Guitar Hero On Tour - Modern Hits for DS Cheats

Guitar Hero: On Tour – Modern Hits Cheats for DS

Gold costumes Successfully complete the game to unlock gold costumes at the bottom of the clothing menu for all characters.  
Catz for DS Cheats

Catz Cheats for DS

Easy pictures for Adoption Center and others For easy pictures, just go into Cuddle mode. Take a picture when the cat walks towards you. It...
Fighting Fantasy The Warlock of Firetop Mountain for DS Cheats

Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Cheats for DS

Open chests without picking the lock Face a locked treasure chest so that you the hand appears on the touchscreen. Go to the character screen...
Pokemon Diamond for DS Cheats

Pokemon Diamond Cheats for DS

Getting all Pokemon You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from your Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game,...
Last Airbender, The for DS Cheats

Last Airbender, The Cheats for DS

Upgrade health Enter Air, Water, Fire, Fire as a code. Focus upgrade Enter Earth, Earth, Water, Earth as a code. Heavy Hitter Enter Water, Earth, Fire, Fire as a...
Battle Of Giants Mutant Insects for DS Cheats

Battle Of Giants: Mutant Insects Cheats for DS

Cheat codes At the main menu, choose the 'Options' selection, and select the 'Unlock Rewards' option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate...
Metroid Prime Hunters for DS Cheats

Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats for DS

Jump higher with Morphball (demo version) Go into Morphball mode and remain absolutely still. Set all bombs down quickly. Once the bombs explode, immediately change...
Family Feud 2010 Edition for DS Cheats

Family Feud: 2010 Edition Cheats for DS

Bonus items and wardrobes At the 'Wardrobe' screen, tap the 'Padlock' tab, then enter 'FAMILY' as a code to unlock bonus items and wardrobes.  
Super Mario 64 DS for DS Cheats

Super Mario 64 DS Cheats for DS

Star bonus Obtain all 150 stars and go outside the castle. Climb inside the cannon opening that is now located where the grating was near...
Unsolved Crimes for DS Cheats

Unsolved Crimes Cheats for DS

Bonus case Successfully complete all twelve cases with all queries answered to unlock Case 13. You can play it by choosing 'Continue' at the title...