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Pokemon Leaf Green

Here are our cheats, hints, tips and videos for 'Pokemon Leaf Green' for the GBA
Aerodactyl catcing
Go to 'Pewter city' and use cut on the tree next to the museum.Go into the house,speak to the professor on the middle of the floor.He`ll give you old amber.Then go to 'Cinnabar island' and then go to the labratory next to the pokèmon center.Then go to the room that is longest to the right.Talk whidt the prof. that are standing next to some kind of machine.Give him 'old amber'.He`ll say that you have to wait.Go out of the room and then in again.Talk width the prof. again and he`ll give you an Aerodactyl.
All 3 legendary birds
So here's how you get all 3 legendary birds it's easy if you have gotten up to Blaine and beaten him.

Moltres-Just beat Blaine, then Bill will talk to you and show you the 3 rainbow islands.go to island 1 and search north until you find Mount Ember and go to the top Moltres is there the best ball to catch it is with an ultra ball.

Zapdos-You have to go to rock tunnel and just above the pokemon centre there is water surf until you get to the bottom and go into the power plant in there is Zapdos 3 chances at an elctrode magnemites and some magnetons.

Articuno-you get Articuno un the seafoam islands just go through the cave in there head north and go down the laddar there is some boulders 2 infact just push them into the hole that is there you have to do it twice when you do the first go down the hole with it get back up there and do it with the second the currents will then take you to Articuno.
Get all pokemon
Beat the elite four ten times and then surf on the grass under pallet town and catch tangela. Then talk to pro oak and he will give you every pokemon
Catch Mewtwo
To catch Mewtwo, first you must beat the elite four and then get the sapphire and the ruby to give to Celio. You get the ruby from a secret entrance into Mount Ember on 1 island (which will be being guarded by two Rocket Grunts). Once you beat them (which won't be hard)they will tell you one of the two codes to get into the Rocket warehouse on another island. Then go into the cave and move through it. There won't be any battles and it doesn't take long. At the end there is the ruby, waiting for you to pick it up. Take it and leave. Give it to Celio in the 1 island Pokemon Center and go to the island with the brail cave. In the Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red box, there is a brail booklet. You can use it to crack the code on the Brail cave entrance door which will read 'use cut'. Use cut and enter. Inside there will be a hole. Drop into it and you will land in another room with four holes. At the back of this room there will be another brail stone. Use the brail booklet and read it. It will say up, down, left o r right. If it says right, drop into the hole on the right, if it says up, drop into the hole at the top of the room etc. Underneath this room there are three more rooms that will have brail stones reading different directions. Eventually you will land in a room with the sapphire on a table. If you attempt to take it, a Rocket guy will charge into the room and steal the sapphire, claiming it as his own but telling you the second code for the Rocket warehouse. To get it off him, you must go to the island with the Rocket warehouse and beat everyone in there, including Giovani's second in command. Before battling you he will go on about Giovani leaving. Beat him and go into the next room. The guy who took the sapphire will be sitting at a table. Talk to him and he will give you it to you. In turn, give it to a delighted Celio and then go back to Kanto. Fly to Cerulean city and enter Cerulean Cave. Go through the maze and find Mewtwo. He is extremely difficult to catch, but it's worth the trouble! Of course, it w on't be hard to catch him with the Master Ball if you saved it. If not keep trying and you might eventually catch him. He knows Psychic, Recover, Barrier and Swift.
Sacred ash
After you get Ho-ho check the place where ho-oh was and then you will get the sacred ash.
It will appear wild in the Victory Road after you get Mew.
Drawings in your trainer card
You can get drawings of your pokemon party at your trainer card, to do this you must go to the rocket game corner at celadon city, you must find a white machine at your right after you enter the building, then press the A button and it will ask you if you want a print of your pokemon at your trainer card.
To get this rare pokemon you must get the national dex, clear the pokemon league and get the ruby and the sapphire to the network machine at one island.
To get the ancient pokemon aerodactyl, go to the house to the right of the museum at pewter city. Note: you must have cut. Talk to the sciencist and he will give you the old amber. Take the old amber to the lab at cinnabar island and give it to a sciencist and let him bring it to life.
In-game reset
Press the following buttons during game play to reset the game: A + B + Start + Select.
National Dex
Have over 60 pokemon in your pokedex and defeat the elite four. Go to pallet town and see the professor and he will give you the national dex.
Get some TM's at the roof top of celadon dept. store
The only thing you need to do is the following: get the 3 different beverages from the vending machine and give them to the young girl there and she will give you 3 TM's.
Rare color pokemon
Every pokemon has one of it's specimen at a rare color, to get rare color pokemon you must play 60 hours simultaneously, then the rare color pokemon will be released at every route, cave, etc.
Altering cave pokemon
If you enter at this peculiar cave the only pokemon you can find is zubat, but if you have an e-reader and the correct cards you will fin
To get all the unowns you need to solve the tanoby key which it is in the sevault canyon entrance, after this you can catch them in the tanoby ruins at seven island.
Guards to saffron city
To get past the guards to saffron city go into the big building next to the celedon city dept store and on the first floor there is a old lady who will give you some tea the one you drink then go to the guard and he will say that tea looks nice ha I can have it and he will share the tea with the other guards.
How to catch Bulbasaur and charmander
To catch Bulbasaur look in the southern part of of Pallet Town and he should be there.To catch charmander go to the pokemon mansion in Cinnabar island and walk in it for about 10minutes and he should br there.
How to Duplicate Pokemon
Use the following trick to easily reproduce rare pokemon such as: Charizard, Lapras, etc. Capture a Ditto(this can be found at the cave at cerulean)take it to the daycare couple at island 4 and leave it there, put the pokemon you want to duplicate with the Ditto then get out and travel a little( this is the best way to get an egg easier) then come back until the old man comes uot of the gate and he will give you an egg, the pokemon that will hatch from the egg is the duplicate of the pokemon that you putted together with Ditto. Some Pokemon will not breed in this way(legendary pokemon).
How to get three master balls
To get this you must have all the old pokemon then you go to the lab in pallet town. talk to the person that gave you your beging pokemon he will say wow you have a lot of pokemon then he will give you and gary 3 master balls
Islands 1-3
To unlock islands 1-3 you must beat the first 7 gyms.
Mystery Gift
In any Pokemon Center, go to the clipboard by the shop owner and enter 'Link Together With All.' You will now have access to the mystery gift system.
Secret Pokemon
All of the secret pokemon from all the Games are back and are in this game. Ho-oh, Jirachi, Entei, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Suiicune, Raikou, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Latios and Latias. Introducing Deoxys the new Pokemon. You cannot get Mew, Celabi and Lugia, I don't know why but there not in this game(even the strategy guide says so).
The best cheat ever
Once u get the national pokedex by catching 60 pokemon and beating the elite four u can catch all 386 pokemon in a sertent place first go to all the islands and recieve everything on them then go to the safari zone and then go back out the go back in then go to the very back of the safari zone then there will be a cave go through it the time for the safari sone should be canceled so stock up with pokeballs before goin in now just search and search and every pokemon should be in there and easy to find
Unlock National Dex
Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.
To obtain Gengar, you must trade a Haunter with a friend with Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green using the wirless adapter or GBA link cable.
Baby Pokemon Eggs
To get a baby Pokemon first catch a Ditto(catch at routes 13 and 14, Pokemon Mansion and Cerulean Cave) and get another compatible Pokemon. E.g a Pokemon that is either a boy or girl. It has to be one or the other. Then go to four Island (where Lorelei lives) and go to the day- care center. The woman inside asks if you want her to take care of 1 or 2 of your Pokemon. Give her Ditto and the other Pokemon. Then exit and ride around on a bike for a while. Go back and talk to the man at the day- care fence. If he says 'We were so suprised, your Pokemon had an egg. I don't know how it got there, but do you want it?' Say yes and he will give you the egg. Again, ride around on the bike and eventually it will hatch. It will be a baby form of the boy or girl Pokemon you put in day- care earlier! Now you have your baby Pokemon!
DEOXYS( The real way to get it )
The code of deoxys that the pokemonmaster is wrong,this is the real form to get it: you must get the aurora pass through a nintendo event or by an action replay code then you get to birth island and there will be a triangle on the center ( it's a puzzle )you must move until the triangle is red and you will fight deoxys ( if you want the action replay code send me an e-mail ).
Extra money
This code requires VS Seeker and amulet coin. Give the amulet coin to a pokemon in which you're sure that you'll use and battle a trainer, one in which hands out alot of money. Walk around for 100 steps and re-battle the trainer. Repeat until you have a surplus of money.
Turn a Poke ball into a Master Ball:
When in a pokemon battle, go to the bag and click Pokeball (plain pokeballs only!). Then when the pokeball is about to fly hold A and B together. Next when the ball is about to open hold select and B and the pokeball should become a Master Ball...(In that it catches pokemon 100% of the time!)
Legendary Pokémon
Entei, Suicune, and/or Raikou will appear in the wild on the lands of Kanto after you have beaten the Elite Four and become Champion. However, only one will appear according to your starter:

Squirtle - Raikou
Bulbasaur - Entei
Charmander - Suicune
Trainer Card Stickers
Go to 'Island 2' and go to the bragget house where he asks you what you want to Brag about:

Egg Hatching Sticker 4th Lv - Hatch 300 Eggs.
Egg Hatching Sticker 3rd Lv - Hatch 200 Eggs.
Egg Hatching Sticker 2nd Lv - Hatch 100 Eggs.
Egg Hatching Sticker 1st Lv - Hatch 1 Egg.
Hall of Fame Sticker 4th Lv - Beat the Elite Four, 200 times.
Hall of Fame Sticker 3rd Lv - Beat the Elite Four, 100 times.
Hall of Fame Sticker 2nd Lv - Beat the Elite Four, 40 times.
Hall of Fame Sticker 1st Lv - Beat the Elite Four, 1 time.
Multibattle Link Win Sticker 1st Lv - Win 1 Battle.
Multibattle Link Win Sticker 2nd Lv - Win 20 Battles.
Multibattle Link Win Sticker 3rd Lv - Win 50 Battles.
Multibattle Link Win Sticker 4th Lv - Win 100 Battles.
Saving Time in the Safari Zone
When you are in the Safari Zone, it counts the number of steps you take to determine the amount of time you have left. Well, if you want to catch a rare Pokémon, but don't want to run out of time, enter the grass, then lightly tap the directional pad. You will change the way you are facing, but it will not count as a step. You can have near-infinite time in the Safari Zone doing this. It is helpful when some Pokémon, such as Chansey, appear in only one section of the Zone.
The most powerful team
Make sure your team is well balanced. You should have one of every type. That way the type advantage will usually be on your side! Here is my team as an example.

Charizard (Fire Flying)
Blastoise (Dark Water)
Venusaur (Grass Poison)
Mewtwo (Psychic)
Dragonite (Dragon Flying)
Raikou (Lightning Ground)

This was only an example. This team though has never lost.
Good moves
If you want to have a really strong team to prepare for the Elite Four, and you have all three starter pokemon, you should have venusaur learn Frenzy Plant and SolarBeam, Charizard learn Blast Burn and Fire Blast, and Blastoise learn Hydro Cannon and Hydro Pump. Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant are like the fire, water, and grass versions of Hyper Beam and cause as much damage as Hyper Beam (not counting weaknesses and strengths).
The real place to find Moltres is to get to First Island(after u beat Blaine Bill will take you there),go to the island with M.Ember, and keep going through each part until u see a giant red bird(A.K.A. Moltres).
Use the following trick to develop a strong Dragonite. Get a Dratini and evolve it to Dragonair. It must be a Dratini to be at its strongest. Then teach it Flarethrower, for Ice and Steel; Ice Beam, for Dragons; Outrage, because it is strong; and Hyper Beam to make it look right.
Gyarados will learn Hyper Beam at level 55.
Ledyba can be found in Pattern Bush on Six Island
Found in the Lost Cave.
Found on Route 1.
Found in the water by Memorial Pillar on Five Island.
Found in Icefall Cave on Four Island.
Found at pattern bush on Six Island.
Found in grassy areas where dotted hole is on Six Island.
Repel and Super Repel
Repel and Super Repel will keep all wild Pokemon of a lower level than the first Pokemon in your party from attacking. However, if the wild Pokemon is of the same level or higher, it will attack. Due to the decreased amount of Pokemon to fight, you will have less random encounters. To exploit the use of this, go to a cave with high level Pokemon such as at Victory Road or Union Cave. Use the Repel once inside. Find a boxed-in type of corner and tap the D-pad gently towards a wall. If done correctly, you will not hear a bumping sound. Doing this should not reduce the number of steps remaining on you Repel counter, because the Repel only counts movement that causes the character to take a step not turning. Just turn into a wall to make it easier for beginners. This trick is useful because you are always facing a Pokemon that is of equal or greater level, allowing you to get levels much faster than usual.
Running Shoes
Follow through Viridian Forest, go to Brock (the first gym leader), and defeat him. Brock has three Pokemon: Geodude level12, Onix level 14, and Geodude level 11. Then, go to the path that leads to Mount Moon's base. Try to go past the man standing slightly past the entrance. He should stop you. He is Professor Oak's assistant. After talking to him, he will give you the Running Shoes. Additionally, your aide will give you the Running Shoes after the first gym.
To catch a Zapdos, go to the Pokemon Center beside the Rock Cave. From the Pokemon Center, go up until you reach water. Surf to the Power Plant and go inside. Find your way around, and at the end you will find Zapdos, the Thunder type Legendary Bird.
Legendary Dogs
The legendary dog that you get in the game depends on your starter:
Johto Pokemon
To get your first Pokemon from the Johto Region, defeat the Elite Four. Go to Island 3, then go in the tunnel. Talk to the man and he will give you a Nugget. Go out the door, and there will be a small patch of grass. Walk around in it, and you will find your first Johto Pokemon
Silph Scope
Go to the underground path in Lavender Town and it will lead you to Celadon City. Then, go to the Rocket Game Corner. There will be a grunt looking at a poster. Defeat him, then select the poster
Finding Selphy
In the Lost Cave, start from the beginning and go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, and right. When she sees you, she will fight with two level 49 Persians. Afterwards you will go to her house and ask to see a Pokemon (Arkanine).
Determining Pokemon's feelings towards you
When you use an item on one of your Pokemon outside of a battle, such as a Potion, the Pokemon will either move closer or away from you in the short intermission sequence. How far the Pokemon moves depends on how much it likes you. If it does not move at all, it feels neutral.
Defeating Giovanni
An easy way to defeat Giovanni in all battles is to use a Water Pokemon with Surf on all his Pokemon
Defeating Blamie
In order to battle Blamie the Fire Pokemon trainer (seventh gym leader at Cinnabar Island), you will need the secret key that is found inside the Pokemon Mansion that will open the door. You should have any Pokemon that are strong enough to withstand Fire attacks such as Flamethrower, Overheat, Firespin, Fire Blast, Flame Wheel, and Ember. Get Water pokemon and teach them Surf any and attaks that will cause poison, confusion, and other statuses to win the battle.
Old Moves Available
Some of the old moves are available to teach to your Pokémon. Here are a few of them and their locations [they will be taught by characters around these areas]:

Mega Kick/Mega Punch: Obtained outside of Mt. Moon, Cerulean Exit, by two men.
Seismic Toss: Obtained through the back entrance of Pewter Museum from a scientist.
Rock Slide: Obtained near the end of Rock Tunnel from a boy.
Softboiled: Obtained by a man across the pond in Celadon City.
Mimic: Obtained in Mimic Girl's house in Saffron City after you've given her a Pokédoll.
Thunder Wave: Obtained by a woman on the 2nd floor of the Sliph Co. building.
Counter: Obtained from a man located in Celadon's City Department Store 3rd floor.
Subtitute: Obtained from a man located infront of the Kangaskhan pen in Fuschia City.
Dream Eater: Obtained from a man across a pond in Viridian City.
Metronome: Obtained from a scientist in the second room of the Cinnibar Laboratory in Cinnibar Island.
Double-Edge: Obtained from a guy near the end of Victory Road.
Explosion: Obtained from a Hiker on the Northern area of Rainbow Island 1.
Elemental Attacks (Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon): Obtained from a move tutor in Rainbow Island 2. However, he will only teach your stater Pokémon one of these attacks according to its type.
Body Slam: Obtained from a tutor on Rainbow Island 4.
Swords Dance: Obtained from a man located on the pier of Rainbow Island 7.

Note: Some of these moves can be taught multiple times, others only once. So choose wisely.
How To Catch A Mew
How to catch a mew (or at least find it) Its not just a matter of beating the elite four 12 times. you have to beat the elite for 12 times USING MEWTWO AND ONLY MEWTWO. After completing this go to the Cerulean Cave and it will appear in the wild. I also added a comment about how to get him using extensive action replay cheats. The site will put it up if they want...

Submitted By: terdsnurgler

How to get Poliwrath
Go to island 2 and go to the cape brink and use a superrod in the water and catch a Poliwhirl on level 28 . Then buy a water stone at Celadon city and use it on Polliwhirl and it will become Poliwrath

Submitted By: Ben Green

TM List
TM01 Focus Punch
TM02 Dragon Claw
TM03 Water Pulse
TM04 Calm Mind
TM05 Roar
TM06 Toxic
TM07 Hail
TM08 Bulk up
TM09 Bullet Seed
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM12 Taunt
TM13 Ice Beam
TM14 Blizzard
TM15 Hyper Beam
TM16 Light Screen
TM17 Protect
TM18 Rain Dance
TM19 Giga Drain
TM20 Safeguard
TM21 Frustration
TM22 Solarbeam
TM23 Iron Tail
TM24 Thunderbolt
TM25 Thunder
TM26 Earthquake
TM27 Return
TM28 Dig
TM29 Psychic
TM30 Shadow Ball
TM31 Brick Brake
TM32 Double Team
TM33 Reflect
TM34 Shock Wave
TM35 Flamethrower
TM36 Sludge Bomb
TM37 Sandstorm
TM38 Fire Blast
TM39 Rock Tomb
TM40 Aerial Ace
TM41 Tormant
TM42 Facade
TM43 Secret Power
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM46 Thief
TM47 Steel Wing
TM48 Skill Swap
TM49 Snatch
TM50 Overheat
How to get a Slowking
Get kings rock and let a Slowpoke hold it. Then trade with a friend and there you go, a Slowking.

Submitted By: Bret Dunn

How to get a King's Rock
Go to island 7 mountains:
As soon as the path starts to go South, you'll see a staircase. First skip it and get the Itemball containing a Nugget. Now go back and take the staircase.

There will be a cave. Go in and there will be a boulder puzzle. It's easy, just push them into the small indents in the ground.

OK, what you do is first move the rock at the top in the middle straight up. Now go back around the left side over the indent and push the rock towards the middle, then up and go back around the side indent and push towards the opposite indent. Do the same with the boulder on the other side. Now that leaves 4 boulders. Push the bottom 2 out towards the side, jump over the ledge and push them both up. For the last 2, just push them up and to the side. When you're done, the game will shake a bit and a door would have opened. You're done, exit.

Go South down the path and collect the Max Elixer at the bottom left corner of the screen. Breaking the rock doesn't really matter too much. Keep going until you see a fork in the road(beware of the trainer with Chansey, I recommend saving before leaving the Max Elixer in case you screw up) where there's a staircase on one side and a bunch of breakable rocks on the other. Take the stairs and make sure you go right before you go down and break the rock there. Move the boulder and break the rocks to get a King's Rock.

Recommended moves
Here are the recommended moves on the following Pokemon

Moltres: Flamethrower,Heat Wave,Sky Attack,& Overheat

Articuno: Ice Beam,Blizzard,Mind Reader,& Sheer Cold.

Zapdos: Drill Peck, Thunder Wave, Thunder,& Rain Dance.

Mewtwo: Shadow Ball,Earthquake,Ice Beam,Psychic.

Blastoise: Hydro Cannon,Hydro Pump,Ice Beam,Blizzard.

Venasaur: Frenzy Plant, Solarbeam,Sludge Bomb,Sunny Day.

Charizard: Blast Burn,Overheat,Dragon Claw,Earthquake.

Submitted by:Salvatore Campolieto

Best starter Pokemon
The best starter Pokemon is Bulbasaur because he is easy to raise because he can get through the first two gyms with ease

Submitted by:Salvatore Campolieto

13 Top hints/cheats
1. THE THREE LEGENDARY DOGS and how to catch yours
First, before knowing HOW to get your legendary dog, you gotta know wich one it is, so if you got a blastoise you get raikou, if you got a charizard, you get suicune, and venusaur, you got an entei. By the way all that shit about don’t use your master ball on mewtwo, not true use it on mewtwo and use greats and ultras on the dog. Okay now, you gotta have beaten the E4(Elite Four). Then buy exactly 50 Max Repels(in indigo plateau) cuz when you surf around or walk around the country, use your max repels because the only one that you can run into is your legend dog with repels. That will cost you 35 000 bucks…exactly 35. Sure its a lot of cash, but its worth it. The first time I saw my raikou was in the water, so that means you could run into him anywhere exept the sevii islands and the sacred fire of treasure island! Anyways ,when you run into it let it fled. Catch 2 wobbufets levels 55 or up(you’ll know why later). Then fly to vermillion city and go all the way east(right) until the building with a police man. After that, go out of it go check you pokedex to see the area of the pokemon #243 or something then check at the east of the map. There will be three bars and the third bar down is route 11(where you are) and when it is red there, run in the grass until you find him( it might take a second and it might take a couple of minutes) it will take really long for it to be the third bar down.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: When i asked you to catch two wobbufetts it was so the legend dog can’t fled cause that’s wobby’s ability. BUT, the legend dog still has the attack roar. That means he could still escape… but after he escaped with roar the legend dog’s gone forever so shut off your GBASP/GBA/DS right away. Why i told you to catch 2 wobbys is because raikou, entei or suicune might kill your first wobby. But b4 the wobbufets, attack him enough so that the legend dog doesn’t die but his energy is still red. Then, paralise it so when it tries to do roar it might stop him. Don’t put it asleep because it will wake up eventually. Then after paralisation, throw in the wobby and right away start with the balls if your EXTREMELY lucky you’ll have 15 turns or more without fled or roar. At each ball you throw you gotta to B + right on the D-Pad when the pokemon is about to break out of the ball Wobby = wobbufet Wobbufet is caught at level 58 at cave where you catch mewtwo(cerulean cave) at the 2nd floor where the rocks are. Good luck with catching Raikou, Entei, or Suicune and I’m sure you’ll get your legendary dog level 100 just like me!!!

2. Best training spot EVER
At seven island there is the trainer tower and sevault canyon. Sevault canyon is at the south direction where there are the unowns. Go right in front of the water where you surf on to go to the ruins but DON’T surf go a little up and you’ll see a house there will be a hatch of grass. The patch will be between two trainers. Use your VS seeker and make them both or one of them have exclamation marks over their heads go kill them them one time and it will be in the levels 40 and then after, with VS seeker they will boost from about 4 to 6 levels each so they will ALL be in the 50s levels. Sure it sounds like shit but if you get a level 60 or more it will need something like 20,000 exp. points and each pokemon gives about 2,000 exp. points and each trainer has 5 pokemon so, that’s about a level each two trainers so that’s how I got my mewtwo, my zapdos, my raikou, my blastoise, my swampert , and my blaziken level 100. that’s already six in a week. Good luck!

3. Rare Unknowns
The question mark unkown is in the cave that only has the unown the letter A and the exclamation mark is in the cave with only the letter Z. I have both of them and my cousin got so lucky when he found a not-cheated-shiny unknown.

4. Have Hitmonlee AND Hitmonchan/ how to duplicate
First, catch a ditto and then bring it at the four island daycare. Put your Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan with the ditto. Run or walk about 600 steps in vermillion or anywhere but four island. Then go back to the daycare and the man at the fence should have taken a step out of where he usually is. Talk to him take the egg and it will be Tyrogue. And at level 20 if the defense is higher than the attack he’ll evolve into a hitmonlee and if the attack is higher than the attack at level 20 it will evolve into hitmonchan. And if it’s the same, it will be a HITMONTOP!!! So lets say tou have a hitmonlee, have tyrogues until it evolves into a hitmonchan. You could also put a ditto + swampert = mudkip and ect. That’s also the cheat to duplicate pokemon but the thing is that its only gonna be level five when you hatch the egg. However, if you put a Blastoise that knows surf the hatched egg of squirtle will have surf too.So that’s how you duplicate pokemon exept for legendaries cuz they wont be able to hang out with ditto in the daycare…that sucks though.

5. Trade evolutions
Haunter = Gengar Machoke = Machamp Graveler = Golem

6. The easiest way to have $999,999
If your always short on money and you don’t wanna buy stuff cuz youre poor, than this is the right cheat for you. For this cheat you need the ruby plate, the VS seeker, HM surf, and a good pokemon that can kill level 50 grass/poison pokemon. So go to vermillion city and go to FIVE island (you will need the rainbow pass). East there is five isle meadow and north there is water labyrinth. Go to the water labyrinth up, up, and up until that on your screen it will be written resort gorgeous. Go east and you’ll hit a small island called resort gorgeous. The first lady you see is a rich lady that when you battle her she’ll give $10,000. So imagine how much money you’re gonna have if you use allumet coin $20,000 just for beating a hoppip level 50 or something and his evolution level like 52. And then the other lady (the one that doesn’t have the smeargle) will give you $19,600 with allumet coin for defeating Mareep, Mareep, and Flaffy. So that’s almost $40,000 at the use of the VS seeker once!! Keep doing this until you get $999,999. Believe me it WONT take long.

7. Treasure beach
Treasure beach is a small beach that when you use itemfinder you’ll find something, use it again and you’ll find something and you could do this about 15 times without having found anything at all. NOW, how to get to treasure beach. First you need to have enabled islands one, two, and three. Go to island one. After the man drops you off in the house go out and step once up. Then step once to the west. Use surf go all the way to the south and VOILA, treasure beach. Its as easy as that.

8. Shiny pokemon without action replay
This is a way to get only pokemon that you have to talk to be in battle with. For example: Mewtwo, Oh-ho, Lugia..etc. Save in front of the little pokemon and talk to it you’ll go in battle with it. It will be probably not shiny, if so press A + B + start + select all at the same time. That’s also the In-game reset cheat anyways back to topic. Talk to it again and if its not shiny do it this over and over again until you do get it shiny. Even though I wrote this cheat I still don’t recommend it for the impatient like me. My friend though has a shiny mewtwo doing this cheat so that’s why I know about it and that’s why YOU know about. So if your patient and want a not-cheated shiny pokemon than this is the cheat for YOU.

9. Dragon Scale and Metal Coat
Dragon scale is an item that if you trade it with seadra holding it, it will evolve into a Kingdra. And metal coat is an item that if you trade with onix (fire red and leaf green) holding it, it will evolve into a steelix and if you trade it with scyther (fire red only) holding it, it will evolve into a scizor. Now, how to GET them both. For dragon scale go to six island and go east. You’ll hit water path. Go all the way south in the grass and go up the stairs. Surf south where there is the water until you hit a little piece of land with a pokeball. That pokeball holds dragon scale. And now for metal coat, go to five island. Go east to five isle meadow. Go south until you’re able to surf. Go east by surfing to memorial pillar. Pass all that shit grass and surf south until you hit sand. Go up the stairs and there should be a statue. At the west of the statue there are some more stairs, right, go down the stairs and there should be a pokeball. That pokeball holds metal coat.

10. HM #3 Surf and HM #4 Strength
First go to fuchsia city then enter the safari zone. Go east and you’ll see a patch of grass. Pass through it and go to the east side. Go east and east and pass the pack of grass and go north and up the stairs. Go all the way to the west until the last stairs to the west. Go down the pair of stairs go up all the way until you find another staircase go up, go east and go down the other stairs. You should see a rest house. Go north passed the grass then go west passed the grass and in the other side. Go at the middle of the patch of grass and then go up to the staircase. Go out the other staircase. Take two steps to the west and then go all the way up until you see another patch of grass. Pass that patch of grass go and east to another patch of grass. Pass that patch of grass and go west until another patch of grass shaped like #. Pass THAT patch of grass and go south until you get out of that area. Go west and in the pokeball there should be a "gold tooth". After go in the house and talk to the man he’ll give you HM #3 Surf than, walk a few steps and until it says "PA: ding dong times up your safari game is over". Get out of the building and into fuchsia city. Then, go in the pokemon center get out right away. Go east and go to the first house you see(the one with the mailbox at the left of it). Give the gold tooth to the guy and he’ll give you HM #4 Strength. Inside the house you could use strength to move a boulder blocking a pokeball. Use strength because in that pokeball there is a rare candy.

11. How much does YOUR starter pokemon love YOU?
First you’ll need a last evolution starter pokemon, a full restore, and a little damage to your last evolution starter pokemon (it could only be a Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Blaziken, or a Swampert at any level 38 and up). Then, give your pokemon a full restore and if he doesn’t move up at all it means train him a lot until he loves you more and if he moves up a little than before than he loves you a little more than it did before. Do this until it goes all the way up so you’ll be not able to see all of its body. That’ll mean that it couldn’t love you anymore and the more it loves you the least chance you have of having "attack missed" and shit. It should be out of the screen at levels 98 to 100. at level 100, if you’re lucky your pokemon’s attack will be over 250. My best pokemon level 100 out of 6 is mewtwo level 100. it has 271 as the attack. The pokemon that will have a 1.3% chance of having an "attack missed" and 714 HP at level 100 is Blissey the strongest and the most resistant to any pokemon move EVER, plus if it has softboiled it could heal its energy so that makes it even harder to beat, anyways good luck with your pokemon’s love.

12. The Bike
How the hell do you get it? If you went in the bike shop at cerulean city and you saw that a bike costs a million dollars and the maximum is nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars ($999,999). So, first, go to vermillion city go to the pokemon fan club and talk to the boss. The pokemon fan club is very close to the pokemon center. Talk to the old man on the couch (the boss of the fan club) and he’ll give you a Bike Voucher. A bike voucher is a kind of coupon that makes you get the bike free. So it’s like a one million dollar-off on your next bicycle. Then go to the Bike Shop in Cerulean City and talk to the owner he will look at the bike voucher and will then give you a free bike!!! So it’s as easy as that to get a free bike with usually costs $1,000,000. but I mean COME ON, a million bucks for a FREAKING bike!!! Anyways hope this cheat helps for you bike!

13. HM #2 Fly
HM #2 Fly is one the best HMs that ever existed in pokemon games and now you could know how to get it! First you’ll need HM #1 Cut which you find on the S.S Anne, access to Celadon City and a pokemon that could learn the move Cut. First, go to Celadon City and head towards the cycling road until you see a “cut tree”. Cut it and you should see grass and a house exactly like the entrance to the cycling road. Go in it and you should see ANOTHER house, go in it and talk to the girl. She’ll give you HM #2 Fly. You could use HM #2 Fly out of battle (as an HM) after defeating Erika, the gym leader of Celadon City. HM #2 Fly is used as a really powerful attack in battle and is used to go to cities you’ve already visited. Let’s say that you just beat the fifth gym…you can’t fly to Saffron City or Indigo Plateau or Cinnabar Island or any city/town you never visited. Anyways I hope that HM #2 Fly really helped you in your game.

Submitted by: darick
Getting exp quick
For this you need: vs seeker,macho brace , expshare, rainbow pass, and a high lvl pokemon. first, give the weak pokemon you want leveling up the expshare, and the strong pokemon the macho brace. then, go to lady selphys island, and keep beating everyone there over and over again. this will get your weak pokemon strong in no time.

Submitted by:ultimatt

How to get the mystery gift
Go to a blue market and where the list is on the bottom of the counter is a piece of paper with black scribbles hit A on that and put in link together with all.Then the the person at the counter will say you know those words and then save the game and turn the GBA off and then you can access the mystery gift BUT in order to access it you need a wireless adapter which you can get on ebay.

Submitted by: bobby don

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i liked it

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wow you all suck at pokemon...try finishing without cheats for once!!!!

28.11.2010 - Mark
in Get all pokemon what is the old pokemon?

06.10.2010 - Jamie
I know how to level pokemon fast basicly put a pokemon in the daycare center then go to the rocket base under the slot machine place. Go to one of the pad things then tape down your button

13.06.2010 - ismael
how do i get lugia without going to island 9 or 8

14.04.2010 - marcus
the cheat s did not work bitch

14.04.2010 - Pikachu
I didnt find selphy in the cave

06.03.2010 - sanved
hey guys enter this code in the codebreaker section of vba - 82003884 0001 for master ball in poke mart it will be for 0moneys i have many codes so ask me if u want more

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hey, can you email the replay code please??

17.01.2010 - pkmn fan
um is the charmander really at cinnabar. have you tried it because i really am looking forward to getting it

12.01.2010 - Craig Thomas
Stupid question but how can I get to push boulders cus im stuck and dont kno how to do it ?

03.01.2010 - Kim
I need the replay code and where can i key in the code?

31.12.2009 - russelle
how do i get to 4th island????

16.12.2009 - nick
you can get lugia,ho-oh,deoxys in leaf green and fire red and emerald with an e reader. you can get mew in emerald with an e reader. you get tyranitar in one of the islands idk which one, google it.

03.12.2009 - SiR-REE-NUH
well you said Blaime And Its Blane... Ty-po? and i <3 This game :D

03.11.2009 - Evan
I cant find ur email could u plz send me the action replay code????

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what the hell is the action replay code ?

21.08.2009 - Amy
I can't find you email address on this page, so I guess I will try leaving you a comment instead. I was wondering if you could give me the action replay code, please? Also, where is the braille cave?

One more thing... all these cheats are great! I haven't tried them all, but thanks a ton!

31.05.2009 - greymon10
i wanna know where to get sky attack i mean you could at least tell me!!!!!!!!!

31.05.2009 - greymon10
half of these codes dont work so i am trying to complete the pokedex without cheats it is sad:(


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