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Legend of Legaia

Here are our cheats, hints, tips and videos for 'Legend of Legaia' for the PSX
Vahn's Moves
Here are some of Vahn's moves. Note that some must be learned from books before they can be used.

Burning Flare: Right, Down, Left, Down, Left (Hyper)
Charging Scorch: Down, Right Up
Cross Kick: Down, Down, Down, Up
Cyclone: Down, Up, Up, Up
Fire Blow: Right, Right, Down, Left (Hyper)
Hurricane: Up, Up, Down, Down
Hyper Elbow: Left, Right, Left
PK Combo: Down, Up, Up, Left
Power Punch: Left, Left, Down
Pyro Pummel: Left, Right, Up, Left
Rolling Combo: Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left (Super Arts)
Slash Kick: Up, Down, Left
Spin Combo: Up, Down, Right, Left
Somersault: Up, Down, Up
Tornado Flame: Right, Right, Left (Hyper)
Vahn's Craze: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left (Miracle Art)
War God Icon
After completing the Absolute Fortress, clear the Master Course of the Muscle Dome in Sol to receive this accessory, which allows the wearer to attack twice in one turn.
Noa's Moves
Here are some of Noa's moves. Note that some must be learned from books before they can be used.

Acrobatic Blitz - Up, Up, Down, Down
Bird Step - Down, Down, Down, Up
Blizzard Bash - Right, Left, Down, Down
Dolphin Attack - Right, Right, Left, Right,
Frost Breath - Left, Left, Right, Right (Hyper)
Hurricane Kick - Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Right (Hyper)
Lizard Tail - Right, Up, Down, Up
Mirage Lancer - Right, Right, Up, Up
Noa's Ark - Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right (Miracle)
Rushing Gail - Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
Sonic Javelin - Right, Down, Right
Super Javelin - Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right (Super)
Super Tempest - Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up (Super)
Swan Driver - Down, Up, Up, Up
Tempest Break - Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up (Hyper)
Tough Love - Down, Up, Down, Left, Right
Vulture Blade - Left, Left, Right, Left, Right (Hyper)
Gala's Moves
Here are some of Gala's moves. Note that some must be learned from books before they can be used.

Back Punch - Left, Right, Left
Battering Ram - Left, Right, Down
Biron Rage - Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left (Miracle Art)
Black Rain - Up, Left, Down, Down
Bull Horns - Left, Up, Right, Down, Left
Electro Thrash - Up, Left, Down, Right, Left
Explosive Fist - Right, Right, Left, Left, Left (Hyper)
Flying Knee Attack - Down, Up, Left
Guillotine - Left, Up, Left
Head Splitter - Left, Up, Up
Iron Head - Up, Down, Down
Lightning Storm - Right, Right, Up, Left (Hyper)
Neo Raising - Left, Left, Right, Up, Left
Neo Raising X2 - Left, Right, Left, Up, Left, Left, Right, Up, Left (Super Art)
Side Kick - Down, Down, Up, Up
Thunder Punch - Right, Right, Left (Hyper)
See Ra-Seru Grow
This isn't really a cheat, it's just something that happens in the game. The more Genisis Trees you revive, the bigger the character's Ra-Seru gets. By the time Ozma is lv. 2, he's bigger than Gala's head! And Meta gets big long claws that come out from his backside and front! And the way Terra used to fit over Noa's Hand and fingers, she starts growing out like a half sphere.
Shadow Gate Password
At the Shadow Gate around the Stone Flower there are statues with colors on it. Press X in it and it will ask you if you want to see the past, touch the East, West, North or South key. There will be options to choose from. This is where you must enter the code. The code for the Shadow Gate is: Bottom Right: Water. Bottom Left:Fire. Top Left: Earth. Top Right: Wind. After that there should be a rumbling noise and the Stone Flower should open and bloom. Noa and Gala will both say something before.
Strategy for beating the delias
If you pay attention, they always, always do two normal attacks.

Start off by using spirit then attack and spirit again. Then keep on doing Heal, Attack, Spirit.

Heal no matter what! And don't attack with magic. Use the miracle arts (that is if you have them) or hyper arts.
The Evil Ra-Seru Jedo spell
This spell comes from the Dark Talisman that you can get along the way. After you defeat Songi in the Seru-kai, go to the West Voz Forest. Go back to the dead Genesis Tree. Near the stump there will be a chest containing the Dark Stone. Take the stone to Zalan the Jewler of Jeremi. He will make it into the Dark Talisman. Equip this on any of the characters (Noa is recommended). It allows the character to cast the deadly Jedo spell. It also increases Dark Power protection. This is effective against all enemies. It works the best with field enemies and the monsters of the Bio Castle.
Get All Ra-Seru Talismans
Water Talisman: Go to any fishing spot and If you collect 20,000 points. Then the water egg will become available. Take it and go to Zalan. He will give you back the water talisman. It lets the charactor wearing it the mule spell that costs 200mp, but is well worth it.
Earth Talisman: Go to the muscle dome and earn 100,000 coins. Go to the prize counter and get the earth egg. Talk to Zalan and he will give you the earth talisman. It has the power to give the wearer the plasma spell.
Light Talisman: Once you get the light egg from Cara take it to Zalan. You get back the Light Talisman. The wearer can cast the most powererful healing spell in the game the Horn Resurrector which restores all HP even if the target character is dead.
Dark Talisman: After Songi is dead, head to the West Woz forest. Get the dark stone from the chest at the geneisis tree. Take it to Zalan and get the Dark talisman. Gives you the spell of Jedo.
Get songi as the third character
When you go into the juggernaut you have to fight prince cort exactly 100 times in a row then for the 101 time songi would stop you and start fighting you. After you beat him there would be a subtitle saying i heard what you said songi now i am going to kill you! from cort. Now songi would only be in your team when you fight cort, after you beat cort songi for the 101 time then he would replace or if you don't want to be in your team and he would be at level 50 once you get him. Once you have him you will be the strongest fighters in the world you can also bring him to the musle dome!
Baka Fighter strategies
During the first round, keep pressing Square. During the second round, keep pressing X. During the third round, keep pressing Circle. The following rounds differ. Monsters may change their strategy and use something unusual. Just learn where to start with the attack and continue. You should not lose with the following moves. During the fourth round, press Square, then X. During the fifth round (for Xian, if not then skip), press Circle(3), then X(3). During the sixth round, press Circle, then X. During the seventh round press Square(3), X(3), then Circle(3). During the eight round, press Square(4), X, then Circle. During the ninth round press X, then Circle(2). Note: If you do not fight Xian during the fifth round, then use the sixth round strategy for that round.
Be the Chicken King!
Go to the Muscle Paradiseand enter each level of the Coliseum fights- Beginner, Expert, and Master. Run from the first fight of each one and your reward is an accessory called Chicken King, which allows you to successfully run away from regular battles (not bosses, though). Use it with the Chicken Heart and the Chicken Safe to perfect the art of timidity!
Catch the biggest fish and a lippian
Go to buma and get the legendary rod and heavy lure. Look in the water for a moving spot, it will be the devourer. Then cast behind the rock a few times to catch a lippian they have the most points.
Getting the Meta, Ozma, Terra, and Juggernaut spells
To get the character's Ra-Seru spell, go to the Genesis Tree in which the character first got their Ra-Seru; but you must do it after Songi is defeated in the Seru-kai or it will not work. Here is where each character must go

Vahn: Sol Tower's Basement Genesis Tree (Since Rim Elm is destroyed)
Noa: Mt. Rikumoa
Gala: East Voz Forest

To get the Juggernaut Spell, go to Ratayu after defeating Songi in the Seru-kai. Then, go to Van Saryu, get the Evil Seru Key, and use it to get into the basement of Ratayu, (where Van Saryu was fought). At the end of the corridor is a chest that contains the Evil Talisman. Equip it to get the Juggernaut spell. The Talisman also gives Encounter Rate Decrease.
Haggling with the Merchants
In Sol, there's a Kid in the warehouse that sells a item that raises your life total by 25%. His first offer is a ripoff. Keep asking for a lower price, but don't go lower than 40,000.
Hidden Spells
When you get all your characters Art moves, including the Hyper and Miracle arts, go to the original tree the character got his/her Ra-Seru to get the Meta/Vahn's spell. Terra/Noa's spell, and Ozma/Gala's spell. Also, when you get Cara's Ra-Seru egg (give the music she gave you to the pianoist in the Jazz Club, then go back to Buma and talk to Cara) give it to Zalan in Jeremi. He will give you an accessory that let's you use the Horn spell, which refills all HP, even if you're dead. However, it costs a whopping 200 mp to cast.
Learning Super Art without a Book of Wind
To learn the Super Javelin for Noa without a book of wind, get in a fight, and then just use Spirit on her until her AP is at 100, go to Attack, Command, and then type in the command for a Rushing Gale and a Sonic Javelin in a combined Art, as said in the game manual you can combine arts in a single attack, and then while you are attacking at the end of the Rushing Gale, it will say, 'Super Arts' all in capitals and you will use the Super Javelin, but it is not as powerful as when you learn it from a book, and it will not be on your moves list.
Mettle Goblet
After you pick up the Ra-Seru Thongs, look around for a big red cell. Examine it and you will find one of the three most secret items in the game. The Mettle Goblet makes all 'Arts' use no AP.
Platinum Card
There is the hidden platinum card in the game. After you revive the second genesis tree, after your first meeting with Noa, go back to Drake Castle. Now go to the room where the King was sealed. Press X in front of the cracking wall and you'll get the platinum card. With this card you can buy hidden (blue) items in most stores.
Point Card
Later in the game when you have Noa and Gala, go back to Rim Elm and go to the second floor of the weapons shop. On the second floor you will find a drawer with a point card inside. When you buy objects from any store you will gain points. These points can be used to inflict damage onto monsters. The number of points equal the amount of damage the monster takes.
Research Center password
The password to Dr. Usha's research center: X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square.
Secret Boss
At the village of Rim Elm there is a secret boss called Queen Bee. To fight Queen Bee you have find the most southern tree in Rim Elm, then push X on it and the battle will start. Beware Queen Bee has 3 other Bees with her and she hits fast and hard. I recommend being at level 13 or higher and have the strongest armor at that point in the game. When you beat Queen Bee you'll get the Honey which raises all your stats or you can give it to Nene and she'll make some Elm Cake.
Devil Medallion
After the Soren event at the summit of Mt. Dini, return to the summit again to fight a hidden boss, Lapis. This accessory allows the character wearing it to attack with anywhere from 0-15 fighting arts per round, but renders that character uncontrollable.

However, the developers of the game took a cue from another well RPG's hideously overpowered bosses when they thought Lapis up. He hits you right off the bat with an attack that drains your characters of MP, and keeps them drained. Then he hits you with attacks that do more damage than the final boss, Cort! Without the benefit of healing spells, this is a seriously nasty fight.
Fight hidden Boss Lapis
Make sure you are at least at level 50. Go to the top of Mount Souru and explore until you encounter Lapis. Do not rely on magic: he can drain it.
Fighting Robe
After you get rid of the mist in Mt. Rikuroa, return to Drake Castle. Go outside Drake Castle. You will find a market here. Tell Noa that the people will be glad to talk to her. She will talk at various shops. Go to her at the Weapons shop. The dealer will give her a Fighting Robe. She will ask Vahn what money is. Answer 'Sorry, I don't know. The dealer will give you a treat and the Fighting Robe for free. : Do not leave the market until Noa finishes talking -- if you do, you will not get it.
FMV sequence
If you leave the title screen idle for a minute a really cool opening sequence will occur.

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