We’ve collected a great selection of games hacks, cheats, hints and tips to help you get the most enjoyment from your games. Please note, however, Cheat XS cannot guarantee that all cheats will work or are genuine. There are always a number of bogus cheats in circulation and gamers should be aware of this. Our advice is simple, try a cheat or hack and if you are sure you have followed the instructions accurately but it doesn’t work for you, don’t waste too much time on it, it could be that no such cheat actually exists.

You may also wish to use our comments section on the relevant cheat page to report any cheats that don’t work for the benefit of others. If we get enough reports that a cheat is a hoax then we will remove it from the site. Remember, the comments sections are there for your use and all posts are welcome, as long as they are relevant, do not use bad language and are not abusive or insulting.