WWF Attitude for Dreamcast Cheats

WWF Attitude Cheats for Dreamcast

Taunt Opponent Hold Kick + Tie-Up and press Up, Left, Down or Right to taunt your opponent. Tag Team Moves When your opponent is stunned in a...
Bust-a-Move 4 for Dreamcast Cheats

Bust-a-Move 4 Cheats for Dreamcast

Another world At the title screen, press X, Left, Right, Left, X. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Select puzzle...
Quake III Arena for Dreamcast Cheats

Quake III Arena Cheats for Dreamcast

Cheat mode Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock a maze mini-game on the VMU. Successfully complete the maze-mini game to unlock...
Aerowings 2 - Airstrike for Dreamcast Cheats

Aerowings 2 – Airstrike Cheats for Dreamcast

Master cheat In order to get everything when you begin your game abort training mode and get to the game select screen then hold L-Trigger+X....
Soul Fighter for Dreamcast Cheats

Soul Fighter Cheats for Dreamcast

All Weapons At the cheat code screen, enter the following code to obtain all weapons. (A), (B), (X), (X), (Y), (A) Cheat Menu Press LEFT + (Y)...
Grand Theft Auto 2 for Dreamcast Cheats

Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats for Dreamcast

Cheat Codes Enter the following as a players name Code Effect ALLFREND Maximum respect for all gangs BADBOYZ Maximum Wanted level BIGCATS 99 lives BIGFRIES Infinite Electro Gun BIGGUNS All weapons BOYAKASH 5X multiplier DBLWAMMY Infinite double damage power-up ERRHUH Elvis pedestrians INFINITY Invincibility LAWLESS No police LOSTTOYS Have...
ESPN International Track and Field for Dreamcast Cheats

ESPN International Track and Field Cheats for Dreamcast

High jump and triple jump Finish in the top 3 in the first eight events in trial mode to unlock the high jump and triple...
Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare for Dreamcast Cheats

Alone in the Dark – The New Nightmare Cheats for Dreamcast

Skip FMV sequences Hold L + R and press A.
NFL 2K2 for Dreamcast Cheats

NFL 2K2 Cheats for Dreamcast

100 rated players To create a 100 rated RB, set the upper and lower body strength low enough to put all the other stats at...
Alien Front Online for Dreamcast Cheats

Alien Front Online Cheats for Dreamcast

Fog mode Start a new game and enter FOGFOGFOG as a name. Unlock all Tactics Stages Create a new character and name it %l2I?Il (%,lowercase L,2,uppercase i,?,uppercase...