Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean for 3DS Cheats

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Cheats for 3DS

Character codes Enter the following codes for the following characters. Character Code Ammand the Corsair ew8t6t Angelica (disguised) dlrr45 Angry Cannibal vgf32c Blackbeard d3dw0d Clanker zm37gt Clubba 644thf Davy Jones 4djlkr Governor Weatherby Swann ld9454 Gunner y611wb Hungry Cannibal 64bnhg Jack Sparrow vdjspw Jacoby bwo656 Jimmy Legs 13glw5 King George rked43 Koehler rt093g Mistress Ching gdetde Phillip wev040 Quartermaster rx58hu The Spaniard p861jo Twigg kdlfkd
Dead Or Alive Dimensions for 3DS Cheats

Dead Or Alive: Dimensions Cheats for 3DS

Geo-Thermal Plant stage Successfully complete Arcade mode to unlock the Geo-Thermal Plant stage. Bonus characters Successfully complete Chronicle mode, then complete one of the following task to...
StreetPass Mii Plaza for 3DS Cheats

StreetPass Mii Plaza Cheats for 3DS

Easy PlayCoins You can get more than 10 PlayCoins a day by changing the date under the system settings. You can earn one PlayCoin by...
Culdcept Cheats

Culdcept Cheats

V book library Win a game on the 'Junction' map to unlock the V (Virtual) book library plus one 'omakase (random) book' for each element....
3D Classics Excitebike Cheats

3D Classics: Excitebike Cheats

Reinitialize level To reinitialize the level, press start and after 'select save game', so now save the game and reload it and the level will...
Star Fox 64 3D Cheats

Star Fox 64 3D Cheats

Training mode Successfully complete the training portion of the game to unlock Training mode. Expert mode Get all fifteen medals in Nintendo 64 or 3DS mode to...
AR s for 3DS Cheats

AR Games Cheats for 3DS

Bonus mini-games Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mini-game: Main side AR Shot: Successfully complete Archery. Fishing: Successfully complete AR Shot. Flip Box: Successfully complete Fishing. Graffiti:...
Steel Diver for 3DS Cheats

Steel Diver Cheats for 3DS

Chapter 6 Successfully complete Chapters 1 through 5 with all three submarines to unlock Chapter 6. Chapter 7 Successfully complete Chapter 6 with all three submarines to...
Dream Trigger 3D for 3DS Cheats

Dream Trigger 3D Cheats for 3DS

Challenges Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding challenge bonus: Achiever: Get a High Score in every stage. Ambient Dreamer: Successfully complete 20 different stages...
BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 Cheats

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 Cheats

Extra Stories Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Extra Story in Story mode: Military Academy: See Noel's Canon ending in Story mode. Sector Seven:...