Monster Jam Maximum Destruction for GBA Cheats

Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction Cheats for GBA

Bonus trucks Unlock the Incredible Hulk truck, then finish the game again to unlock another bonus truck. This may be done up to three times...
Bomberman Story for GBA Cheats

Bomberman Story Cheats for GBA

Balloons in arcade mode When playing in arcade mode, there is an easy way to get 40 balloons. Start off with the side that has...
Zatch Bell Electric Arena for GBA Cheats

Zatch Bell: Electric Arena Cheats for GBA

Unlock Brago & Sherry Win against them in Story mode  
NHL 2003 for GBA Cheats

NHL 2003 Cheats for GBA

Passwords Pittsburgh season - Password 1 - CSKMCDZS 2 - 8LOFLLWN 3 - +BQBQGV3 4 - 9QCWSF3F
Lucky Luke Wanted for GBA Cheats

Lucky Luke: Wanted Cheats for GBA

Level Passwords 2 - 0711 3 - 4011 4 - 0401 5 - 8841 6 - 4241 7 - 0631 Level Select Enter 2571 as your password.  
Harvest Moon More Friends Of Mineral Town for GBA Cheats

Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town Cheats for GBA

Cliff's biography His birthday is Summer 6, and alternately Summer 10. If you do not marry him, he will marry Ann. On Fall 17 Duke...
GT Advance 2 Rally Racing for GBA Cheats

GT Advance 2: Rally Racing Cheats for GBA

All tracks At the title screen, hold L + B and press Right. All cars At the title screen, hold L + B and press Left. All tune-ups At...
Bubble Bobble Old And New for GBA Cheats

Bubble Bobble Old And New Cheats for GBA

Bonus items Enter one of the following initials at the high score screen, then start a new game to unlock the following items and effects. Code Effect Enter...
Wario Land 4 for GBA Cheats

Wario Land 4 Cheats for GBA

Super hard difficulty setting Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Start a new game, and the super hard difficulty setting can now...
Driven for GBA Cheats

Driven Cheats for GBA

Unlock All Cars and Tracks Enter 29801 on the code screen, and all cars and tracks will be unlocked. Unlock the Game Stop Car Enter 07913 on...