All Toa Missions Completed

Enter FD555B as a name.

All Toa Symbols

Go to the passwords screen and enter 3QQQGC. Toggle from toa to toa nuva by pressing R.

Have Onua’s Level Done

To complete Onua’s level, just go to passwords and put in ‘WLBQBB’.

Unlock Minigames

Unlock a selection of six minigames by entering unusual names. Start a new game and choose one of the names below as the name of your character. After the adventure begins, save your game. When you reset and select a single-player minigame, the name’s corresponding game will be available.

Name – MiniGame

8mr472 – ussal crab dig
9ma268 – ngalawa boat race
5mg834 – koli football
3LT154 – kewa bird riding
V33673 – huai snowball sling
4cr487 – ignala lava surfing