Virtua Tennis for Dreamcast Cheats

Virtua Tennis Cheats for Dreamcast

Play against Master and King Successfully complete arcade mode using no continues and without losing a round on the normal difficulty setting to play against...
Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare for Dreamcast Cheats

Alone in the Dark – The New Nightmare Cheats for Dreamcast

Skip FMV sequences Hold L + R and press A.
Quake III Arena for Dreamcast Cheats

Quake III Arena Cheats for Dreamcast

Cheat mode Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock a maze mini-game on the VMU. Successfully complete the maze-mini game to unlock...
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2 for Dreamcast Cheats

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2 Cheats for Dreamcast

Unlock All Boxers From the main menu, choose Arcade Mode. Then select one or two players. On the boxer select screen, press Left, Right, Left,...
Crazy Taxi 2 for Dreamcast Cheats

Crazy Taxi 2 Cheats for Dreamcast

Disable arrow indicators At the character selection screen appears, hold Start and press A. If you entered the code correctly, the message 'No Arrows' will...
Time Stalkers for Dreamcast Cheats

Time Stalkers Cheats for Dreamcast

Hidden artwork Place the game disc in your PC CD-ROM drive to find various art from the game in the 'BMP' directory Get Cooks Defeat all of...
Test Drive Le Mans for Dreamcast Cheats

Test Drive Le Mans Cheats for Dreamcast

Every Car in Quick Race Mode Put in MONSTA for the name and all the cars will be unlocked. Every Track in Quick Race Mode Put in...
Daytona USA 2 for Dreamcast Cheats

Daytona USA 2 Cheats for Dreamcast

Mirrored tracks Hold Start and choose a circuit at the selection screen.
Star Wars Episode 1 - Jedi Power Battles for Dreamcast Cheats

Star Wars Episode 1 – Jedi Power Battles Cheats for Dreamcast

Ki-Adi-Mundi Complete all seven training levels and save the game to unlock a Jedi named Ki-Adi-Mundi. Play as Darth Maul Successfully complete the game with Qui-Gon Jinn....
Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast Cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 Cheats for Dreamcast

Dark Garden for Chao Take a Chao and raise it with a Dark character. Feed and train it until it cocoons. After it evolves, stairs...