Game Unlockables

You must go into Wireless Connection on both Spirit Caller and Nightmare Troubadour. Then in Nightmare Troubadour make a room and enter the room with Spirit Caller. It should save the game. Then exit the wireless connection on both games. When you get back to your Dorm Room in Spirit Caller go into your closet and you should have acquired: Stuffy Collared Shirt, Cheap Duel Disk, and depending on your level and card collection in Nightmare troubadour you get the titles: Amateur, Self-proclaimed Expert, Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Expert, and OCG Expert.

Unlock Dropout Boy Title

Lose 475 duels.

Unlock King of Duels

Win 475 duels

Unlock Duel Coat

Get from Crowler when you defeat him.

Unlock Hawaiian Shirt

Get from Atticus when you defeat him

Unlock North Academy Uniform

Get from Chazz when you defeat him

Unlock Academy Jersey

Get from Fonda when you defeat her

Unlock Black Uniform

Get from Chazz when you defeat him

Unlock Yellow Uniform

Get from Professor sartyr when you defeat him.