset because her love, a MOBLIN, is still back at the Forsaken Fortress. She gives you a letter, so go mail it. It costs 5 rupees. Skip another day with the Song of Passing, and go back to Maggie’s house. Quill is there, but Maggie’s dad is giving him a hard way to go (he’s a mailman!). Quill leaves, so go to the coffee shop to find him. He’ll give you the letter to deliver to Maggie. Do so and she’ll be so happy, she gives you another heart piece. Also, if you have 20 skull necklaces (from moblins), give them to her father and he will give you a treasure map (#2).
That’s it. Set the wind NW and sail to (3,7). There is a fairy island here. Hop into the hole (no tricks necessary) to get an even bigger wallet (5000 rupees now).
Use the Ballad of Gales and go to (3,5). There is another 12-eyed squid here somewhere. Set the wind whichever way you need to to get to him and kill him. That’s the last one. You get another heart piece for beating him. Set the wind NW and sail to (2,6).
To the E of center, you’ll find a pair of islands. On the smaller one is another trader (like we did with the flowers before). Give him your exotic flower and he will give you a pinwheel. Set the wind S and go to (2,5).
In the NW corner of the square, there is an island. Sailing around it is the traveling salesman. Hop off of King, swim to his boat, and go inside. Buy the bottle for 500 rupees. We’ll get the rest later (and if you don’t have 500 rupees, you can get the bottle later too). Sail W again to (1,5).
At (1,5), there is another fairy island. Pound the switch to gain access and get more arrows. Also, fill both of your new bottles with fairies. Go back to King.


Our little collection run is almost done, but we need to go get two items. Teleport to (6,6). Set the wind S and go to (6,5). Slight NW of center, there is a volcano. Fire an ice arrow into the lava spewing from the top to freeze it. A 5 minute timer will start, so hurry up. Hop off of King and climb to the top of the volcano, where you should jump inside. To get to the top, go right at the first fork, then shimmy across a ledge to keep going. Once inside, kill the keese you see with the boomerang. Hop across the platforms in the lava (to the left), killing more keese. At the end, there are two magtails. Kill them to make a chest appear containing the power bracelets. Once you get them, the timer will stop. Pick up the giant stone head and pass through to the shining light that will take you back outside. Get back to King and teleport to (4,2).


Set the wind E and sail to (5,2). SW of center is another island. This is an iceberg with a dragon’s head (stone) spewing frost. Shooting a fire arrow through the frost will do wonders (and start another 5 minute timer). Hop off King and onto the shore. There is a chest here encased in ice. Shoot it with a fire arrow and open it for a treasure map (#36). Run around until you can climb up onto the ledge, and then run around the ledge until you can jump to the platforms in the water. Ice is slippery, so you may find crawling easier on the narrower parts. I do. Jump across the three platforms to the dragon’s head and go in. Go across the ledge to your right (the icy one), kill the keese, and keep going. Slide down the little slide (don’t go off the side) and open the chest. That’ll stop the timer and give you iron boots. Equip them and use them to put them on. Walk around the non-icy ledge. When you get to the point with the wind, turn right and drop into the hole. It’s a little hard to see here. Use fire arrows to thaw out the moblins (there are 2), bokoblins (2 of those also) and a darknut (don’t thaw them all out at once!). After killing them all, a chest will appear with 100 rupees. The light will teleport you back outside. Get to King.


Time to get back to our quest. There are two dungeons we need to go to, and the order doesn’t really matter. I prefer to do the earth level first, because I find the boss easier and the level more fun on a whole. I just really like shining the lights. I’m a freak that way. Teleport to (2,1) and land on the island. Did I say we were getting back to our quest? Almost. One quick thing here. Remember where you dropped off the pigs before? Well, one of them got obesely fat. Go pick it up and take it out of the pen. We needed power bracelets to pick this guy up, that’s how big he is. Take him down the path and across the bridge. After you cross, walk straight ahead to a little wall there. You’ll see two spots of black soil on the ground. Drop the pig and spread some all-purpose bait on the right hand one. He’ll eat it, dig down, and a piece of heart will pop out. Bring him back to his pen and go get on King.
Sail E to (3,1). At almost dead center is an island. Put a hyoi pear on your head and take control of a bird. Fly to the top of this mountain and there is a piece of heart you can fly through. Switch back to Link and you’ll have hit four pieces again. Nice. 11 hearts now. Pick up the stone head to go inside the cave. Check out the tablet, then play the Wind Waker. A song will pop up, Down, Down, Center, Right, Left, Center. A zora (from Ocarina of Time, not Joe Millionaire) will appear and talk to you. She says you need to find someone with a harp like hers. Go to King and teleport to (6,6).
First, head back to near where you learned the Wind’s Requiem. As you pass through the little cave that leads there, turn right. Pick up the boulder you see and jump into the hole. Go through the door here into a room with 6 doors: the one you just came through, one with bars, and four with torches above them. As you go into each torch door, you will appear in a nearly identical room, except with enemies. Kill them and the torch will light, then go through an unlit torch door. Repeat until all are lit and the bar door will open. Go into it to get a chest with 50 rupees. Hey, every little bit helps! Leave this room, then go through the door directly across from you to get to the light pillar. It’ll take you outside. Now head to the bird town.
Go up the ramps to the door directly left of the mail sorting guy. Turn right and grapple across. Climb up some ledges and a ladder to find Medli. Look, she has a harp. Talk to her, then play the new song (Down, Down, Center, Right, Left, Center) on the Wind Waker. You work your midget elf charm on her and she agrees to come with you. Yay. Okay, actually, she faints and the zora convinces her to go. You’re back in King, so get back to that other island. As you approach, you’ll automatically land. King tells you you can use R to call Medli and have her follow you, or use A to pick her up (just like those statues from the tower…). You’re inside the cave, so go up to the tablet and play the song. Medli joins in and the tablet shatters. You hop into the hole and the shadow dungeon.


This is easy enough. Pick up Medli, and jump off the ledge towards the door, She’ll flap her wings and you’ll glide over to it. Pick her up and go through. As soon as you enter the room, drop Medli and go on ahead. You’ll want to do this in every room, clear out all the enemies before solving the puzzles. So, kill the three moblins, then grab Medli again. Go up the stairs on the left and, holding Medli, glide over to the pillar you can reach from up here. Put her down and stand on the switch. That remark earlier about Medli being like the tower statues wasn’t random. Crack out the Wind Waker and play the Command Melody (Left, Center, Right, Center). Now you’re Medli. If you hit A, you’ll start flying. Fly over to the next pillar and stand on the switch. The bars will open. Fly down to the door. Switch back to Link and jump down to join her. Pick her up and use the new door.
Drop Medli and kill the red and green chuchus. To kill the black ones, you need to get them to walk (ooze?) into the light. They’ll turn to stone and you can smash them good with your hammer. Shoot a fire arrow at the top of the warp jar to open it. If you so desire, you can also burn the banners with fire arrows to get a joy pendant and 5 rupees (you’ll need to use your boomerang to snag them). Time to learn the most important technique in this dungeon. Switch to Medli and have her step in the light. When you do, her harp will react. If you hit A now, you hold the harp in front of you and shine light (hit B to stop). You can aim a little, but you need to be looking in the general direction of what you want to shine at. First, there is a faint frame of a treasure chest you can see back by the warp jar. Focus light on it for a second or two, and it’ll turn into a real chest. Now turn around and focus light on the two statues that sit between the doors. They’ll disappear. Switch back to Link and snag the map (in the chest) and the magic bottle (behind one of the statues). Grab Medli and go through the door (the one you didn’t just come from).
There are no enemies here, so you don’t need to drop Medli. Instead, carry her into the light on the right, put her down, and switch to her. Shine the light into the fog in front of you to find a switch. Shine it so there is a path to it, and, while still shining, switch back to Link. Have him pound the switch with the hammer (if you get fog on you, you can’t use items, so stay out of the fog). Pick Medli up and go into the new room.
Drop her and look around. Two red bubbles will come out of coffins. Kill them. At the back of the room, on the left hand wall, there is a ladder. Climb it. Pull the huge block there as far towards you as you can. Switch down to Medli and, using the new light, make the chest appear. Have Medli run to the corner by the switch. Switch back to Link and open the chest for a key. Two floormasters will appear. The one back by the chest doesn’t care about you, just Medli. Keep her away from it. There is another up by the door that is much more ‘friendly.’ Kill it. Grab Medli and (avoiding the floormaster) head back to the fog room (we’ll do the other room here later).
Run straight across to the locked door and enter.
Drop Medli. Kill the red and green chuchus, then burn all of the flags on the walls. One will expose light. Use that to turn two black chuchus to stone. Put them on the switches to make stairs appear. Run up (ignoring any more chuchus that appear) and push the huge block over the edge. Go back and kill all the chuchus. Switch to Medli and have her fly up to the door. Switch back to Link and use the huge block to get up there too. Grab her and go through the door.
Drop her and kill the floormaster.
Mike ‘hobbit’ Macnamara:
‘Also when fighting floormasters ‘rang then to stun them then fire an ice arrow then as soon as possible(while the floormaster is iced) fire a fire arrow. it will kill him faster(the same goes for any multiple hit creature that can get frozen solid)’
If you are in trouble, use that method, but I’d rather save the magic. Up to you.
Push the first block all the way to the left. It will click in place. That will open some light. Switch to Medli and stand in it. On the walls, there are little emblems. ‘Sun spots,’ if you will. Shine the light on them (there are 4) and the statue that is sitting on a block until they all disappear. Switch back to Link. Pull/push the blocks into place. Climb up and get the chest (a compass). Switch to Medli, have her fly up, then switch back. Grab her and go through the door. Drop her and go up the stairs. Kill the two moblins. The ghosts (poes) will give you trouble. Get them to drop their lanterns (try hitting them with the grappling hook, it works sometimes) and they’ll possess you. It screws up your controls for a few seconds (or until you get hit). Either way, once everything is dead, stairs will appear. Don’t go up them yet. Switch to Medli and have her fly up to the right side of the room, where there is light. Use it to fry the statues across the way, then hop back down. Switch to Link and grab the butterfly from the chest. Grab Medli, go up the stairs and into the left door. Drop her and jump down into the pit. There are five coffins here. As you approach each, the lids will fall down (and do damage, so don’t approach head on). Three have re-deads (zombies with huge hoop earrings). They scream and latch onto you if you’re not fast, so, um, be fast (and for god’s sake, take them one at a time).
Pius has this tip:
‘Also, about redeads, remember at the beginning when he makes you crouch to sneak up on the pig? you can do that with redeads, get right next to them, stand up and smack’em hard. =)’
One more has a 10 rupee piece, and the last has a key. Once all the re-deads are just deads, the ladder will drop and you can climb out (with the key). Grab Medli and go back through the door.
Go into the locked door. You can’t bring Medli in here.
After a step, a stalfos knight will appear. These guys are a cinch once you know what to do. Stay away and throw a bomb at him. It will explode, blowing him apart. Wail on the skull with your sword. Repeat until dead (if you’re lucky, you can kill him the first time). After he dies, two more will appear. Take them one at a time.
Mike ‘hobbit’ Macnamara offers this strategy:
‘I found out the easiest way to kill a Stalfos Knight. Make sure you have Bombs, The Bomerang and the Hammer all set then target Him and throw a bomb(making sure it lands infront of him) and when he blows up boomerang his head then use the hammer on his head. Instant kill.’
After they are dead, stairs will appear leading up to the mirror shield. Grab it and a light will appear in the center of the room run down and stand in it. Use your shield like Medli’s harp to shine a light on the mask above the door (you need to have your sword or another one-handed weapon (i.e. boomerang, but not the hammer, etc.) drawn to use your shield, remember). Leave.
Medli is to your right, but ignore her for now. Go kill the moblins (again). You can kill the poes the right way, but it’s not worth it. Let them possess you. If they don’t drop their lanterns, climb up to where the light is and shine it on them until they turn solid, then kill them with your sword. Once everything is gone, switch to Medli. Fly up into the light and shine it down into the center of the room. While still shining, switch to Link. Stand in the light beam that she is shining and use it to break the sun spot below her. Switch back to Medli. Go into the new corridor Link opened and use the light to break the statue. While still shining light where it was, switch back to Link. Use the beam to break the sun spot and get more rupees. Grab Medli and go through the door here. We’re back in this room. You can use Medli to glide down out of the fog. Go into the door on your left (the first room we entered from here).
Drop Medli and kill the red bubbles and ‘your’ floormaster. Pick her up and bring her back to the switch, avoiding ‘her’ floormaster. Drop her on the switch and go into the door (without her).
Break the sun spots for a joy pendant. Leave.
Medli is back by the other door, grab her and leave.
Drop her and switch to her. Have Medli stand in either light and shine it at the nearest eye of the huge mask. While still shining, switch to Link and have him shine on the other, activating the sun mask, lighting up the room, killing the fog, and most importantly, creating stairs. Grab Medli and go down them and through the door.
Drop her and go down these stairs. Meet the blue bubbles. Shoot an ice arrow or blow a gust at them with the leaf to put out the flames, then kill them with your sword. Try not to fall down. **GBA note** From the side of the room you start on (i.e., before crossing the bridge), use the deku leaf to glide over to the platform on the left. Glide to the next platform, then use Tingle to bomb the question mark on the little ledge here. Hop over to it, kill the red bubble, then open the chest for the fourth golden statue. **end GBA note** After the bubbles are dead, run back and grab Medli. Bring her to the tablet, drop her, and play the dungeon’s song (Down, Down, Center, Right, Left, Center). She will join in (again) and the tablet will shatter (again). Grab her and go through the new door.
Drop her and kill the re-deads (if you shine light on them, they get stunned, making it easier). Shine light on both mirrors to break the large statues, and then shine on the small statue directly to break it. Now grab Medli and go into the door that was on your right as you came in (though it was behind a statue). Drop her and go down. This part is a little difficult. You have to run through the fog to the other side, but this place is full of floormasters. Avoid them as best you can. You want to go to the left side immediately, move up until a floormaster blocks your way, run across to the right side, then move up to the back wall, go left a little and you’ll be at the end where there is a chest. Open it for a key and to make the fog disappear. Kill the floormasters one at a time (there are 6) to make another chest appear (with a treasure map inside, #12). Go back to the door, grab Medli and leave.
Drop Medli and go into the other door on this level (not the one you need to climb on a block to reach, and yes, we are leaving her here).
As you approach the fog, a floormaster will rise up. Shoot it three times with a fire arrow to kill it. There is still one in that fog, so be alert as you run across to the other side. Pull the statue into place. Burn the flags for a joy pendant. Hit the switch with the hammer to make light shine into the mirror and then the other room. Before jumping back into the fog, kill the second floormaster just like you did the first. Go back across and leave.
Switch to Medli and have her fly up to the higher door here. Switch back to Link and push the block up against the wall so you can climb up too. Grab her and go through the door.
Drop Medli and kill the enemies. Here, lure the poes into the light. They’ll turn solid for easy disposal. Once they’re dead, switch to Medli. If you stand in the light but at the right wall, you can shine onto the two statues that are next to each other. The third is trickier. Shine where the left-most statue was, then switch to Link. Stand in Medli’s beam and use it to shine onto the third statue for a door. Grab her and go through it.
Drop Medli and boomerang the keese. You want to go through this room (straight ahead first, then back to the right fork) slowly, opening each coffin and either rupees at the end. The right path has a stalfos and a tablet at the end. Run back, grab Medli, and bring her to the tablet. Play the song to open it, grab her, and go through the door.
Carry her down the stairs, then drop her and blow open the warp pot on your right. Go to the left where there are some vines. Climb across and down them to the next set of stairs. Stop and switch to Medli. Fly down to Link then switch back. Pick up Medli, carry her down the stairs, to the door, and through it. Drop Medli and switch to her. Fly to the ledge directly across from you and stand on the button. Switch back to Link. Drop down a level and start on the right side. Pull the first mirror until it drops into place. It will shine light right over a platform. Switch to Medli. Fly over to that platform and shine light to both break a statue and create a chest. Keep shining it at the chest (towards the front side) and switch back to Link. Open the chest for 50 rupees, then use Medli’s beam to break four sun spots on the right-hand side. Pull/push the mirrors that were behind the sun spots and the statues into place. Now run over to the left side of the room. Pull the mirror that you can into place. Again, the beam is shining right over a platform. Switch to Medli, fly over, break the statue and create the chest. Shine the light to the left of the chest (from Medli’s point of view) and switch to Link. Grab the chest (joy pendant), then break not only the 4 sun spots behind Medli, but also the one on the left wall next to the chest. Pull the two mirrors into place and watch the magic. Now, switch to Medli. Again, the light is shining over two platforms back near the giant mask. Go to one and while shining on the eye, switch to Link. Have him get on the other platform and shine into the other eye. The mask will activate and a new door will appear. Grab Medli and go into it.
Drop her. There are two blue bubbles here (remember, use ice arrows/leaf to make them vulnerable) and a knight. Kill them all. The way to the boss key will be opened, so grab it, then Medli, and leave.
You broke a total of 9 sun spots in this room. Four on either side exposed mirrors, leaving one more. Go to where that was and you’ll find a door. Enter it.
Drop Medli and shine the light onto ONE of the coffins. A stalfos will come out. Drop down and fight him. Pull a block out of the wall to climb back up. Repeat. Once all three coffins are open and the stalfos are all dead, a chest will appear. Open it (treasure map #20), grab Medli, and leave.
Drop her and then switch to her so she can fly up to the door we first entered this room from. Switch back to Link and climb up there via the ladder. Grab her and leave.
Run up to where the stairs end and the vines start. Drop Medli and climb up/across the vines to the other side. Continue up the stairs to the first landing, then switch to Medli. Fly up to where Link is and switch back. Grab Medli and glide over to the boss door. Use the pots to restock and go in (Medli will stay outside).

BOSS: Jalhalla
This boss is relatively easy. He’s a giant poe. You want to find the light and shine it on him until he is solid. Then you pick him up and throw him at one of the spiked columns along the walls. He will break into a bunch of little poes. Kill as many as you can until he reforms, then repeat. When all the little poes are dead, so is he. Grab your heart and walk to the shining spot (in the center, not just the light). Medli will come in, and with the help of the zora, they will play a little ditty and power up the Master Sword. Nice. You will be teleported back to King and it’s time to go power this baby up one more time.


The second sword dungeon starts a lot like the first. Teleport to (4,6) and sail N to (4,7) and an island there. Land and put on the iron boots. Walk through the wind and smack the weird boulder there with the hammer. Go inside the cave. Examine the tablet, then play your Wind Waker. The song is Up, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right. A weird boy will talk to you. He needs you to find someone with a fiddle. That fiddle looks a lot like the koroks. Hmm… Go back to King and teleport to (6,2). You’ll be right at the island, so land. I had mail, a letter that cost 10 rupees, but gave me 20. Climb up the ledges and go left at the first fork. In the right waterfall, you can see musical notes. Hmm… Go back and take the right fork this time. Continue up to the first grapple point.
Attach, but don’t swing across. Instead, use R to climb down as far as you can, then swing into the right waterfall. You’ll be in a little cave. Climb down the ladder and talk to Makar. Play your new song and there will be a little jam session. The leaf agrees to come with you. You’re automatically back in King, so get baack to the island (follow the directions at the beginning of the paragraph).
Again, you’ll automatically land, and, also again, you’ll want to walk up to the tablet and play the song. Makar will play too, and the tablet will shatter.


Welcome to the second sword dungeon. Makar works much like Medli. He follows you if you hit R near him, and you can pick him up and carry him (he’s not strong enough to be a glider, though). You can switch to him using the Command Melody, and he can fly or plant seeds in sandy patches. More on that second bit in a minute. Pick him up and go through the door.
Drop Makar and explore. There are some important things here you want to take note of. In front of you is a spring platform. What you do is climb on top and use your iron boots to weigh it down. Take them off again and you go flying. Got it? Now drop to the floor. First, kill the wizzrobe. These guys are all over the place here. Take this one out with your sword. You’ll see two brown patches here, those are the sandy spots I mentioned. Walk forward under the tornados to fight a stalfos. There is also a warp jar here, burn the top off with a fire arrow. Go back by the sandy patches and use the spring to get back up top.
Switch to Makar and drop down. Step on the each sandy patch and hit A to make a plant grow. After both are planted, a chest appears. Walk under the tornados and fly up to the ledge. Stand on the button to stop the tornados and switch back to Link. Drop down and get the chest (100 rupees), then use the spring to get back up. Use this spring here, and at the height of your jump, use the leaf to glide over to Makar. Pick him up and go through the door.
Drop Makar and kill the two Armos here. Use the leaf to power the switch and open a gate. Roll past the trap (that’s the official name of the sharp thing, from way back in the first Zelda) then switch to Makar. Fly over the trap and plant two trees. The bars will open, so switch back to Link. Grab Makar and go through the door.
Drop Makar and switch to him. Fly to the right platform, plant a tree, then the left, plant a tree. Fly to the top and plant one more and the bars will open. The bad side effect of this is that 4 inescapable floormasters will appear and grab Makar. You automatically switch back to Link. **GBA note** If you drop to the floor, you can find a question mark. Tingle bomb it for the last golden statue. **end GBA note** Go into the door on your right.
Run to the center of the room and kill the two peahats (as you fight peahats in this dungeon, use the grappling hook on them; we need as many golden feathers as possible). You will see Makar, but he is in a jail cell you can’t break quite yet, so leave him. Kill the two Armos knights and go through the door they were guarding.
Kill the peahats and roll past the trap. Don’t drop down over the edge. Instead, stand on the weird tile you see here and put on iron boots. You’ll break through and fall. Kill the floormaster and use the wind switch to open the gate. Kill the floormaster on the other side and use the spring form the first side to get back up (and for god’s sake, aim towards the gate when you land or the trap’ll smack you. Walk across the raised gate, grabbing the chest on the left (a joy pendant). Roll past the trap, kill two more peahats, and go through the door on the right.
What you want to do is use the leaf to glide into the tornado and then use the boost to reach the platform on the left. Step on the switch, to lower a gate, then use the leaf to get on top of it. A wizzrobe here will give you trouble, so take him out with a fire arrow (he’s too far away to lock on, you’ll have to aim). Use the leaf to glide into the tornado and then straight across through the hole in the gate there and onto a ledge with a chest (map). Drop to the floor and run back to the beginning of this room, and climb up the vines there to get back up top. Use the tornado and the leaf to get on top of the gate you opened again. Go through and jump to the ledge on your left. Use the leaf to jump to the next ledge. Now turn to your right and use the tornado and the leaf to glide through the other gate here (the one we haven’t used yet). As you go through, keep gliding to the next tornado for another boost up to an open gate. Land on top and kill the nearby peahat. Ignore the wizzrobe and glide into the next tornado. It’ll give you the boost you need to reach the wizzrobe and kill him. The other two peahats will probably attack you, so kill them too and go through the door.
First, burn the lid off of the warp jar with an arrow. Then step on the weird switch here. Doesn’t do much, huh? Put on the iron boots. The added weight is enough to push it down and open up the huge metal gate in the center of the room. Jump into the center and fall all the way down to the bottom using the periodic float technique from way back when. Kill any peahats that follow you down and go through the door without a lock.
Pick a tile and use the boots to drop down. I like the second tile from the left. You’ll see a couple statues, a box, a box with a spring platform, and a lot of spikes. Spikes are bad, so don’t touch them. In the back of the room, there is a tile on the floor that is different. If you look right above it, you’ll see a hole. You want to push the spring box on top of that tile. Next, take the other box and push it next to the spring box so you can climb on top. Do so and spring back up. Open the chest for a key and to stop the spikes. Go back to the other side of the room and drop through any tile. You’ll fight either red chuchus, floormasters, armos, or green chuchus. Hop back up and repeat until all the tiles are broken and all the monsters are dead. Hop back up one more time to grab the shiny new chest that appeared (treasure map #5), and leave this room.
Run across and into the locked door for a mini-boss fight. It’s a red wizzrobe that summons other enemies. He’ll fly around the top of the room, you’ll want to shoot ice arrows at him when you can (the better ones don’t like ice). Take out the enemies he throws at you to make it easier. Once he’s dead, kill any leftover summoned enemies to get a chest with the hookshot in it. You can grapple onto lots of things, but in this dungeon, you want to look for the bull’s-eye mark. Speaking of, there is one in this room. Hookshot up to it and pound the switch with the hammer to open the door back out of here. Use it. Hookshot your way up the walls. When you can’t go any higher, if you look, there should be a ledge across the way with a chest. Glide over to it with the leaf, grab it (compass), and use the spring to go even higher. Continue climbing until eventually you reach Makar ‘s cell. Almost forgot about him, huh? Stand slightly to the side of the giant maoi statue (Easter Island head) and put on the iron boots, then hookshot the target. Instead of you going to it, the statue comes to you, leaving the cell open. Grab the chest for a joy pendant and then grab Makar. Head back to the center of the room and drop to the platform below and to the right of where you are. Drop Makar here and hookshot up to the next alcove, the one you first entered this room from a million years ago. Switch to Makar and fly up to Link. Switch back, grab Makar and go through the door. Drop Makar and kill the wizzrobe. Hookshot your way up to the top using Makar’s trees. Switch to Makar and fly up to Link. Switch back, grab him, and go through the door.
Drop him and kill the blue bubble. What you want to do now is switch back and forth, having Makar fly to the closest platform, planting a tree, Link hookshots to it and kills the closest bubble. Do that until you get to the top. Be careful, at the very top is a floormaster. Once you’re up there, grab Makar and go through the door.
Put Makar on one switch and stand on the other to open a bunch of stuff. Grab him and go right back through the door you just left. Work your way back down to the door you first entered this room from and go through it (with Makar, of course).
Work your way back down here too, going into the door that is straight ahead, not to the left.
Drop Makar. Roll past the trap, get up to the gate (if it’s open, step on one of the switches to close it), then turn around and look up. You can grapple your way up to the top. Use the wind switch here to open the gate and make a floor for you. Over on the other side are some maoi heads you can pull down (boots and hookshot) for a joy pendant and some rupees. Break through the tile to get back down, fight some Armos, and get back to Makar. Grab him and go back into the room you were just in.
Go into the room on the right.
Back here again. Take note of the room across from you, the door that the Armos knights guard. Drop Makar and kill the peahat. Switch to Makar. Float down to the floor by slowly tapping A. Eventually you’ll fall, but it’ll be less. You don’t actually want to go all the way down, just to the level where you got the hookshot. Here you can find two sandy patches, plant trees. A giant fan should start up. It goes on and off periodically. Fly into the tornado to get to the door I told you to take note of. Switch to Link before the enemies hit you. Glide across to Makar with the leaf using the tornado as a boost. Kill the Armos knights and the peahat that follows you. Don’t go through the door just yet, though. Just above where you are now is an alcove you can reach with the leaf and the tornado. Up there is a chest with a joy pendant in it. Turn back to face the center of the room and look up and to the left. There is another alcove there. Use the leaf and tornado to get up there. Switch to Makar, fly up there, and switch back. Grab Makar and go through the door.
Drop Makar and kill the horde of armos. When they are dead, a gate will open. Grab the chest inside for a key, pick up MAKAR and leave. Get back down to the door I told you to take note of (go one at a time), have Link pick up Makar and enter.
Remember this room? Drop Makar and take out the two peahats. Roll past the trap and drop through the hole on the left where a tile used to be. Kill the floormaster. Activate the wind switch and kill the other floormaster. Use the spring platform to get back up. Roll past the next trap and kill the two peahats. Switch to Makar. Fly over the traps (one at a time is safer) and stand in front of the tablet. Switch back to Link. Get in front of the tablet and play the dungeon’s song (Up, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right). Grab Makar and go through the new door.
Drop Makar and kill the darknuts. It’s tough because there are three, but not impossible. Try to separate one from the pack and pick on him. Also, if you cut the chest plate off, you can shoot fire or ice arrows at them. Once they are gone, a gate opens. The chest has the boss key inside, so take it. Grab Makar and get out of here.
Drop Makar and activate the wind switch. Get across to the other side, either one at a time or together, it doesn’t matter. Go through the door back to that central room.
What I do is, while still holding Makar, jump right off to the bottom floor. You’ll take a quarter heart damage, but that’s nothing and it’s quicker and easier. Hug the wall as you jump so you don’t land in the fan (you’ll land on the hookshot level instead). Wait for the fan to stop and jump through the hole to the area below it. Go into the locked door.
Drop Makar and kill the 2 stalfos and the wizzrobe. I kill the stalfos first, but it doesn’t really matter. Then hoookshot your way up the sides of the room to the top, where there is a switch for you to activate (the kind you step on with the boots). Work your way back down using the boots to pull down any maoi heads. Some drop rupees and stuff, but 2 have bokoblins inside for you to kill. Once those two are dead (as well as everything else in the room), a chest will appear with a treasure map inside (#35). Grab Makar and go through the new door. Drop Makar and kill the bokoblins and Armos knights. Walk to the edge, right before the tornados, and switch to Makar. Get to where Link is, and then fly across (above the tornados). Land on the other side and plant a tree, being careful not to be taken by the floormaster. Switch back to Link and hookshot across. Kill the floormaster and the flying plants. Grab Makar and go through the door.
Drop Makar and put on your iron boots. Don’t take them off until I tell you to. There are three boxes, three traps, and a pit here. You want to use the boxes to block the first two traps, and then go get Makar. If you look along the walls, there are some brown outcroppings. Take Makar past the first two traps and put him down next to one of the walls, so when the wind blows him, he stops at the outcropping. Grab the third box and push it into the pit to make a bridge. Now go back and grab the box that is blocking the first trap, and pull it towards the chasm. We need this, and we don’t want to get hit by the trap while moving it, so pulling is the way to go. One you’re clear of the trap, move the box so you can push it across your makeshift bridge to block the third trap. Grab Makar and run across the bridge, past the third trap, and into the room. Once you’re in the little room, you are clear of the fans and can take off your boots. Drop Makar by the tablet and play the dungeon’s song. Restock, burn the lid off the warp jar, and enter the boss room.

BOSS: Molgera
This is a giant sand worm, but he’s not that hard. You want to pull his tongue out with your hookshot and attack it with your sword. Be careful not to get sucked in (while tracking the tongue, do back flips (down on the D-stick and A)) and watch out for the little worms he sends at you. He also flies around the room sometimes, but he is slow and easy to dodge. That’s basically it. The hardest part is locking onto the tongue with all the baby worms in the way. It took me four tongue pulls to kill him. Take your heart and walk to the center. Weird boy and Makar will jam again and the Master Sword will be fully powered up. Nice. You’ll be teleported back out to King who will remind you of your other quest: to get the Triforce of Courage. In a move that hasn’t been done since the very first Zelda, we need to go assemble 8 pieces. We’ll do that and collect items all at the same time. Let’s rock.


We’re almost fully equipped now, so we can tackle just about anything the game throws at us. What we’re going to do is go to each square in the world and do what we can there.
One thing would get tedious if I typed it all of the time, though, so I’m only going to describe it once. EVERY square has three things: a buried treasure found via map, an island or island formation, and a map fish. The map fish can always be found relatively close to the island/island formation. You can see him jumping in and out of the water from far away. You want to approach him, lock on, and use all-purpose bait on him. He will return the favor by drawing you a detailed map of that square. We want to map every square. Therefore, you need to find and feed the fish in each one. I will call this ‘get your map’, and it will be the first thing to do in every square (save the four you already have mapped, of course). Take note of the places you can warp to with the Ballad of Gales. Each time you are in one of those squares, check to make sure you have enough bait to make it to the next one. If not, warp to (6,6), buy some, then warp back.
Are you ready? Teleport to (3,5). Sail NW and then W to (1,6) (as you may have noticed, I stopped telling you to set the wind as I think it should be obvious by now). We don’t need to go to (1,7) because A) it is mapped already; and, B) we’ve done everything we need to do there (at the moment). So, get to (1,6). The island is in the NE corner. Get your map, then prepare for battle. This is Four- eye Reef. It looks like the face of a die, and all 5 other faces are represented in other squares. Inside are warships and cannon turrets. You want to kill them all. Do so and a chest will appear. This particular fort has 4 turrets (one on each ‘dot’) and two ships. Once you make the chest appear, sail back to the entrance. Use your hookshot to hook up to a flag along the wall. Run all the way around the wall to the W face of it (you started on the N face). Get to the highest point close to the chest (which is on the upper left ‘dot’), set the wind to NE, and use the leaf to glide over to the chest, which has a treasure map in it (#19). Get back to King and sail S to (1,5).
We’ve been here before (it’s a fairy island; Western Fairy Island to be exact). The island is slightly NW of center. Simply get your map and continue S to (1,4).
Three-eye Reef is located SW of center. Get your map and clear the fort (each dot has two turrets, one on either side, and there are two ships though one may come out of the fort). A chest will appear on the lower-left ‘dot.’ Get up on the wall (you always get up the exact same way, using the hookshot on a flag that is to the left as you enter) and go to the W face. Find the nice high point, set the wind E, and glide on over. Grab the chest for another treasure map (#32). Get back to King. We can dig up a map treasure here. Bring up your map screen, then hit Y. This goes to the treasure map screen. Select a world square, then hit R to select a map to compare it to. Obviously, we want (1,4), and we want treasure map #38. You can see a huge pillar of light shooting out of the water inside the reef, but I prefer to use the map as my guide. When you (the little triangle) are right over the X, drop your grappling hook. You get a chest with a piece of heart! Sail S to (1,3).
This place (Needle Rock Isle) is exciting. The island is to the SE of center, so get your map. There are three warships (one of which is gold and has a mohawk) near the island. Sink them all, and one will drop a special treasure chest (you need to haul it up from a glowing spot like when you fought the squids). Inside is a Triforce Map (#5). This is very important. Trust me. Land on the island, there’s even more stuff to do. Now, there is a block of ice on top of a hole. Melt it with a fire arrow and drop down. There are a bunch of torches you need to light here (6, to be exact) using fire arrows. Look all around and use your telescope, that’s the best advice I can offer because it is kinda hard to describe. You get 100 rupees for your efforts. Take the shining spot back out of here. A bird will attack you, so kill it. Run to where there is a fire. Use a pear to gain control of a bird. You want to fly up to the top of the spire here, avoiding the other birds. The easiest way I found is to spiral around it. You can also try to take out the birds beforehand with arrows, but I never have any luck. Anyway, at the top of the spire is a crystal. Fly through it to shut off the flames, then switch back to Link. Open the chest for a piece of heart. Finally, we can leave. Sail S to (1,2).
Diamond Steppe Island is dead center. Get your map. A few things here. First, there is some treasure to be found. Use treasure map #23. The chest you pull up has a piece of heart. Yay! Now, you can’t ‘land’, per se, on the island, but you can get close and grapple onto it. Do so and get up to the top. Jump into the hole. This is a maze of warp jars. Jump into the first one you see and it will take you to an area with four more (with lids that must be burnt off). Now, one is the one you just came through, one is wrong (and warps you back to the beginning), one takes you to a joy pendant, and one is right and will take you to another area of four jars (except the one that had a joy pendant is ‘wrong’ now and takes you back). Continue until you get to the end where you grab a ghost ship map. Watch out for floormasters, especially the one at the end. He grabs you as soon as you land, so you need to be quick. Once you get it, leave and go back to King. Go to your treasure map screen and look at it. It’s a chart that correlates moon phases to islands. One of them is the diamond island we’re on. Basically, play the Song of Passing repeatedly so it cycles night-day-night- day until that moon phase. When it is, sail around the island and you’ll find a ghost ship. Sail into it. Drop down and fight a bunch of enemies (ghosts, a stalfos, a wizzrobe or two, and a re-dead). Kill them all to make a ladder drop. Climb up it and open the chest for another Triforce map (#4). Too bad you can’t read it… yet. You’ll be teleported back to King, and now it’s day. Sail S to (1,1).
The island here is slightly W of center. Get your map, then land on Horseshoe Island. Ever played mini golf? Well, we’re gonna play now, Zelda style. As you try to walk up, tentacles will pop up out of the ground. Behind them you can make out a flag. You want to take the balls here and get one into a hole that is in front of the flag. Do so and the tentacles will disappear. Do this for two more holes to get to the top and make a chest appear. Ignore it for now and drop into the hole. Kill the mothulas for treasure map #8. Use the pillar of light to get back out. Now, from up here, set the wind E and use the leaf to glide to your chest, treasure map #28. Hop in King and sail to (2,1)
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. We don’t need a map of here, so ignore the fish. You want to land and head up to the broken rope bridge area. There is a man there with a telescope, and if you follow his line of sight, you can see a giant stone head. Climb up to the highest point here, set the wind NW and glide to it. Once you land, pick it up and drop into the hole. This is a LONG mini- dungeon. You have to go through 30 floors, killing enemies on each one. They don’t drop items (though there are refills after each 10 levels). This is your last chance to back out, though you shouldn’t need to. To continue, go into the hole. To leave, use the pillar of light.
Here’s a tip sent in from Ray Strife that may make your life easier: ‘I have another bit of info I’d say it’s more of a glitch than an info. Im taking credit for this and but I don’t know if some one else has found this out. Im guessing that your going to be the first one to post this info on a faq if you decide to post it. You know on the mini dungeon on Link’s home island where you keep going down the holes to advance and the enemies get harder as they go along? Well, as you said that when you kill the badies they don’t drop anything to help refill you magic meter or give you any hearts. But I found out that if you use your grappling hook on them the grappling hook still steals hearts, magic jars, and rupees from the enemies.
If you’re fighting hordes of enemies, it’s not that wise of an idea, but when you only have a couple left, hey, give it a shot. Thanks for the tip!

Alright, here’s what you’ll fight, floor by floor:
1) A bunch of keese
2) A couple imps
3) Some bokoblins
4) Red chuchus
5) Magtails
6) Keese AND imps
7) Fire keese AND magtails
8) Fire keese AND bokoblins
9) 2 moblins
10) REFILL LEVEL (use the light to leave, hole to continue)
11) Peahats
12) 4 green chuchus
13) 5 boko babas
14) Bokoblins
15) A bunch of mothulas
16) Peahats AND boko babas
17) Green chuchus AND bokoblins (in jars)
18) Mothulas AND bokoblins
19) 2 Flying mothulas
21) 3 wizzrobes
22) Armos
23) 2 Armos knights
24) 6 or 7 yellow chuchus (in jars)
25) 4 red bubbles
26) 2 bokoblins AND a darknut
27) Wizzrobe AND 3 armos
28) 2 red bubbles AND 2 Armos knights
29) 2 darknuts
30) The end… ?

Stand on the blue mark on the floor and play the Wind’s Requiem to create a chest. Open it for another Triforce map (#6). Now, for the astute observer, you can make the statue disappear and continue down using the light that shines after you open the chest. Only continue if you made it through here relatively unscathed, and if your 4 bottles are full (I suggest Granny’s soup and 3 fairies).

31) 6 Re-deads
32) 5 Blue bubbles
33) 6 Black chuchus
34) 5 Poes
35) 3 Flying mothulas
36) Moblins AND Re-deads
37) Flying mothula AND black chuchus
38) Moblins AND Poes
39) Blue bubbles AND Stalfos knights
40) REFILL LEVEL (except with no refills(!?!?), just rupees)
41) A CRAPLOAD of imps (at least 20)
42) A CRAPLOAD of chuchus (red, green, and yellow; use bombs/hammer to stun a lot at once)
43) 5 Wizzrobes (hit the switch)
44) A CRAPLOAD of bokoblins (in the dark, too!)
45) Stalfos knights AND Re-deads
46) Moblins AND darknuts
47) Wizzrobes AND darknuts
48) 3 Stalfos knights
49) 4 Darknuts
50) Heart piece!

In the Japanese game, the bottom level was a stupid 10 rupees. Here, it’s a piece of heart. Be happy. And that makes 4.
Use the pillar of light to get back out. Go to Orca’s house. Give him 10 knight’s crests (you should have that many) and he will teach you the Hurricane Spin. It is an upgraded spin attack that uses magic. It isn’t useful at all. But we’re going for completeness.
Go down to King and sail N to (2,2).
NW of center, you’ll find Five-eye Reef. Get your map, then clear out the fort.
You should be getting good at this by now (no ships this time, just several pairs of wall turrets). Now, before you hookshot on top of the wall to get your chest, sail around to the upper right ‘dot’ and use treasure map #12 to get 200 rupees. Now get on top of the wall. Of course, they had to put the chest on the center ‘dot.’ Getting this will be a little more complicated than before, but not really since I am telling you what to do and all. There is a spot on the E wall that looks tempting to start from, but no. We want the S wall. Near the end is a high point you can use to glide to the lower left ‘dot’ (you want the wind to be blowing N, but it should be anyway). Now set the wind NE and glide to the center ‘dot.’ Grab the chest for a treasure map (#41). Hop back in King and sail N to (2,3).
In the NE corner, you’ll find our ‘island.’ As always, you’ll want the map, but you may or may not want to wait, depending on where the fish is. See, Islet of Steel is really a metal fort, guarded by about 4 ships and 2 turrets. You may need to kill them all to get at the fish. Regardless of when you do it, you’ll want to kill everything. Before you go inside, use treasure map #35 to find 200 rupees right around the island. After that, head inside. Get over to the steps, walk up them, and play the Wind’s Requiem on the blue emblem. Open the chest for another Triforce map (#1). After that, you can leave the fort and sail N to (2,4).
We were here briefly once before, if you recall, and our stop will be brief again. Greatfish Isle, is dead center. Stop to get your map, then continue N to (2,5).
We were also here briefly, too. On the way to the island, there are some pirate ships (S of the island) you can fight. One drops 100 rupees, the other drops a piece of heart. Both are very nice prizes. Just E of center, there are 3 watchtowers. You have probably seen these on your journey. The two outer ones have 4 turrets each on them. Kill them to create chests. Now the matter of getting to the chests. The center tower has a weird ladder thing you need to hookshot onto (aim at least halfway up) to climb up top. The center and east towers each have stupid prizes (a golden feather and a skull necklace, maybe), but the west one has 100 rupees. You need to set the wind W, glide over, and use the tornado for a boost to get onto the tower. When you’re done, back in the boat with you. Rock Spire Island is NW of center, get your map. You can use treasure map #2 to get another piece of heart. Sailing around the island is the traveling salesman. Stop inside to buy the treasure map (#4) and piece of heart (that’s three from this single dinky island!) you couldn’t get before. It’ll leave us just about broke, but oh well. Now get to the island itself. This is pretty easy, you want to throw bombs at the boulders, timing them so they will blow up and take the boulders with them. Get past them to a hole, and drop in. Use fire arrows to light two torches here, then fight about a billion keese. Kill them all and get a chest with a treasure map inside (#37). Get back outside, hop into King, and sail N to (2,6).
We’ve been here several times. This is where we got the fire/ice arrows, but you can’t reach that area from where we are. In fact, from where we are, there is very little to do. Get your map (the Mother & Child Isles are E of center). Using this and treasure map #29, get a 200 rupee piece. Continue N to (2,7). Finally, somewhere new. Sail N of center to find the Star Island and get your map. Use it, in conjunction with treasure map #7, to get 200 more rupees. Land on the island. There are several large boulders, which you can either pick up and throw or blow up with bombs. It doesn’t really matter either way. One has a hole under it. Naturally, drop into it. Kill 3 magtails, then 2 bokoblins, then 2 more bokoblins (with shields), then 2 moblins, and you’ll get a chest with a piece of heart inside (four again!). Leave, get on King, and go E to (3,7). This is the Northern Fairy Island from earlier. It is SE of center. Get your map. W of center, there is a sub you can (and should) enter. There are 4 big moblins inside. Kill them and nothing will happen. Climb back up to the ledge you were on when you entered, and use the lanterns to swing across to a little door. Inside is a chest with a treasure map inside (#22). Grab it and leave. Around the island, you can pull up 200 rupees with treasure map #24. Sail S to (3,6).
Spectacle Island is SW of center. Get your map, and you can use it with treasure map #22 (the one we just got a second ago) for 200 rupees. Land on the island, and climb up to the guy on the little building. He’s only awake during the day, so play the Song of Passing if need be. He’s a lot like the guy from the Battleship game back at Windfall Island, but this is slightly different. You use the cannon to blow up targets. You get 10 shots to hit 5. Win and you get a piece of heart the first time and a treasure map (#17) the second time. The only downside is that it costs 50 rupees each try. Just take it slow. That’s the only tip I can offer. Get back onto King and sail to (3,5). Or use the Ballad of Gales, it doesn’t really matter.
S of center, you’ll find Tingle Island. Get your map and then land. Climb up the tower to talk to Tingle. He’ll translate Triforce maps at 398 rupees a piece. Get one done, but we’ll come back for more later. **GBA note** If you found Knuckle, he’ll be dancing around in some flowers. If you got the golden Tingle statues, they’ll be here. Talk to the guy in pink (Ankle) and he will pay you 50 rupees per statue, and a bonus 500 rupees for all 5. **end GBA note** Sail S to (3,4).
Another one of these. Cyclops Reef is located SE of center. You know the drill, get your map then clear the fort. Again, hookshot onto the wall. This time, we want to be on the E wall and glide W to the lone middle ‘dot.’ Open the chest for a treasure map (#21). Hop into King, but don’t leave quite yet. If you noticed, we can get that treasure, the one from our brand new map, right here! So, go find it and pull up a chest with the light ring map. When there is a full moon, special glowing spots (the kind you pull treasures from) appear that aren’t around when it isn’t a full moon. This map tells you which squares have those. Not worth worrying about, but we’re trying to be complete here. Sail S to (3,3).
Very slightly SE of center is a watchtower. Kill all the turrets (there are a lot), to make a chest appear. Hookshot up and kill 2 bokoblins. One chest has 20 rupees, and the other (the one you made appear) has a piece of heart. Whee. W of center is Stone Watcher Island. As always, get your map. Land on the island and climb up to the top where there is a giant stone head. Pick it up, chuck it, and drop into the hole you find. This is another one of those places where you need to go into each room, kill the enemies inside, then come out and clear the next room. Not hard. Going clockwise around the center room, starting with the first door on your left as you first enter (which is the order I always clear these places in, for some reason): 4 armos, 2 moblins, bar door, 3 wizzrobes, 5 bokoblins. After you clear the four enemy rooms, the center room will have 2 darknuts. Kill them and the bar door will open (it’s the one with the Triforce emblem above it if you get disoriented in the heat of battle). Enter it to find a blue emblem. Play the Wind’s Requiem on it to create a chest with another Triforce map (#7). Leave, get on King, and sail S to (3,2).
We want to go S of center to find Shark Island. It’s shaped like a shark, see? Anyway, get your map, then use it (with treasure map #16) to pull up a chest with another treasure map in it (#28). Land on the island. We’ve got a little switch puzzle here. First, clear out all the weeds, trees, and bushes. Now hit all the switches. Order may or may not matter, I did them in this order: gold switch, crystal switch, hammer switch, iron boot switch. The flames will die, giving you access to a hole. Go inside and fight imps, bokoblins with shields, moblins, wizzrobes, and darknuts. If you can beat this fight, you will have no problem with the rest of the game. For your trouble, you get 200 rupees. Leave and go S one more time to (3,1).
There is a sub located barely N of center. If you enter and kill a bunch of rats, you can get a treasure map (#14). The island itself we’ve visited a few times, it’s Headstone Island (the earth dungeon). It’s located SE of center. Get your map, then sail E to (4,1).
Two-eye Reef is N of center. As if I had to tell you, get your map and clear the fort. This is the easiest reef in one respect. Get on the wall and get to the highest point on the E wall (the one you start on). Glide W over to the lower right ‘dot’ for a treasure map (#13). Sail N to (4,2).
Dead center is a trio of watchtowers. They form like an L, with a westernmost one, a southernmost one, and one in the middle. Kill all the turrets you see to create two chests (both on the center watchtower). Climb onto the W tower and glide over to the center one. Open the two chests here to get a skull necklace and treasure map #40. The other attraction here is Southern Fairy Island. This will be short. The island is NW of center, so get your map. Now, use treasure map #4 to get a piece of heart. Sail N to (4,3).
We’ve been here before; this is one of the islands where we placed a pearl to raise the Tower (Southern Triangle Island). It is located dead center. Get your map and continue N to (4,4).
Another sub can be found SW of center. Clear it to get a piece of heart (which makes four and yet another complete heart). Six-eye Reef, the last reef, is located NE of center. Get your map and clear it. Before you get off of King, use treasure map #6 for 200 more rupees. Now climb up on the wall and run to the highest point on the S wall (again, the one you start on). Glide N to get the chest, a treasure map (#26). Sail N to (4,5).
Another one of those pearl islands (Northern Triangle Isle). It is located dead center. Get your map, then use your brand new treasure map (#26) to pull up a map of all the giant squids (big octos, but they’re not octoroks, they’re squids, because they have pointed heads), which we killed already. Sail or teleport N to (4,6).
Use treasure map #18 to pull up the biggest haul in the game: ONE FREAKING RUPEE! I bet the ink and parchment to make that map cost at least 10 times as much. Land and make sure it is daytime. You SHOULD be rich, unless you went out spending without me telling you to. Go to Iceman’s shop and buy two town flowers (because you can only hold 3 of his goods and you already have a pinwheel). Go talk to Miss Marie in the school about volunteering. Notice the little metal platforms she has in her classroom (they’re all over the island, too). Put town flowers in them. Repeat until every platform on the island (inside and outside) has them. There are 14 outside, 4 in Miss Marie’s school, 2 in Lenzo’s shop, 4 in the battleship game, 4 in Maggie’s house, 4 in the auction house (including 2 on stage you need to jump to from Maggie’s house (the second floor of the auction building)), and 2 in the potion shop. That makes 34 total (340 rupees). There is a man on a bench near Iceman’s shop. Talk to him twice when you are done to get a piece of heart.
Sail N to (4,7).
Gale Isle (the wind dungeon) is NE of center. Get your map, then sail E to (5,7).
N (and slightly E) of center is a sub. Inside are about a bazillion imps. You can tell your progress because 4 lanterns light up as you go. Clear it to get a treasure map (#9). Crescent Moon Island itself is located at dead center. Get your map and then use treasure map #11 to get a piece of heart. Now land on the island and get the easy chest for another treasure map (#10). Sail S to (5,6). This island is found SW of center and is guarded by a lone pirate ship. Kill it and get your map. Now use treasure map #30 to snag another piece of heart. Land on the island. Welcome to Pawprint Isle (called that for obvious reasons). On the side of the turtle shell thing is a hole you can crawl through to get inside. Drop into the hole there and you’ll be in a maze. From where you land, go straight into the first area and kill some chuchus. Now take the right passage and destroy the boulder you see to open a little alcove. In the alcove is a chest with a joy pendant. Go back to where you found the boulder and continue the way you were going. Here you can find another chest, this one with a piece of heart (and makes four!). Now go back to the very first area and take the passage you haven’t yet. Lift the boulder blocking the way and grab a chest with 50 rupees. Go back to the first area one more time, and on one wall, you can see grapple poles. Use the grappling hook to pull yourself up to a ledge up there for one last chest with 20 rupees. You can leave this place now. On the ‘toes’ of the paw are trees. One is really weird looking (like a cactus). Get into King, sail near it, and hookshot up. There is a hole here to drop into. Kill some wizzrobes and you’ll get 200 rupees. Go back to King and sail S to (5,5).
Eastern Fairy island. It is SE of center. Get your map and keep going S to (5,4).
The Tower of the Gods. This place is freaking huge, you can see it from squares and squares away. As if you couldn’t find it, it is dead center. Get a map, then use treasure map #14 to get 200 more rupees. Quite the stockpile you should have going. We need it for all those Triforce maps, remember. Sail S to (5,3). Quite a while ago (section m), I told you of a quest with the teacher and students at Windfall Island. At the end, you give the teacher 20 joy pendants and she gives you a piece of paper. If you haven’t done that, go back and do it, then come back here. The island is SE of center. Get your map, then use treasure map #1 to get 200 rupees. Land on the island. Behind the house is a ledge. Use the hookshot to get on top of it, then get a chest here for treasure map #27. Go to the door of the house (which looks like a butler) and use the cabana deed on it (it’s in the delivery bag). Now you can open the door and go inside. Look up to see a grapple switch. Activate it and the fireplace will go out, exposing a hole. Drop down. This is a maze, so pay attention. You need to keep your bearings, even through some (simple) battles. From where you start, go forward and take the first right. Follow this path to the fork, and go right. Take the ladder here down. Crawl into the little hole on the same wall as the ladder. Take the first right (there is no choice). As the forks come up, go straight, straight, left. Take the next right (again, no choice) to enter a room of pots. Smash them for quite a few rupees. Crawl back into the hole and go left (no choice), left, and right (no choice) to find another ladder. Climb up it. Hit both switches here with the hammer and take the left door to find another ladder. Climb down it. If you are facing the ladder, there are two holes, one to your right and one directly behind you. Take the one to your right and follow it (there are no forks here). Open the chest at the end for 100 rupees, then crawl back to the ladder room. Take the other hole. Again, there are no choices, so follow it to the end: another ladder. Climb up. Go out into the big room. Hit the switch you can, but don’t go through the door. Instead, jump down the hole here. Fight two re-deads. There are two pots on one wall. Smash them to expose a hole. Crawl in. Follow the path to the end (no forks), where there is one last ladder. Climb up to find the familiar blue seal. Play the Wind’s Requiem for another Triforce map (#2). Hit the switch, and go through the door. Turn left and go straight until you hit a wall, then turn left again. Step through the door, turn right, right, and then left to get back out. Leave the house, get into King, and sail S to (5,2).
This is Ice Ring Isle, the giant iceberg where we got the iron boots. Not too much to do here. Get your map (the island is SW of center). Kill the boat patrolling the island. Now, with the help of treasure map #17, pull up a chest with 200 rupees inside. Sail S to (5,1).
This is a pair of small islands, the Angular Isles, and they’re located S of center. Get your map, then use treasure map #15 to find a piece of heart. Sail to the islands, though you can’t exactly ‘land.’ There’s a block puzzle on each island, start with the bigger one. Run around to the side opposite of where you start, and you’ll see a discolored block in the wall. Pull it out one step. That’s the trick with these puzzles, knowing when to pull things out all the way or just partially. Anyway, that’s enough for you to climb on it and then up to the next ledge. Go around to the other side and push the block off the ledge. Drop down to it and pull it as far as it can go (in the direction you were pushing earlier). Now climb on it and up to the ledge you can reach. Pull the block you can out one step and you can climb up to the very top for a piece of heart. Get in King and sail near the small island. Use the hookshot on the tree to get up and drop into the hole. There is a column of blocks here, with one pushable block on the floor (on the left side). Pull that around to the right side, so it is exactly opposite of where it was before. Hop on top and you can pull a block out one step. Now hop down and you can pull the bottom block back one step. Get back up and pull this block one more step. The column will drop by one. Get on top of the second box and climb up, pulling things out at one step intervals as needed. You’ll eventually make it to the top with two spotlights