Dog breeds

Get the indicated number of trainer points to unlock the corresponding dog breed. Note: The European and Japanese versions have different point requirements than the North American version.

Basset Hound: 9,800
Boxer: 5,800
Bull Terrier: 3,600
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 5,800
Chihuahua: 600
Dalmatian: 3,600
French Bulldog: 9,800
German Shepherd: 2,100
Jack Russel Terrier: 600
Labrador Retriever: 3,600
Miniature Schnauzer: 2,100
Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 7,400
Pomeranian: 2,200
Sheltie: 600
Shih Tzu: 7,400
Siberian Husky: 5,800
Toy Poodle: 9,800
Yorkshire Terrier: 7,400

Alternately, play the game for the indicated number of days to unlock the corresponding breed:
Basset Hound: 31 days
Boxer: 21 days
Bull Terrier: 15 days
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 21 days
Chihuahua: 5 days
Dalmatian: 15 days
French Bulldog: 31 days
German Shepherd: 11 days
Jack Russel Terrier: 5 days
Labrador Retriever: 15 days
Miniature Schnauzer: 11 days
Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 25 days
Pomeranian: 11 days
Sheltie: 5 days
Shih Tzu: 25 days
Siberian Husky: 21 days
Toy Poodle: 31 days
Yorkshire Terrier: 25 days

Holiday bonuses

Set the system date to the indicated day to unlock the corresponding bonus:

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17): Pet your puppy or kitten, and clover shapes will appear.


When you find cones on the road during a walk, slalom through them without touching any of them to get presents.

Sneezing dog

Call your puppy to you, then blow into the mic