Unlimited Rings for Knuckles

With Knuckles and his digging claws, go to the beach front outside the hotel and dig around for a magnetic shield. Once this is found, go into the hotel and up the stairs. Press the floor switch and rings will appear, collect these and press the switch again, the rings will appear every time, giving Knuckles 999 rings and 9 extra lives.

Game Tip

To beat Perfect Chao you’ll have to run across the the water till you get the top speed. If you get the top speed you’ll see a blue thing surrounding you. Go near the Chao and either press A or X and you will roll into a ball and it will automatically go into Chao and hit his brain. If you are not fast enough you’ll be chucked out and you’ll have to do this 3 times. Then there will be another fight with Chao but this time it’s more difficult. Same, you’ll have to hit him 3 times.

Play as Super Sonic

Beat the game with all six starting characters to unlock Super Sonic.

Play as Tails

Controller two may be used to control Tails after he is obtained in the game. Note: Shields, invincibility and extra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected.

Full pause screen

Pause the game and press Y + X.

Hidden artwork

Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find several rendered images from the game.

Twinkle Park Race views

Press Up during the Twinkle Park Race level to change views.

Different Characters colors

To Change the Characters color get every emblem in the trail mode.

Trick Embles with knuckles

Here’s a trick that will get you emblems under one minute. Locate the first emerald, but don’t touch it. Now restart the level. Next, run to this same point as you can. the emerald shards act as save points, so locate the next shard and repeat the process until you have three!

Clone Knuckles

Play through the game to get Super Sonic. In Super Sonics Adventure, go to the crashed island. There you see Knuckles and Eggman. Press A + B + X + Y + Start after the clip. Then choose Knuckles. Go to the same place, and there are two Knuckles.

Change View

In Twinkle Park Race, press UP to toggle between inside, outside, and far out view.

No pause menu

Press X and Y together at the pause menu.


Put the disc into your PC CD ROM drive. In a directory called extras you will find wallpapers for your PC.

Faster Sonic spins

Continuously tap X or B to spin faster.

Faster Spins for Sonic

Continuously tap X or B to spin faster.

Select Sonics Snowboard

Just before you enter the snowboarding phase of the Ice Stage you can press X to obtain Sonics Blue snowboard or B to get Sonics Yellow Snowboard.