Level Passwords

Start the ‘SPIRIT’ game. Press START > Continue Game > and then enter one of the following passwords of your choice. (A – Select, B – Cancel)

The Prairie Part I – FdCMLzytkjClvr
The Prairie Part II – HdCFyCvtcgClvc
The Prairie Complete – DdCtGDvtrjCMxG

The Forest Part I – ydCLLHvtsbCKzr
The Forest Part II – BdCBDFvttbCLGm
The Forest Complete – BHswylmkqbsMMr

The Desert Part I – LHswxnmkrdCMnh
The Desert Part II – NHspxmpkrdCMdz
The Desert Complete – JHjwwmpkrdCLGw

Cliffs and Caves Part I – DHjBBqpkrdCMHr
Cliffs and Caves Part II – GHjtyqmkrdCMHm
Cliffs and Caves Complete – cNjwwlmkrdCMxh

Fort Complete/Final Chase – hNjDFnmkrbCMnw