Standard Endless mode

Get over 200 lines to complete Standard mode to unlock the ‘Endless’ option when selecting a level in Standard Marathon mode.

Bonus music tracks

Successfully complete the following tasks in Standard Marathon mode to unlock the corresponding music track at the sound test menu:

Ancient Tetris (Tetris GB Music A): Reach level 19
Balloon Tetris (Touch Mode Theme): Reach level 14
Basement Tetris (Super Mario Bros. 1-2): Reach level 3
Bowser Battle (Super Mario Bros. 1-4): Reach level 10
CongraTetris: Successfully complete Standard Marathon mode
Mario Tetris 3 (Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld): Reach level 4
Rushed Tetris: Reach level 16
Tetris Climber (Ice Climber Theme): Reach level 15
Tetris DK (Push Mode Theme): Reach level 13

In-game reset

While playing the game, hold L + R + Select + Start.