WWF Betrayal for GBA Cheats

WWF Betrayal Cheats for GBA

The Rock Parking Lot-1314 Austin Battle-1411 Street Fight-2413 Subway-2214 Undertaker Battle-2412 Titan Towers-3114 HQ-3312 Triple H Battle-4111 The Undertaker Parking Lot-1334 Austin Battle-1431 Street Fight-2413 Subway-2234 Rock Battle-2432 Titan Towers-3134 HQ-3332 Triple H Battle-4131 Stone Cold Parking Lot-1344 Rock Battle-1441 Street Fight-2443 Subway-2244 Undertaker Battle-2442 Titan Towers-3144 HQ-3342 Triple H...
WWE Road To Wrestlemania X8 for GBA Cheats

WWE Road To Wrestlemania X8 Cheats for GBA

Team Just Bring It shirt Win the Rumble as The Rock. Test cap Win the King Of The Ring as Test. Triple H Bobble-head Win the King Of The...
Worms World Party for GBA Cheats

Worms World Party Cheats for GBA

All weapons Display the weapon selection menu during game play. Highlight the 'Skip-Go' option, then press A, but do not activate it. Return to to...
Wolfenstein 3D for GBA Cheats

Wolfenstein 3D Cheats for GBA

God mode Pause the game, then hold L + R and press A(2), B, A(5). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a...
Winx Club for GBA Cheats

Winx Club Cheats for GBA

Blooms Strong Attack Hold A as long as desired to do a strong attack. If you want to do a powerful or weak attack, press...
Wing Commander Prophecy for GBA Cheats

Wing Commander: Prophecy Cheats for GBA

Alien Ships in Tactical Database To view all of the alien ships in the Tactical Database input the following sequence at the ''Press Start'' screen:...
Wild Thornberrys The Movie for GBA Cheats

Wild Thornberrys: The Movie Cheats for GBA

Enable Level Select Enter HB5F as a password
Wild Thornberrys Chimp Chase for GBA Cheats

Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase Cheats for GBA

Level Passwords Level Password Jungle 2 4S7JXTJ3 Jungle 3 473H1SZD Plains 1 B147T3B2 Plains 2 4DZZFB7F Plains 3 Y5TSGWK2 Arctic 1 6GRHJ74W Arctic 2 KF3W?6Jr Arctic 3 MR8594NJ Outback 1 8!YJCDH4 Outback 2 !!2VKJFS Outback 3 NDC4SJ3S End M661M8LB  
WarioWare Twisted! for GBA Cheats

WarioWare: Twisted! Cheats for GBA

Mini-game Get a high score on every micro-game through Zukan mode to unlock a bonus mini-game. Easy mini-game tower Successfully complete Warioman to unlock the easy mini-game...
Wario Land 4 for GBA Cheats

Wario Land 4 Cheats for GBA

Super hard difficulty setting Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Start a new game, and the super hard difficulty setting can now...